Top 5 causes of skin aging and some simple ways to deal with

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It is believed that 25 years is the age after which our skin begins to slowly fade. But every year this figure is getting younger, and already some 20-year-old women can find the first signs of aging on their face.

While we are young, skin radiates freshness and youthful charm. But over time, our cells are updated less and less, which inevitably affects the condition of the skin of the face: it becomes faded, dry and tired.

The overwhelming majority of women see two reasons in their withering: genetic predisposition and influence of time, i.e. those factors with which there is no point in fighting.

I don’t know whether you will be delighted or saddened by the fact that genetics and age are “guilty” of our aging is much less than our bad habits, which many of us seem to be completely harmless.

Every day when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we do not notice the first microscopic changes in our appearance — the thinnest spiderweb of wrinkles in the eyes, which faded slightly to a blush, barely swam off the oval of the face. But if you take photos of 5 years ago, then finding 10 differences will not be difficult.

Unfortunately, most often we start beating all the bells when we are no longer given compliments, when we catch the glance of a husband, who has lingered at the beauty passing by, when an elderly tired woman is looking at us from the mirror. That's when we have both time and money. We regularly leave a substantial part of the salary in expensive salons, and the beautician becomes our best friend.

But is it worth it to bring yourself to this state? After all, trouble is always easier to prevent than to deal with their consequences.

Today we will talk about why our skin is aging and what we can do so that time will spare our appearance and twist our arrows for us a little slower.

5 factors that adversely affect the condition of the skin


 Smoking and alcohol

Smoking women firmly believe that smoking helps them calm their nerves, dull the feeling of hunger and thus not gain extra pounds. In fact, smoking provokes vasoconstriction, resulting in:

  • The skin receives significantly less oxygen than it needs for normal life;
  • Cells are updated more slowly, collagen production decreases;
  • The stratum of dead and dead cells increases;
  • There is a growing likelihood of pigment spots.

Visually, it looks like this: the face loses a fresh well-groomed appearance, becomes gray and lifeless, and pigmentation develops.

Alcohol, in turn, inhibits all metabolic processes in the body and leads to puffiness (the notorious bags under the eyes) and the accelerated formation of wrinkles.

You must admit that this doesn’t adorn a woman in any way, only adds to her age and deprives her of natural beauty.

smoking and alcohol


No wonder they say that a person is what he eats.

Mayonnaise, canned food, fast food, fried potatoes, buns and cream cakes are irreversible harm not only to the figure. Let's recall how we look after the holidays and heavy banquets. The consequences of the brightly marked events — rash, itching, acne and scaling — who has more, who has less, inevitably appear on the face.

unhealthy diet

The organism “polluted” with toxins does its best to cleanse them, and our skin loses its healthy appearance, firmness and elasticity in this fight.

UV radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is 90% guilty of the fading of the skin of the face and body.

On the one hand, sunlight is necessary as a source of vital energy, on the other hand, direct sunlight is extremely harmful for the skin. Wanting to be covered with a spectacular bronze tan, few people think that tan is not quite the natural state of the body, but rather its protective reaction.

In pursuit of an olive skin tone, many of us do not think that under the influence of ultraviolet rays:

  • The body is dehydrated, loses melanocytes, elastin and collagen;
  • The skin becomes dry, flabby and sagging;
  • The face is subjected to intense photoaging.

photo aging due to sunburn


Surely, you heard the statement that all diseases are from nerves. Many believe that this is nothing more than a joke. But as you know, in every joke there is a share

A person who exposes his psyche to frequent stresses and overstrain risks growing old much earlier than his peer, who is easier to live and knows how to manage his emotions. Lack of sleep, nervous shakes and chronic fatigue endow us with an unhealthy look, a pale complexion, a network of facial wrinkles in the forehead, nose, and around the eyes.

If the stress is delayed, the body works “for wear”: the metabolism slows down, the process of cell regeneration and recovery stops.

In a stressful state, we look so that friends tactfully advise: "You need to sleep."

symptoms of stress on the skin

Lack of moisture

According to scientific data, even healthy human skin needs constant hydration and nutrition. Water imbalance results in problems in the work of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, an uncomfortable state.

The skin, which lacks moisture, loses elasticity, becomes thinner, becomes lifeless, flaky, wrinkles and grooves appear more clearly on the face.

lack of moisture

If you do not pay attention to yourself, then these 5 reasons will lead us to a very deplorable result. But the devil is not so bad as he is painted. And following the 7 simple rules, we can minimize the destructive influence of the above factors.

