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water aerobics for pregnant women

The period of pregnancy is extremely important and exciting for any woman. Expectant mothers need to take care not only of their own well-being, but also of the child's well-being, therefore not only proper nutrition, vitamins and regular medical examinations, but also certain physical activities are important. Therefore, today all sorts of fitness programs especially for pregnant women are very popular, especially aqua aerobics. Water has therapeutic and supporting properties, facilitates the exercise of stretching and breathing, which on land pregnant women make it harder. However, many are wondering - is it harmful to visit the pool during pregnancy? Let us consider in more detail in this article, how exercises in water affect the health of expectant mothers, basic exercises and feedback from those who have already tried this service.

Water aerobics for pregnant women: what is the point?

Water aerobics for pregnant women today has become a very popular area of ​​fitness. Many women think about their health, because how childbirth will take place, depends largely on the physical shape of the future mother. In addition, regular exercise will not gain extra pounds during pregnancy and quickly recover from childbirth. Water aerobics, unlike conventional fitness, is good because water provides support for the whole body, a pregnant woman feels lighter and easier for her to do the exercises. Muscle tension is removed in the pool, the load on the joints, pelvis and spine is reduced.

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Classes in the pool for pregnant women are aimed not at losing weight, but at strengthening the body during pregnancy, therefore they take place in a comfortable atmosphere, with calm music and without increased physical exertion.

Water aerobics has a positive effect on the physical condition of the mother and fetus:

  • strengthening of the abdominal muscles, legs, back, arms and shoulders occurs, due to which the posture improves, the risk of divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles is reduced, easy delivery and quick recovery after them are ensured;
  • due to cardiovascular exercise respiratory and cardiovascular system;
  • blood supply improves, muscles relax, cramps decrease;
  • varicose vein prevention;
  • aqua aerobics for pregnant women harden the body, reduce the risk of colds;
  • warm water and pleasant music relax and calm, improve overall health and help with insomnia;
  • skin condition improves, the risk of overweight, cellulite and stretch marks after childbirth is reduced;
  • The body's stamina improves, which is important when preparing for childbirth.

Many are tormented by the question: Is it not harmful to visit the pool during pregnancy? Doctors believe that if there are no serious health problems, then water aerobics for pregnant women is useful at any time, but it is worth remembering that the further, the less intense should be the exercise.

The pool for pregnant women is best to choose with sea water or with ozone, quartz, and ultraviolet cleaning. Chlorinated water can cause allergic reactions that can worsen during pregnancy. The optimal water temperature for occupations is 30 degrees.

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Features of conducting aqua aerobics for pregnant women

  • It is better to begin to visit the pool during pregnancy gradually, at each new lesson including new exercises and accelerating the pace. Optimally start with once a week, then you can increase the number of classes to 2-3.
  • Avoid sudden movements - jumps, pushes, bends.
  • Do your best if you are tired or cold, get out of the pool and take a break.
  • An hour before class is undesirable to eat. After class, it is also better not to gorge, you can eat fruit or kefir.

How are aqua aerobics classes for expectant mothers?

Group classes in the pool for pregnant women are conducted under the guidance of an experienced instructor, their average duration is 40-60 minutes. However, the exercises can be performed independently in the pool or, for example, in the summer at the sea. The complex of exercises consists of several stages:

  1. Warm up First you need to warm up and prepare the muscles to perform more complex exercises. You can start with a simple swim, then do regular exercises for the arms and legs. To maintain balance in the water, you can use special plates.
  2. Aquafitness. Next are the exercises to strengthen the muscles. Each exercise is performed 6-8 times, you need to make 2-4 approaches. The most popular ones are:
  3. Walking under water: swinging your arms and legs with high knee elevation.
  4. Thigh training: raising and lowering legs, squats, tightening the knees to the stomach, rotation, lunges.
  5. Exercises for the back, pelvic and abdominal muscles. Usually it is twisting, squatting, riding a “bicycle”, round dances, raising legs and arms at different angles, rotating them, leading to the side.
  6. After the exercises you need to take a break - walk, swim, or lie on the surface of the water.
  7. The next stage is breathing exercises. As a rule, this diving, swimming under water, exercises to hold your breath.
  8. At the end of the workout, stretching exercises are done; they relax, restore breathing and heart rate.

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Contraindications to aqua aerobics for pregnant women

In order to aqua aerobics for pregnant women do not bring harm, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. You should not visit the pool if you have the following problems:

  • high blood pressure;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the presence of chronic diseases in acute form;
  • fungal diseases;
  • risk of miscarriage;
  • internal bleeding;
  • problem development of the fetus.

Reviews of aqua aerobics for pregnant women

Yana: “In the last months of pregnancy I went to water aerobics. It turned out that women go to classes at different periods: those with a stomach still not visible, and at 9 months. The lesson was held under relaxing music, did the usual exercises - swam, kicked, leaned over. But the main thing is that my baby and I in my tummy felt great, my back was not aching, the body was relaxing. I advise everyone! The only negative is expensive activities, you can also get sick, because different people go to the pool. ”

Barbara: “Water aerobics is the most optimal physical activity for pregnant women. Classes strengthen muscles, teach to breathe correctly, which is important during childbirth. What else is important, training does not harm the development of the fetus, if the doctor does not see contraindications. While performing the exercises, there are no painful sensations in the joints and the back, besides, the skin tightens well, which helped me quickly get back into shape after the birth of the baby. The main thing is not to overcool and monitor their well-being. "

Marina: “For a long time I chose which classes to go to, I chose between yoga and breathing exercises for pregnant women. However, I chose aqua aerobics, where it combines both, and now I feel like a real athlete twice a week. My back has stopped hurting, I relax and at the same time keep myself in shape, the extra weight is not gaining. And, of course, I met other mothers, with whom you can discuss your problems, exchange experiences and advice. I am a modern mother and I always want to be active, and classes in the pool for pregnant women help me a lot with this. ”

Sophia: “Aqua aerobics classes helped me to prepare for childbirth morally and physically. I like the fact that I am engaged in a group and under the supervision of an experienced instructor who helps to choose the optimal load, encourages or vice versa, does not allow to be lazy. In training I learned to control my breath, to swim under water. ”

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Bottom line: do pregnant women need water aerobics?

Aquatic aerobic exercises for pregnant women have received many rave reviews from women. The benefits of training are obvious: this is a great way to prepare for childbirth - to strengthen muscles, learn how to breathe correctly. In addition, during exercise, the body relaxes, skin tightens and mood improves. Such a load does not harm the baby and is possible at any stage of pregnancy.

However, there are a number of nuances that must be considered: when choosing a pool for pregnant women, you need to know how often and how water is cleaned; Before attending classes, you should consult with your doctor, in the course of training to monitor the sensations, do not overload the muscles and not supercool. It is also worth considering that water aerobics classes are usually one of the most expensive areas in fitness clubs.

If you are engaged in aqua aerobics for pregnant women and want to share your impressions, you can express your opinion in the comments under this article.

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