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In ancient times, water from thermal springs was considered a kind of unique tool that brings great benefits. To the sources of such water were huge queues. Now, in order to try out the thermal water, you just need to visit a specialized shop and purchase it. What is so good and why do we need thermal water? Let's figure it out!

What is thermal water for?

Due to its rich mineral composition, this liquid is able to protect your skin from all the negative environmental influences, be it ultraviolet, urban smog or the scorching sun. It will also help fill your skin with moisture or just give it a fresh feeling on a hot day. This water can be applied even on top of cosmetics, without fear of spoiling the makeup. This liquid is released in bottles with a spray that allows you to use it anywhere, at work, on the beach, in the park.

Use of thermal water

Thermal water should be applied at a distance of 30 cm from the face, there are no restrictions on its use, so you can use it all day. We now turn to a more detailed description of all the properties of this wonderful liquid:

  • This fluid contains many minerals and trace elements. The number of which, even many times exceeds their content in mineral water.
  • It is rich in saturated metals and elements that nourish and saturate the skin with moisture.
  • It does not cause allergic reactions, as it is obtained directly from the depths and immediately poured into vials, which guarantees the absence of any additives.
  • It contains the necessary organic and inorganic elements that contribute to the recovery of skin cells.
  • Protects against all negative environmental influences.
  • It can even be used for small children.
  • This fluid serves as an aid in the fight against acne. Since it contains minerals that cleanse and help reduce inflammation.

popular brands

It should be noted that thermal water of different brands has its own individual composition. And so that you understand which company is right for you, we will make a detailed description of each of them.

Famous Brands

Below are the most popular representatives of this product and their main characteristics. After reading them, you will be able to choose your must-have for this summer.

La roche

This fluid contains a rich supply of selenium. Selenium, in turn, helps to improve immunity and skin regeneration, as well as reduces the risk of negative effects from free radicals. Water from La roche softens, moisturizes, heals and prevents premature aging of the skin. Thermal water of this brand is ideal for owners of sensitive skin and for girls suffering from allergies, accompanied by skin rashes. At the moment, its price is about 400 rubles.

La roche


This fluid has skin soothing properties. And if you have increased skin sensitivity, then you can safely apply this thermal water as a means to relieve discomfort and give freshness to your face. Girls who have skin diseases such as eczema, found salvation in this water. Thanks to her, they relieve the feeling of itching and inflammation. You can also safely use the thermal water from Avene after epilation, surgical interventions, as a means of regenerating the skin, as well as use for the hygiene of babies. The cost is about 500 rubles.

Avene bottle

Yves rocher

Thermal water brand Yves Rocher is considered a universal tool for daily care. You can apply it as a tonic, base under the cream and even increase the resistance of the makeup. You can buy the tool for 200 rubles.

Yves rocher

Black Pearl

This economy class liquid comes from the Alps. It gives the skin a feeling of freshness and makes it incredibly delicate. This thermal water is produced in miniature bottles that allows you to use it where and how convenient. The price is about 150 rubles.


Water of this brand helps to replenish the mineral balance of the skin. It copes well with the feeling of discomfort after a long stay in the sun and relieves inflammation from an unsuccessful tan. Thermal water from Dermophil has a wide range of actions: it is easily absorbed, relieves discomfort from itching, protects the skin. Its price is about 700 rubles.


Spa vosges

This liquid is extracted from the depths of the source Vosges, originally from France. Thermal water from Spa Vosges does not cause allergies, as there are no additives in its composition. Water has tonic properties that remove all traces of fatigue on the face, make the skin radiant and clean. Also this water will help cope with inflammation and redness of the skin. Thermal water of this brand received very positive reviews. The cost of this product is around 500 rubles.


Kenzo brand water is extracted from the depths of a natural well. Thermal water of this brand has an anti-stress effect and protects the skin from the harmful effects of the external environment. Using it, you will make your skin tone more even, fill it with moisture. In addition to all these useful properties, thermal water from Kenzo has a pleasant light aroma that any girl will like.


I am the

This water will protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. Give it softness and fill with a sense of lightness. You can apply this thermal water as a makeup base in the morning and in the evening as a makeup remover. The cost of the goods is about 200 rubles.


Thermal water comes from the Alps, has undergone several degrees of purification, filled with useful minerals. It gives the skin a feeling of absolute comfort. Evian manufactures its product in different volumes, which makes it easy to use. You can use this liquid anywhere, at home, at work or in transport. A bottle of 50 ml can be bought for 300 rubles.



Water of isotonic origin, it is extracted from the depths of the Alps at a temperature of 27 degrees. Uriage thermal water helps in the fight against premature skin aging, the first signs of psoriasis. It also permeates the skin with useful microelements. Relieves discomfort and soothes over-sensitive skin, giving it a healthy and radiant color. Also this liquid is instantly absorbed. Its cost is about 550 rubles.


This liquid comes from the French source Vichy. This is a very old source. Water from this source relieves inflammation, gives the skin softness, fills it with moisture, makes it velvety. Sowing liquid is included in all Vichy products, providing a therapeutic effect on the skin. In its composition, thermal water has 17 minerals, 13 trace elements, they nourish the skin, protect it from wind, frost, sunlight, urban smog, and also tightens pores and fights skin imperfections. The estimated cost is about 500 rubles.


Terms of use of thermal water

You can easily learn the rules for using thermal water from the instructions posted on the bottle. You can also use it before and after makeup, use it in the morning, in the afternoon, as well as in the evening. You can even use thermal water as a makeup remover.

Application Reviews

Reviews are only positive. We described all the positive properties of water, but recall them again. Thermal water is an ideal savior from the heat and stuffiness of the city, the compact form of release will allow to use water in any conditions. Even young mothers resort to its use for baby hygiene! But in spite of all the positive aspects of thermal water, there are people who are negatively inclined. They do not believe in the benefit of such water and absolutely do not see a positive effect. In general, which side you take, decide only you and no one else.

spraying fluid

How to make thermal water at home?

The sources of thermal water are located in the bowels of the earth, it is naturally enriched with minerals and other beneficial substances. This fact already makes getting thermal water at home unrealistic. But how to be? Mineral water with low salt content comes to the rescue.

If you purchased mineral carbonated water, then you need to get rid of the gases, just without closing the bottle. As all gases disappear, you can use this liquid. If you have a bottle with a sprayer, then you pour water into it and use it for its intended purpose. Well, if you did not find a bottle, you can just wash your face with the water you received.

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