7 golden rules, observing that you keep your skin young and well-groomed

Treat your face with care.

  • Do not touch your face with your hands without extreme necessity, do not rub your eyes or wrinkle your nose.
  • Control your movements during washing: they should be light and gentle.
  • Apply the cream on the face with light short movements. Intensive smearing cream deforms and stretches the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to touch the face gently, delicately and carefully.
  • Apply the cream on your eyelids with precisely pointless finger: it will bring the most gentle and harm to your skin.

face cream

Give up cigarettes and alcohol

The face of a smoking woman looks gray and tired. Every day it is increasingly acquiring an earthy hue, an expressive couperose mesh on the cheeks, a clear pattern of early wrinkles.

And the constant use of alcohol inevitably ends with the loss of elasticity, the appearance of the effect of the so-called “wine face” (reddening and the characteristic distortion of mimicry, which eloquently speaks of the drinking habits of his mistress).

The sooner you get rid of habits that adversely affect your skin, the more gratitude you will receive from your body.

avoiding alcohol and smoking

Eat right

Adhering to the rules of a balanced diet, you can get rid of sudden weight gains and exhausting diets. You do not have to actively drive those extra pounds and then suffer the inevitable consequences - stretch marks, loss of turgor and attractive skin.

  • To the maximum, replace all hazards with vegetables, berries, nuts, and fruits (especially those containing vitamin C), cereals, whole-grain bread, and dairy products.
  • Your diet should be foods that are rich in antioxidants. The most useful of them are berries, beans, apples, carrots, red grapes, artichokes, nuts, prunes and dark chocolate. Believe me, it is they who guard your youth and health. The huge amount of vitamins and minerals that they contain helps to remove toxins harmful to the skin and prevent early aging, speeds up the metabolism in the skin, moisturizes and nourishes it.
  • Drink more water, better mineral, without gas.
  • Try to have dinner no later than seven in the evening.

rejection of fast food

Organize quality sleep

During sleep, the body produces substances that stimulate the regenerative processes at the cellular level and keep the skin young and healthy.

Permanent lack of sleep violates this activity, and very soon you will certainly see its results on your face - early wrinkles, skin creases, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

7-8 hours of full night sleep will save you from this unpleasant picture. Try to go to bed no later than eleven o'clock in the evening - the person receives the greatest benefit from sleeping from 10 pm to 2 am

By the way, the position in which you relax is very seriously affected by the skin condition. Try to sleep on your back, not on your stomach or side, and even more so - not face in the pillow. Sleeping on your back is a guarantee that you will sleep well and will not look tired and “wrinkled” in the morning.

correct sleeping posture

Make friends with sports

Think about what kind of exercise you enjoy most. Daily run? Exercises at the gym? Yoga? Fitness? Moving, you saturate your body with oxygen, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

These processes contribute to the removal of free radicals from the body, moisturizing the skin, the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

A woman who loves sport, compares favorably with her lazy peer with a positive facial expression, a healthy look and a fresh blush.


Protect your skin from the sun

Of course, this does not mean that it is possible to leave the house only when the sky is overcast. A small portion of sunlight is needed daily by the body - only this way you can get vitamin D, which is necessary to strengthen the immune system and prevent depression. However, the influence of the active sun badly affects the skin, dries it and causes the formation of wrinkles.

  • In the summer, be sure to wear hats (preferably wide-brimmed), hats and sunglasses.
  • When leaving home, treat your skin with at least SPF 30 sunscreen and update it as needed throughout the day.

Do this even on cloudy days.

Sun protection

Use healthy fats and choose the right makeup.

Omega-3 fatty acids and products containing them - fish oil, seafood, linseed oil will save you from the appearance of early wrinkles, flabbiness of the skin and allergies. They are the guarantors of your youth and female attractiveness.

Also try to regularly carry out special cosmetic procedures - scrubbing, cleansing, peels - and use high-quality, preferably natural cosmetics. This will help you:

  • Remove the layer of dead cells from the surface of the dermis, allow it to breathe freely and maintain its elasticity and elasticity;
  • Align tone, provide deep hydration and nutrition;
  • Accelerate cell regeneration and prevent the formation of wrinkles and age spots.

good and bad fats

Following these rules you can “negotiate with the time” and keep your skin young and fresh for many years. It is easier to create the conditions for the skin to remain young and beautiful than to deal with the effects of its premature aging.

Skin health and youth in your hands.

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