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Mask from a tomato for the face is an excellent cosmetic. Wonderful red-cheeked vegetable perfectly cleans the skin, suitable for any type of skin, and funds from it are easily prepared in the home kitchen. The result will be noticeable after the first use. Today we are talking about the benefits of tomatoes for the skin.

Tomato benefits for the face

Not every woman uses a tomato for face skin; cucumber preparations in cosmetology are much more habitual. However, juicy, sweetish tomatoes contain no less than useful vitamins and minerals. To the question of how useful a tomato is for the face, let's answer as follows:

  • Vitamins A, C, E - natural antioxidants, rejuvenating and tightening the skin.
  • Potassium nourishes and moisturizes the face.
  • B9 fights acne and acne, promotes cell repair.
  • Juice nourishes and significantly moisturizes the skin, tightens pores, cleans pores from black spots.
  • Fruit acids have a peeling effect.

the composition of the tomato

Contraindications for using tomato for skin

Tomatoes can have any kind of negative effect on the integument only in case of personal intolerance of the product, that is, in case of allergies. In any case, you need to spend a few minutes to test for allergies. Apply to the area near the elbow, wait 10 minutes and see the result. Redness should not be.

tomato tree and fruit

General recommendations for the preparation of tomato masks

  • Tomato perfectly tightens the skin, helping to get rid of the grid of small wrinkles.
  • Use only ripe tomatoes for cooking. It uses red, pink and yellow fruit.
  • It is possible to prepare cosmetics both from fruits and from tomato juice. The entire amount of vitamins in the juice is preserved.
  • Alternate tomato masks with others, you can do 1-2 treatments a week.
  • After removing the residues, apply a suitable nourishing cream on the face. You can use butter instead of cream.

pasta, fruit and juice

Now, having learned the rules, let's proceed directly to cooking. Note that the application is real for any skin type.

The most effective recipes for tomato masks

In cosmetology, a tomato is held in high esteem, because its composition has a tonic effect, nourishes and moisturizes the face.

Wrinkle Recipe

The result will be a rejuvenating composition made from a yellow variety that will whiten your face, smooth out wrinkles and remove oxidants. Need to:

  • one yellow tomato;
  • 10 ml. heavy cream;
  • 10 gr. starch from rice.

Turn into a puree yellow fruit, and the resulting juicy flesh combine with rice powder and cream. Spread the mass with a spoon or sponge. Leave it alone for 20 minutes, then wash it with water with kelp extract.

with cream and parsley

Composition of inflammation and acne

Result: therapeutic effects, normalization of gland secretion, calming inflammation, accelerated healing of pustules and depigmentation of the acne effect. Components:

  • tomato juice - 10 ml .;
  • buckwheat flour - 10 g .;
  • Ampoule of vitamin B complex.

Squeeze fresh juice, mix it with buckwheat powder and B vitamins. Collect herbs and steam the pores, distribute the mass over the surface of the face, without touching only the areas around the eyes and lips. Complete care after 10-12 minutes. Wash, and then apply a mint gel with a cooling effect on the most problematic areas.

tomatoes with vitamins

Recipe with lifting effect

Effect: it is a time-tested and affordable remedy against age-related changes on the face. After application, symmetry will be restored, turgor and elasticity will improve. Application continues 10-20 day course. Take:

  • 10 ml. tomato juice;
  • 5 gr. parsley seeds;
  • 5 ml. tocopherol;
  • 20 ml. milk;
  • 10 gr. potato flakes.

mash for rejuvenation

Fill the flakes with warm milk, and in the resulting puree, enter tomato juice. Chop the seeds and add them along with the vitamin complex there too. Apply the composition from the bottom up with a smoothing motion. Keep the mask on the face for 30 minutes, and after removing the residues, apply any collagen cream.

Purifying variety

Predicted effect: cleansing, activation of blood circulation, strengthening of facial vessels, acceleration of cellular renewal. Take:

  • tomato;
  • 5 gr. blue, and you can green clay;
  • 5 ml. calendula extract.

face care

In this case, the cleaning properties of the tomato work. Smash a pink or yellow tomato with a blender, after removing the skin from it. Combine puree with clay and calendula extract, then apply on the necessary areas with a rubbing motion, preferably along the massage lines. Leave it alone for 5-6 minutes, complete the procedure by washing with cucumber water.

With a moisturizing effect

As a result, the vitamin balance is replenished, the amount of minerals and moisture increases. It is necessary:

  • 5 ml. avocado oil;
  • 15 gr. tomato paste;
  • a small branch of fennel.

Combine avocado oil, chopped herbs and tomato puree. Spend over a steam bath for 3 minutes, then apply on a clean and steamed skin a thick layer of mass. Lie down and calmly lie down for about 25 minutes. Wash, then apply emulsion with fruit acids to your face.

flakes and starch

Compound for dry skin

Effective recipes for resuscitation of aging integuments will help to normalize lipid metabolism, the restoration of elastic and elastic structure. You will need:

  • 15 ml. juice;
  • 10 gr. food gelatin;
  • 5 ml. walnut oil.

Fill the granules with room temperature juice, mix well until a viscous substance is obtained. Enter there fatty nut oil. Apply a tonic layer after a layer. After 40 minutes, carefully remove the frozen film.

with cereal

Remedy for fat

Regulation of the sebaceous glands, narrowing of the pores. Required components:

  • cherry tomatoes;
  • 5 gr. askorutin;
  • 10 gr. beer yeast with zinc.

Tomato for the face has a regulatory function. In case the face is shiny, crush the pressed yeast with vitamin, add the cherry flesh. Apply on massage lines. Let the agent remain for 10 minutes. Rinse with nettle extract.

with yeast

Classic recipe with yogurt

Preservation of elasticity and turgor of the face, normalization of complexion, overall improvement of the condition.

  • 5 gr. pastes;
  • yolk;
  • 5 ml. yogurt.

Connect the ingredients and whisk. Foam the pores, apply the composition to the face with a cosmetic spatula. After 30 minutes, rinse with thyme decoction.

The tool from unripe vegetables

Impact: green tomato will eliminate pigmentation and black spots, toning and smoothing of the integument, as a result, the condition and complexion improves.

  • a pair of spoons of ground green tomato;
  • teaspoon olive oil.

All components are mixed and applied for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and spread any day cream.

green fruits

Consumer reviews

Responses of women who used means from tomatoes, differ.

Svetlana: I used a mask with yogurt, but I mistakenly bought tomatoes in a supermarket. The effects of zero, not that after cosmetics from homemade vegetables. The harvest from the dacha helped me a great deal to tighten the areas on the cheekbones and chin.

Sophia: I really liked the effect. Face noticeably younger, as from botox. Natural ingredients do not harm health and do not cause allergies.

Valeria: Long suffered from black spots in the nose, chin and forehead. Repeatedly bought expensive cosmetics, but there was no noticeable effect. Initially, in desperation, I tried a tomato with brewer's yeast. Was surprised by the result. The pores narrowed, the reddening disappeared, and the face was noticeably fresher.

ripe and washed

After all of the above, it is worth considering whether it is necessary to spend money on expensive drugs, if mother nature herself has taken care of that you can adequately care for your beauty and health.

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