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On a long-awaited vacation or hot summer, when the sun is most active, it's time to think about how to choose a tanning agent - skin health, well-being and mood depend on it. How to determine the best tools for sunbathing in the sun, which of the presented range to prefer - let's talk in detail in our article.

Basic equipment for tanning in the sun

While our grandmothers and parents escaped from the scorching rays with sour cream and other dairy products, we are given a choice from a wide variety of options. Let's not say that homemade tanning products are bad - on the contrary, they are environmentally friendly and in most cases unable to cause harm. However, their effectiveness is clearly inferior to industrial, so we’ll look at factory cosmetics for tanning in detail.

Why do I need cosmetics for tanning? Manufacturers set themselves the following goals, creating products of this line:

  • Protection of skin against ultraviolet radiation, namely: UVB - rays; short UVA - rays; long and medium length UVA rays. The latter are recognized as the most dangerous in the long term, the depth of their penetration is the greatest among other types of solar radiation;
  • Moisturizing the skin and rehabilitation after sunbathing. A separate section is represented by the means after sunburn - they do not allow the darkened skin to become wrinkled and dry, retain the elasticity and youthfulness of the body;
  • Protection of the body from overheating, which causes thermal radiation from the sun.

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Here are some products that leading cosmetic brands offer us today:

  • Sunscreens - have a dense texture and lay down a noticeable layer, protecting them from overheating;
  • Lotions for and after sunburn are lighter, melt and absorb under rays, leaving no trace. Suitable for people with dark skin;
  • Oils, activating processes of pigment synthesis in the body;
  • Sunscreen sprays - for those who do not like sticky cream and stains on clothes. Sprays are for body, face and hair;
  • Special mention should be made of specialized tanning products in tanning beds - without them, it is better not to enter the cabin, just as without protective glasses and hats.

High-quality cosmetics for tanning

It will be useful to mention the factors of protection, the indicator of which is denoted by the abbreviation SPF. So, there are 5 levels of skin protection:

  • Basic (SPF 2-5);
  • Medium (SPF 6-9);
  • High degree (SPF 10-15);
  • Intensive (SPF up to 20);
  • Radiation blocker (SPF 20, 30 units and more).

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To find your best tanning product, we’ll make a small review of brands and manufacturers of sunscreen cosmetics. Products are divided into expensive and budget.

  • Among the first stand out creams for the face Clinique. CLINIQUE with Solar Smart SPF 50 is designed to protect the skin of the face from UV radiation. According to reviews, the cream has a heavy oily structure, which, however, provides durability of the protective layer. Occasionally, respondents report allergic reactions, especially with prolonged use. However, the rest of the cream is beyond praise: you can use it as an independent tool or as a basis for makeup, protection against burning and hyperpigmentation is almost one hundred percent. Odorant almost not felt, but there is a burning sensation in case of accidental contact with eyes. Prices will not please everyone - 2200-2300r.
  • In the line of Clinics there is also sun powder (protection factor 30), body and face cream. If to consider responses, then use of this cosmetics throughout all holiday will provide equal easy suntan without reddenings and the inflamed sites.
  • Not to mention a more affordable and affordable version of the cream, the Ambre Solaire series garnier. Sunscreen Garnier Expert protection (factor 50): a light, dry spray that does not contain alcohol. Provides good protection, among the shortcomings of the respondents noted a quick flushing in water (the need for frequent updates). Its price is 700-900 rubles.
  • Ambre Solaire Tanning Oil is a Garnier product with bronzer for noticeable intense tanning. This oil is not designed to protect from the sun's rays, but to enhance their performance. Due to the presence of dyes, the skin acquires a pleasant dark golden hue. When choosing oil, many risk: the degree of tenderness and sensitivity of the skin must be determined independently. The instructions printed on the bottle are detailed and understandable, the use of additional protective cosmetics with HC-filters is recommended. Price from 350 to 500r.
  • Nivea Sun Care is a line of the popular Nivaa popular brand that includes sunscreen lotion, spray and face cream. SPF from 30 to 50, in the arsenal there is also a children's tool. Buyers note excellent value for money (about 400 rubles) and quality, effective protection against burns, pleasant aroma.

Nivey cosmetics

Deciding for yourself what means to choose, you need to take into account the type and condition of the skin, and also to understand whether you need an intense southern tan, or a noble aristocratic pallor more to the face.

Necessary funds for tanning in the solarium

Sunbathing in a solarium is a metered and safe pleasure, provided that the safety rules are followed and protection against UV rays is applied. In a vertical turbosolarium, it is recommended to use such means as:

  • Creams with increased tanning effect;
  • Creams with bronzator;
  • Cosmetics with an irritating effect (for example, containing formic acid), which also contributes to a beautiful smooth pigmentation after the procedure.

The latter can cause allergies, so you should start to use them carefully, so as not to harm itself. This scheme is not suitable for problem, dry, prone to irritation or very pale skin.

the best tanning product for tanning

Among the popular brands of cosmetics for tanning salons are Australian Gold and Devoted Creations. It is more profitable to purchase this cosmetics in large volumes outside the interior walls. Immediately before the session you risk to buy the same, but the price tag will be three times more than in the store. According to the latest data, the cost of such funds is from one to three thousand rubles, but a large bottle can be enough for a whole season.

Tested by time: folk remedies for tanning

Testing products and trying to find the best product for tanning, we must not forget about the experience of past generations. Twenty or more years ago, successfully managed without specialized sunscreen and activating cosmetics, using folk remedies for tanning. Among them:

  • Dairy products to protect the skin from the sun were applied externally. This homemade tanning aid was designed to protect women of noble birth from darkness, pigment spots and freckles (the tan used to distinguish only ordinary field workers). To preserve the milky whiteness of the shoulders and neck, women smeared the skin with baking (buttermilk) after sun exposure. And our mothers and grandmothers saved themselves from sunburn with sour cream and kefir;
  • Rubbing nut and coffee oil. The latter is prepared at home, insisting vegetable oils on the coffee grounds and after filtering. Both methods are very strong, and if you sunbathe with them for more than a quarter of an hour, you can get a sunburn.

The advantage of folk "adaptations" You can be confident in the quality and freshness of all the ingredients when making tanning products at home.

coffee oil for rubbing

The most expensive: anti-tanning products for children

In preparation for the holidays, do not forget about the protection of the smallest. Fortunately, to find a means of sunburn for children is not a problem. The main criteria for evaluating children's sunscreen:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Sun protection factor.

Cost is also important - the consumption of cosmetics will be large.

  • A good value for money is the domestic brand "My sunshine", a tube of this cream costs about 100 rubles. The product is positioned as a safe, protection factor 30 or 50, which is suitable for the youngest holidaymakers.
  • Of premium creams, Bubchen and Mustela are noted.


The most important thing is to carefully read and step by step guide the packaging:

  1. Make sure that the makeup is suitable for the child by age;
  2. In the event of a rash and other manifestations of allergy, wash off the substance immediately;
  3. Update as needed;
  4. Ensure that the cream does not get into the eyes, mouth, nose. Then the rest with the baby will do without the excesses, and no active sun will be scary.

Bubchen for children's tanning

The sun is a friend and helper, a source of energy, vitamin D and positive emotions. Before staying in its warming rays, you need to gradually study the features of your skin, reviews of popular tanning creams. And then the choice of sunscreen or activating agent will not be a problem.

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