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If you want to give your face a beautiful dark shade, you do not have to lie on the beach or run to the solarium. You can use tanning for your face at home. Choosing the right bronzer is the key to success.

Advantages of products for artificial tanning

Modern bronzers are far from the funds produced 5 years ago. It is easy to apply them with your own hands, the coating is thin and uniform, and almost always the result brings positive emotions. The advantages of the new generation of these tools are as follows:

  • do not stain clothes;
  • provide additional moisture and nutrition;
  • a variety of shades and forms of release;
  • UV protection;
  • slowing the aging process;
  • giving even tone to the face.

How to apply tanning

girl before and after applying bronzer

First of all, when buying a bronzer, pay attention to the instructions for it. For a person there are separate series of tools and this is not a marketing move, but a necessity. After all, the intensity of shade on the face and body is different. Read the composition, especially if you have ever had allergic reactions to cosmetics. And even if there have never been such reactions before applying a bronzer on the entire face, perform an allergic test. The scheme is as follows: a small drop of cream or mousse should be applied to the skin. It is better if this is an inconspicuous place, for example, behind the ear or on the wrist. Let the product soak in if redness, burning or itching does not appear, the product suits you, and you can safely apply the tanning cream to the face.

But before that, it is recommended to gradually prepare the skin: clean the face with a scrub and wipe with a tonic. If your face has scars, be sure to pre-treat them with moisturizing lotion. This will prevent the formation of dark spots at the site of the skin defect.

effect before and after

Any product for creating artificial tanning tends to run off. On dark skin the bronzer will remain a little longer, but on average a dark brown shade will last 3-5 days. Therefore, for a permanent effect, you need to repeat the procedure step by step, every 3 days. Your face will have a beautiful chocolate color and will delight you with a moist, healthy look. Do not worry, the use of such cosmetics does not harm her condition, if you do not have allergies. However, periodically it is necessary to give the skin a rest from their application.

Selection of bronzer by skin color

set of tools

If you decide to use this product to achieve a beautiful bronze complexion, choose the best tanning according to the tone and type of your skin:

  • For girls with light, almost white thin skin sunbathing in the sun is generally not recommended. Such sunbathing techniques often end with burns and peeling of the face. That is why girls with this type of skin is better to use a product for artificial tan. Pick up the bronzer marked "For fair skin". For light skin tones it is better to take not a cream, but a tint balm. Then you will achieve an easy, natural result with your own hands.
  • For girls with a peach tone of face, products with a “medium” mark are suitable. This skin is well perceived by the sun's rays and, when properly tanned, it practically does not burn. With the help of special tools peach tint in a few days will have a uniform bronze tone.
  • For swarthy girls, tanning for the face will also be appropriate. Although sunburn and lays down almost perfectly, it tends to disappear on its own by mid-autumn. But you want to look beautiful and spectacular all year round. For such girls, the best tanning is the means with the inscription “dark” on the package. The main thing is to take the necessary amount of money and distribute it correctly so that the face does not turn out too dark.

What are the form of release tanning

napkins bronzeada

When buying cosmetics to create an artificial tan on your own, pay attention to the variety of forms of release of this product. This mousse, and milk, and tint balms, sprays and even napkins with special impregnation. The choice is so great that you need to know some details:

  • Cream tan. Due to its dense texture, the cream bronzer is absorbed longer and is heavier applied evenly, but the result of it will be more saturated. When used, application should be daily.
  • Milk. It has a light liquid consistency. Properly apply the milk with a cotton pad.
  • Mousses. These funds are incredibly quickly absorbed, due to its lightness. They are easy to apply every night after a shower. The result will not have to wait long, as the effect appears almost instantly.
  • Spray tanning This is a quick way to apply an artificial tan to yourself. Sprays are easily and evenly sprayed onto the surface of the face in seconds. Absorption of tanning is also very fast.
  • Gel tanning These bronzers are no less popular than cream. They are applied easily, they are absorbed quickly, but they have one minus - they are quite caustic, and the tanning gel often comes off stained.
  • Napkins tanning It is unrealistic to make an even darker tone with such a tool, but they correct the flaws on the face well. Self tanning napkins are compact and convenient to carry in a handbag.

Video: how to apply tanning on the face

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