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The procedure for applying make-up can be called a ritual, making which a woman tries on this or that image. And the most mysterious and attractive view can be created in the case when the makeup uses the arrows for the eyes.

Makeup with arrows, many associated with images of Egyptian beauties. They began to draw with eyeliner a slit of the eyes, called cat or almond-shaped. The peak of popularity of such an eyeliner fell on the years 50-60 and since then its popularity has remained stable. And if in the olden days arrows on the eyes were applied only with a black liner, today it can be of a wide variety of colors: green, blue, violet, aquamarine, red, orange and others. Modern stylists recommend not to limit yourself.

beautifully painted eyes

However, as with any other operations with color cosmetics, makeup with arrows requires matching the color of the eyeliner and the shadow to the skin tone and eye tint. For example, colored arrows on the eyes, made in red or bright green, on some young ladies can create the effect of tired eyes.

Necessary tools to create arrows on the eyes

On the question of how to make the arrows beautiful before our eyes, any make-up artist will answer that, first of all, you need to purchase high-quality cosmetics and accessories.

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What to buy

      1. Pencil designed for liner. He will help to make accurate arrows to those young ladies who have no experience in their application. A feature of this tool is the greater softness of the rod and resistance to spreading. There are varieties of a pencil with a powder slate that creates not very hard smoky lines.
      2. Eyeliner is compact, allows you to make an effective, but not very rich in tone makeup with arrows.
      3. Eyeliner liquid, gives a very thin and elegant line. To effectively use this tool you need to have extensive experience with it.
      4. Marker for liner - a simple, but not very durable tool. Like all markers, it dries quickly.
      5. Gel and cream liners, not too easy to apply, beloved by professional makeup artists. In addition to such an eyeliner, you can choose a brush at your own discretion. This tool is easy to use and allows quick adjustments.

      How to find out what eyeliner make up your eyes

      To make-up with arrows look beautiful and correctly emphasize the dignity of appearance, you need to pick up the shadows, pencils and liquid eyeliner, suitable for the type of appearance, color of skin and hair. But the most important thing to take into account the color of the eyes, so the makeup “arrows on the eyes” is created with the aim to emphasize their expressiveness.


      • For blue or blue eyes are best suited reddish liner shades: orange, bronze, brown. Arrows can also draw plum and silver pencil.
      • With a green eye color, purple and orange eyeliner look spectacularly with arrows. A calmer option for green eyes is to make liner and brown pencil arrows.
      • With a brown eye color, draw the arrows correctly with eyeliner of green, deep blue and violet colors.

      How to correctly match the color of the liner with the shadows

      As you know, shades of eye shadow are also selected depending on their color. However, it may happen that either the shadow or eyeliner will be picked up illiterately. If everything is done correctly, a situation may occur when the shadows and the eyeliner between them create a bad ensemble.

      fine eyeliner on the eyelids

      • For example, if the owner of green eyes makes the arrows on her eyes purple, and her eyelids are painted orange, the makeup may turn out to be too contrasting. Therefore, when using arrows, it will be correct to use shades of more calm and neutral shades.
      • The eyelids of the owner of green eyes can make up peach, bronze and golden. Beige and brown are also suitable for green eyes.
      • A calm option for brown eyes can be made light shades of purple, yellow or chocolate. Brown eyes are also correctly painted with gray shadows. Classic eyeliner arrows for brown eyes is done in black.
      • Blue-eyed virgins can draw on the eyelids with shades of gray, milky, golden and shades. The arrows in this case can be drawn in thick black, which will make the image very memorable. It is possible to paint eyelids of gray eyes in any quiet shade.

      beautifully painted eyes

      When using the arrows, you can focus on the fact that both hazel, and green and blue eyes, you can make up the eyelids shades of the color of the iris, but less saturated colors.

      How to apply arrows depending on the shape and shape of the eyes

      Makeup "arrows" should also take into account the peculiarities of the structure of the face. There are different types of arrows for the eyes, which, with skillful use, can mask the flaws in the exterior, for example, too round or narrow eyes.

      podium makeup

      • When the almond-shaped eyes, correctly make the classic look of the arrow. You need to draw such a line strictly along the natural line of cilia growth. In the case when you need spectacular and beautiful arrows on the eyes, for example, for formal makeup, you can draw a longer arrow line.
      • Arrows for small eyes will help to visually enlarge them if you draw a white or beige line along the upper and lower eyelids. It is not necessary to draw the eyeliner too thick, so as not to reduce all the efforts, no, no, and not to make the look heavy.
      • Many owners of round eyes dream of an almond-shaped incision. The shortened look of the arrow, which is drawn from the middle of the century and slightly beyond the limits of the natural incision, will help to create such an effect. To paint the arrows in this case can be quite thick, creating an almond-shaped incision along its upper border.
      • With a wide landing eye properly paint the arrows from the inner corner of the eye and do not bring the line to the outside.
      • With a narrow - you can draw arrows with the use of reverse reception.

      avril lavigne

      How to make beautiful arrows

      makeup with shadows and eyeliner

      1. Deciding to make eye makeup "arrows" in the first place, is to apply a tonal tool.
      2. Then on the eyelid, they make a base covering with shades of neutral tones, the selection of which for brown, gray, green and blue eyes was mentioned above.
      3. It is very important to carefully do the shading, distributing the shadows at the outer corners of the eyebrows.
      4. At the very tip, you can make several strokes with flickering means. It is possible to paint the central part of the eyelid, where the fold is created, with more saturated shades of the selected color of the shadows.
      5. Next you need to paint the line along the contour. Draw the upper eyelid stroke as close as possible to the natural lash line.
      6. Now it is worth getting acquainted with how to paint the arrows. The eyeliner starts from the inner corner or from the middle, in the case of a circular cut of the eyes, and is painted to the outer corner without separation. Regardless of the type of arrow, you need to make the line as smooth as possible. With a wide arrow, you first need to hold the outer kennel, and then paint over the resulting gap.
      7. After the work on the arrow will be completed, shadows are applied to the lower eyelid.
      8. Next, the eyes are painted with ink. It is applied only on the upper lashes.

      sweeping line liner

      When working on eye makeup, it is important to closely monitor the symmetry of its application.

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