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swedish massage

The technique of Swedish massage was invented in the 19th century by fencing teacher P. Link. In his youth, the teacher suffered from rheumatism. Having invented special exercises for himself, and working on them, the teacher completely healed his body. Becoming a traveler, which he previously could not afford because of his illness, the teacher developed his own system of healing the body.

What is the Swedish massage

Having combined the massage techniques of the Chinese, the ancient Romans and the Greeks, P. Link concluded that the human body is a single whole and this system can be adjusted independently with the help of special movements. This is how the Swedish massage system came into being. The initial technique of hand movements was carried out in stages:

  1. The session began with soft stroking and pressing with palms on the body, legs and hands. No pressure was produced. Slow hand movements worked through all muscle tissue.
  2. Further, a deeper effect on the skin was carried out, using the edges of the palms, fists, fingertips. It should be noted that this technique was also performed quite gently and in slow motion.

back massaging

Swedish massage is designed to stretch the muscles, maximum relaxation of the whole body. It has a good effect on the skin, breaking down the subcutaneous fat deposits. The skin stretches, becomes elastic and starts "breathe". Rubbing and stroking - the basis of European massage. Impact on the nerve endings help to relax all the muscle sections. This massage is recommended for postoperative patients, for those who have suffered stress, for excitable people.

The cost of a Swedish massage depends on the level of the salon. Prestigious salons offer a variety of this procedure - massaging in four hands or with a slant on losing weight, where the price per hour starts from 1200 rubles.

The difference of this technology

The unique technique of Swedish massage is that the second stage of the session is performed gently and so deeply so that all soft tissues can be massaged qualitatively. The special position of the hands and the use of all the tips of the massage therapist gives the client a feeling of complete relaxation during the massage. Partial similarities with oriental massage techniques can be noted. But if there accents are placed on individual points, then in the European version the impact occurs on the whole body.

pressing and tapping

Conducting a session at home

Swedish massage can be performed at home, even if there is no medical education. You can learn how to do Swedish massage yourself, based on the basics of this technique. It should be remembered that the purpose of this technique is a rush of blood to the heart. It should start with the feet and palms of the hands, smoothly moving to the back. Movement should be soft, slow and vibrating. Many clients, under the influence of massage actions, plunge into a quiet short-term sleep.

Four simple stages of Swedish massage, which form its basis:

  1. Take cosmetic oil, warm it. Rub their hands with themselves and rub them into each part of your client’s body. The use of oil during the massage gives a pleasant feeling, eliminates the burning effect and softens the skin. But even here the measure should be observed, there should not be much oil, otherwise you will not achieve a healing effect;
  2. Slow movements of the palms warm up the surface of the skin, then use the fingertips. They are working on soft tissue, which increases the access of oxygen to the cells. You can make weak body beats. This will help the person to forget about those unpleasant symptoms that the massage session is aimed at getting rid of;
  3. Kneading consists in clamping a certain area of ​​soft tissue and pulling it off, thereby improving the blood circulation step by step. At this moment, maximum relaxation occurs. The body undergoes a kind of oxygenation and purification. Back, neck, ligaments, shoulders - all this is carefully worked out;
  4. At this stage, the intensity of the massage increases. Vibration is performed with palms all over the body. Massage movements affect the digestive organs, thereby achieving the normalization of its work. The process ends again with soft tapping. The kidney area can not be affected, as this may cause the discharge of stones, if any. On the contrary, it will help the lungs to perfectly remove sputum.


For athletes, this muscle training is considered ideal, as it affects all parts of different muscle sections. Water should be drunk after each session. It helps to eliminate toxins and helps the muscles not to lose their elasticity.

Contraindications for massaging Swedish

Like any other, this technique of massaging the body also has limitations to conduct. So, contraindications for massaging Swedish:

  • inflammations;
  • tuberculosis;
  • oncology;
  • bleeding of various etiologies;
  • varicose veins;
  • with infections of the reproductive system;
  • viral infections;
  • abdominal problems;
  • pregnancy;
  • various hernias, etc.

full relax

During the session, the patient receives complete relaxation of each part of the body. If you want to feel what a complete body relaxation is - this is the Swedish massage system. It is carried out in complete silence, causing the patient to have "reboot" the whole body. Our instructions will help you conduct high-quality wellness relaxation at home. Even a full sleep is not as beneficial for the human body as a relaxing Swedish massage.

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