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Many have had firsthand the problem of the appearance of the "orange peel" effect on the skin, in other words, a banal cellulite. Sad as it may seem, not only the elderly, but also very young girls suffer from it. This is due primarily to metabolic disorders, as well as genetic predisposition and a sedentary lifestyle. However, new technologies, medical developments and the cosmetics industry are not standing still and offer avant-garde ways of dealing with this unpleasant phenomenon, one of which is B Flexy massage.

The mechanism of action of the device b flexy on problem skin

Those who have already tried the B Flexy massage on themselves claim with confidence that this is an effective medical procedure in the fight against cellulite and overweight. Its secret lies in the simultaneous massive impact on the problem area of ​​the skin by mechanical and vacuum means. It is carried out using a special apparatus with electronic control of the entire system. This device with a vacuum method tightens the skin fat segment, gently clamping it at the desired thickness between the two rollers, and smoothly modulating the skin in the direction of the venous outflow. For additional stimulation of the process, subcutaneous fat is heated by ultrasound using a three-electrode multipolar ligament, which provides an optimal level of deep development of the epidermis.

Due to this multidirectional movement of the rollers, the cellular structure of the fibers is kneaded and gives off excess moisture and toxins.

the effect of the apparatus on the skin

In general, the complex effect of this technique activates the lymph flow and blood circulation, stimulates lipolysis of fat deposits, contributes to the enrichment of blood with oxygen and supports metabolic processes. At the same time, b-flexy vacuum-roller massage affects the work of fibroblasts responsible for skin elasticity and elasticity.

It should be noted that the massage on the b flexy device includes an additional function– a procedure for foot massage. To do this, the device is equipped with a nozzle, similar to the stand, which has a point effect on certain areas of the foot. There is a theory that connects the nerve endings of a person’s feet with all the internal organ systems. On this basis, a thorough massage of the surface of the feet with a focused pressing on the “connecting points” helps to stimulate the work of the whole organism, enhancing its protective functions.

Cosmetic massage and its frequency

From the point of view of aesthetic correction of appearance, B Flexy vacuum massage is aimed at activating subcutaneous cells in order to release water and fat, as well as at improving the entire surface structure of the epithelium.

Despite the impressive appearance, the b flexy does not pose the slightest threat. On the contrary, procedures with its use are painless, safe and even pleasant, they do not leave traces on the body, as evidenced by numerous user reviews.

girls in session b flexy

The scheme of massage manipulations provides for cyclical procedures for twelve sessions three times a week, that is, a total of four weeks in a row. At the same time, the effect will be noticeable after the first three visits and will gradually increase during the healing process. This approach allows you to permanently fix the results of the procedure (up to 6 months).

During the periods of the massage cycle, the instruction recommends moderate consumption of pure water without gas and prohibits eating two hours before and after the session.

Contraindications to b flexy massage

Of course, you can safely say that the b flexy massage can be used unconditionally with cellulite of any degree of complexity and on different parts of the body, however, in this case there are limitations.

Any medical procedure that has direct contact with our body has certain contraindications. So, the bi-flexion massage should not be done:

  • pregnant women;
  • women during lactation;
  • during menstruation;
  • in diseases of the skin and circulatory system (thrombosis, varicose veins, etc.);
  • oncology patients;
  • hypertensive patients;
  • with exacerbations of chronic and inflammatory processes.

577-Vacuum Roller Massage b

Vacuum massage at home

Lpg b flexy massage is not available to everyone for individual reasons, mainly due to a lack of time or money. In this case, there is an alternative option - Body Roll Massager, created by the development of German specialists. With it, you can independently carry out vacuum massage at home. The device is on sale in specialized shops for quite reasonable price.

Surely everyone knows what medical cold banks are. This massager works on the same principle: it captures a large segment of the skin, thereby activating its cellular structure.

anti-cellulite program

Tip: before proceeding to the manipulation, warm the skin in the bathroom or rub yourself a piece of skin for further processing. The procedure is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions of the user. At the end of the session, lubricate the skin with the means that you have (nourishing or anti-cellulite cream).

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