The diet of elena malysheva for a month

Elena Malysheva diet

One of the most talked about recent weight loss systems is Elena Malysheva’s diet for a month. The stories of happy women who got the opportunity to start a new “slim” life are impressive and motivating. Still, lose about 8 kg in so much a short period of time without fasting and grueling exercises - it sounds very tempting, is not it? And the well-known author of the diet inspires confidence and confidence in achieving the result. What is Malysheva's diet for a month is remarkable, what are its basic principles and secrets, read the article.

Who is Elena Malysheva's slimming system suitable for?

The diet of Elena Malysheva for a month will help you to say goodbye to extra pounds without stress for the body and most importantly, do not gain them again. After all, according to Elena herself, this is rather not a diet, but a power system. You need to stick to it all your life, but it will not be difficult, because you don’t have to limit yourself to food so much and there are no banned products as such. This system contains all known principles of proper nutrition, the observance of which will not only lead to weight loss, but also improve your well-being, mood, and sleep.

The diet of Elena Malysheva for weight loss is a real salvation for those who can not independently change their eating habits. You do not have to dream at night about a piece of chicken or dessert. You do not need to spend time buying food and standing at the stove, the author of the diet suggests you order a monthly set of ready-made food on the official website, eat the right food and enjoy the results of weight loss.

slimming kit from Elena Malysheva

Basics diet Malysheva

The essence of the Malysheva diet: to have a slim figure you need to eat properly. Each of us has heard this phrase more than once, but not everyone knows exactly what it means. Malysheva herself about weight loss says: "If we eat, only when hungry, we will always overeat." The basis of the weight loss system was split meals: you need to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. The feeling of hunger should not pursue you, otherwise the body, just as a camel stores water after a drought, will store fat for future use.

Malysheva's rules for weight loss

The Malysheva diet for 30 days has the following rules:

  • If you want to lose weight, you need to eat! It would seem incompatible concepts: eat and lose weight. But it's very simple: when your intestines work, calories are consumed. Eating, you contribute to the burning of calories. It is necessary to eat in small portions, but every 2-3 hours to prevent the appearance of hunger. The ideal time for breakfast is 8 am, and for dinner, no later than 19 hours.
  • A serving of food should be placed in a glass. If you are used to overeat, you may find such a portion too small in the first days of losing weight. But it is no secret to anyone that the stomach is able to “stretch” from too large portions. When you eat up to 250 ml per meal, your stomach will gradually begin to shrink and over time this amount of food will be enough for you to saturate. And if you look into it, a side dish and a piece of meat can easily fit into a glass!
  • Drink clean water. Everyone knows that water is simply necessary for the proper functioning of the body and all metabolic processes. Drink ordinary water and you will not encounter problems with the chair. In addition, the feeling of thirst is masked by the feeling of hunger: 2 liters of water a day will allow you to eat less and lose weight properly.
  • Once a week, the body needs fasting days. If your choice is Elena Malysheva's rice diet for weight loss, unloading will take place in rice porridge without salt and other additives. Every 7th day of the week - unloading on rice.

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These are only the basic rules, besides observing these instructions, Elena Malysheva recommends keeping a diary in which you will record your lost kilograms, as well as record recipes for cooking healthy and tasty dishes. Calorie diet plays a significant role in the diet. For the average woman, the daily dose is 1200 kcal. If you do not exceed this figure, you can quickly come to the cherished figure on the scales. If you do not just limit the amount and caloric content of food, but do active sports, this daily rate can be increased to 1500 kcal.

Purchase Malysheva diet

Everyone can buy a diet and not think about what to cook tomorrow or what to eat for dinner. Balanced and tasty dishes are already prepared by cooks. All you have to do is choose a box of the desired color and heat the food. For your convenience, the boxes have different colors:

  • choose green food containers for breakfast;
  • orange boxes need to warm up for lunch;
  • red containers are your dinner;
  • Wanted to have a bite, open the blue box.

Also in the set for 30 days you will find 4 unloading “rice” boxes.

What should be food for weight loss?

weight loss on a diet from Helen Kids

If you decide to buy a diet, you do not need to worry and think about what food should appear in your diet. All standards have already been calculated by nutritionists, and the products are cooked. But if you decide to prepare products for yourself using the Malysheva method, the following 30-day menu instruction is useful to you:

  1. Remove all the fast carbs from your diet, say no to baking and sweets. You can replace them with dried fruit, candied fruit, dark chocolate.
  2. Refuse fatty foods and this includes not only french fries or grilled chicken. Need to give up and from dairy products with a high percentage of fat, and butter, and, of course, from mayonnaise.
  3. Salt and sugar are the enemies of your figure. Remove them from your diet, replacing sugar with fruit or a small amount of honey, and gradually reducing the amount of salt to a minimum.
  4. For breakfast, eat muesli or oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, wheat flakes low in sugar and salt. You can cook an omelet with vegetables.
  5. For lunch, protein food. Eat boiled meat, steam fish, eggs, hard cheese, pasta.
  6. Nuts, whole-grain bars, candied fruits are good for snacking.
  7. Dinner can be varied, include a variety of cereals, vegetables, lean meat.

What is better: buy Malysheva diet or cook itself?

The main controversy surrounding the system of weight loss due to the fact that the author of the method suggests to buy ready-made kits with food. Some reviews have grown thin advised not to spend such a considerable amount of money for the purchase of such primitive dishes, which are also delivered frozen and stored in the freezer. The cost of one monthly set ranges from 13,700 rubles.

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If you take into account the cost of a set of products, of course, to prepare food with your own hands, so to say "from under the knife" is much more useful and more profitable. But buying ready-made kits for some is the key to successful weight loss. After all, not everyone can cook, not everyone has time for it, not everyone will be able to correctly calculate the caloric content and the optimal portion. By purchasing a set of ready-made dishes, you can forget about all these questions and concentrate on your result. And the time that you would have spent on cooking and grocery shopping trips can be spent for the benefit of your figure or to care for your body.

Of course, the Malysheva diet for a month is not only a restriction on food intake. Here the moral aspect is very important: you yourself must determine the importance of losing weight for yourself, set a goal and go towards it confidently, albeit slowly. Malysheva's diet for a month should be your new way of life, in which an important place is occupied by the right eating habits, and there is simply no room for those extra pounds.

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