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Beautiful eyebrows are the pride of any modern woman. For those whom nature has not rewarded with beautiful and thick eyebrows, there is such a procedure as their restoration. You can stop the choice on the correction, but it is not suitable for all cases. For example, at the sea or in the summer, all pencils or carcasses are quickly washed away, and it is not always possible to allocate time for makeup in the summer every day. Eyebrow tattoo - a procedure for the brave. For her to find a good master is very difficult. Assistant for you will be the restoration of eyebrows wowbrow.

What is eyebrow restoration?

Technology wow brow - is a whole system to restore the eyebrows, which were subjected to mercilessly plucking, after skin damage, as well as, if for other reasons your eyebrows are far from ideal. The procedure has no contraindications, is available, and the effect lasts for 10-14 days. You do not have to care for your eyebrows all the time.


Wow features

  • full imitation of a natural type of eyebrows.
  • painlessness
  • long-term result.

Opportunities that you get after wow brow session

  • correction of facial imperfections with the help of a carefully selected shade and the ideal shape of eyebrow arches.
  • The wowbrow edges have a well-groomed appearance, thanks to the complete filling of the voids between the hairs.
  • the opportunity to experiment before the final choice of the shape and color of wow bra.

effect after wow session

Benefits wow brow

  • the effect persists after water treatments and after applying cosmetics.
  • burns and scars, if any, are completely filled, which gives confidence.
  • eyebrow restoration wowbrow allows your own eyebrows to grow after an unsuccessful correction.

How is the restoration process wow brow

Consider how to create a wowbrow eyebrow in stages in the salon:

  1. Salon master finds out the preferences of the client, his wishes about the shape and color.
  2. Gives the desired shape brow brows using tweezers and scissors.
  3. Paints the edges in a pre-selected color.
  4. By necessity, it fills the holes in the hair with a special fiber, giving thickness and accuracy.
  5. At the request of the client, the master answers the questions about the care and the possibility of subsequent procedures when wowbrow restoration will be necessary.

thick brows

Is it possible to learn how to restore eyebrows on your own?

To learn how to carry out the procedure yourself at home, you can take a course. Eyebrow restoration training will help you:

  • choose their shape and color, taking into account the wishes of the client.
  • adjust- pull out and trim.
  • Step by step to paint brows and eyelashes.
  • straighten naughty hairs.
  • correctly apply eyebrow makeup at home itself with the help of decorative cosmetics.
  • apply natural hairs to customers so that the reviews from them are good.
  • master the instructions for working in the techniques "Mousse", "Liner", "Fixation of artificial hairs."
  • camouflage areas where skin is damaged.
  • create eyebrows wowbrow in the absence of their own.

ideal break after restoration

Restoration Training "wow bra" - it is an opportunity to create beauty, both for own pleasure, and for additional earnings. Tuition is not the same in different regions. In Moscow, the price of the course will be an average of 13,000 rubles. And, for example, in St. Petersburg, the cost will be from 6,000 to 10,000 rubles. The training scheme and the result are described step by step by each organization that conducts eyebrow restoration training.

The price may seem high, but if you plan to provide services to customers, the amount spent will pay for itself after several sessions. Before applying to this or that organization, you need to study student feedback on your own. Consider that even the possibility to create beautiful and well-groomed brows on our own, step by step, will significantly save on visits to specialized salons. Eyebrow restoration wowbrow gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative potential, be beautiful and have a constant opportunity to earn extra money.

Video: Wow Brow- instructions for creating

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