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Summer is the most desirable time for many women: when else can you show off in bright dresses, short shorts and defile on the beach in a bikini? Almost every woman, wanting to please herself, made attempts to get in shape before the beach season, but often attempts to lose weight by herself in the winter and spring turn out to be in vain. But do not despair: summer is a great time to start the struggle for harmony. In the heat, you don’t want to eat so much, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, it is possible to spend a lot of time in the fresh air, so the weight goes much faster. In addition, fresh seasonal vegetables, berries and fruits, low-calorie and at the same time rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, will appear on the shelves of the stores, allowing you not to feel hunger for a long time - and this is a wonderful occasion to try delicious summer diet for weight loss.

In the article we will talk about several diets that are ideal for summer weight loss. Summer diets for weight loss are characterized by a large proportion of plant foods, which can be either fruit or vegetable diets for the summer, as well as more traditional options, where protein and carbohydrate foods are also present. Each can choose what is right for her. We suggest to get acquainted with the diets calculated both for five, and for seven days.

Five-day summer diet, option 1

A five-day diet allows you to lose weight by several kilograms, cleanse the body and at the same time eat tasty and balanced. Meet the power scheme.

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  • oatmeal, buckwheat or rice porridge in water: grits, soaked beforehand, boil for 15 minutes;
  • 100 grams of fruit or berries;
  • Green tea.


200-250 g of berries or fruits.


  • 150 grams of soup from your favorite vegetables;
  • 100 grams of any lean protein foods (chicken, beef, fish, seafood, eggs);
  • 150-200 g of vegetable stew or vegetable salad, which you can season with olive oil;
  • Freshly brewed berry or fruit compote.

Afternoon tea

A glass of fresh juice or 100 g of cottage cheese with fruit.


In the evening, you can choose from the following options:

  • Vegetable salad with butter or sour cream;
  • Fruit salad, with a dressing of low-fat yogurt, sour cream or 1 tablespoon of low-fat cream;
  • Cottage cheese casserole;
  • Vegetable stew with meat.

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Late dinner

  • Two to three hours before bedtime, you can eat a portion of the protein food that you ate during the day.
  • At bedtime, you need to drink a glass of low-fat kefir.

Per day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water, not counting the juices. Such a summer diet for 5 days will help to lose weight by several kilograms without harm to health and physical discomfort.

Five-day summer diet, option 2

With strict adherence to the recommendations of the five-day diet can lose up to 3-4 kg. This summer diet has a high content of vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and minerals, while nourishing and low-calorie. Dietary dishes are preferably steamed, or cook, fry in oil is not recommended. Despite the absence of strict restrictions, during weight loss will have to abandon the sweet, fatty and smoked products. It is also important to use at least 2.5 liters. fluid daily, preferably water or green tea. Detailed instructions for the summer diet menu are presented below.

First day

  • For breakfast - coffee without cream and sugar, a small piece of black dried bread. You can eat 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
  • For lunch you can eat fish soup with vegetables.
  • For dinner - 200 g of any steamed vegetables with mushrooms, with a piece of black bread.

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Second day

  • For breakfast, you can eat a couple of walnuts to compensate for the deficiency of healthy fatty acids, with black coffee without sugar.
  • For lunch - 100 g of cabbage salad, two or three quail eggs or one chicken.
  • For lunch you can cook beef soup with vegetables.
  • For dinner, 200 g of steamed vegetables with mushrooms, with a piece of black bread, are suitable.

The third day

  • For breakfast - toast from dried black bread, tea without sugar.
  • During the day you can use a glass of kefir (low-fat) and eat 100 g of currants or strawberries.
  • Lunch consists of chicken soup with vegetables.
  • Dinner from 200-250 g of any steam vegetables, with a piece of black bread.

Fourth day

  • Breakfast - green tea (without sugar), brown bread crust.
  • In the afternoon, as a snack, half a banana and a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Lunch meal of fish soup with vegetables.
  • For dinner, 200-250 g of steamed vegetables with a piece of black bread.

Fifth day

  • Breakfast - tea, of course, without sugar, 100 g of seasonal berries.
  • For lunch, you can drink a sip of low-fat kefir and get two or three walnuts.
  • Dining includes beef soup with vegetables.
  • Dinner - 200 g of any steamed vegetables with mushrooms, with a piece of black bread.

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Such a summer diet for 5 days is tolerated by the body quite easily, both physically and psychologically, while allowing it to gradually go over to a healthy diet without the risk of breaking down.

Summer diet for 7 days

This is a seasonal diet for 7 days, extremely simple and effective. Its principle is based on the fact that every day you choose a fruit, vegetable or berry and eat it throughout the day. In case of unbearable hunger, a glass of low-fat kefir or natural yogurt is allowed. A summer diet for a week suggests that during the day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of non-carbonated water, green tea or herbal decoctions; tea, coffee and alcohol during the weekly diet are not recommended. The menu of the summer diet is presented step by step.

  • 1 day - vegetable. You can choose any vegetable and eat it all day in unlimited quantities. Permissible dressing in the form of lemon juice and a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • 2 day - fruit. Choose any fruit, such as apples or oranges, distribute them into several receptions and eat most of it for lunch. With unbearable hunger can "to eat" a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.
  • 3 day - berry. Fresh berries are not only tasty, but also a useful source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, because of the latter you will feel bored. During the day, you can eat any berries in unlimited quantities.
  • 4 day - sour milk. You can eat low-fat dairy products, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese. This food is rich in protein and calcium, useful for muscle and bone tissue, and also contains beneficial bacteria that are important for the normal functioning of the intestine. Use the selected product in small portions throughout the day.
  • 5 day - again vegetable. It can be any vegetable, for example, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers or pumpkin. You can eat the product both in pure form and in the form of salads, okroshka on kefir (if cucumbers are selected). During the day you need to drink mineral water.
  • 6 day - again berry. You can eat berries raw, make mashed potatoes and cocktails. In the evening you can "swallow" a glass of kefir.
  • 7 day - juices. During the day you need to drink freshly squeezed fruit juices without sugar, for example, orange, apple or grapefruit. Juices can be used both in pure form and as an assortment.

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As a result of applying the diet for seven days, you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight and clean the intestines. In summer, the diet is usually well tolerated by the body, but it is not recommended to repeat it more than once a month. This summer diet is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system, as well as recently undergoing surgery.

According to reviews, the summer diet for the week gives tangible results, but the first days are tormented by a constant feeling of hunger, which leads to both physical and psychological discomfort and a desire to break free.

Summing up the summer diet

Summer diet - a great opportunity to lose weight quickly and tasty and cleanse the body of toxins. Seasonal vegetables, berries and fruits can make up for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals and at the same time provide a feeling of satiety. However, in the presence of chronic diseases, both a five-day diet and a 7-day diet can lead to a deterioration of the state of the body, therefore, before you decide to try them, it is advisable to consult with your doctor.

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If you know from your own experience what a summer diet is, you can tell about your impressions and results in the comments under this article.

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