Strict makeup

strict makeup

Any woman wants to look perfect, both at home and at work. Styles are mixed, fashion is changing, and it is no longer clear which image to choose for work, so as not to seem tasteless or vulgar. Today you will learn how to make a strict makeup and look elegant at any place of work.

Features strict makeup

Often, business ethics dictates a dress code not only on clothes, but also provides for a strict make-up. Knowing the basic principles, you can do it yourself at home quickly and efficiently every morning. Basic make-up rules:

  • Practicality. Tight work schedule does not always allow to correct makeup during the day, so pay attention to the resistant types of decorative cosmetics.
  • Naturalness The absence of defiant colors, sparkles, theatrical shooters, only the accent with the help of mascara, matte colors and discreet lipstick.
  • Presentable. The complete lack of cosmetics negatively affects the impression of people about you, because in this case, the face looks tired and haggard.
  • The right accents. It is necessary to underline either lips, or eyes.
  • Grooming Correct the shape of the eyebrows, give them the correct shape, periodically do the face cleaning.

makeup example for work

Strict makeup for the office: a step by step action plan

Correctly create an image will help you make-up base, matte eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick.

  1. Wash yourself using products suitable for your skin. Face should be clean and fresh.
  2. Dry your face. Beauticians are advised not to rub it with a regular towel, and blot with paper.
  3. Apply, thoroughly rubbing, the base under the makeup. This tool is perfectly absorbed, leaving no ugly artificial divorce. In addition, it is in perfect harmony with the skin color.
  4. Make eyebrow contour. There is a golden rule of moderation. Directing the contour using a pencil is not worth it. It will give the effect of unnaturalness. It is better to take the dark shadows and apply them with a pointed brush, filling the gaps between the hairs. Black eyebrow shadows are aging. Use dark brown or graphite shades. Giving brightness, draw a line at the top edge, slightly thickening it to the nose.
  5. The eyes must be sparkling, but they cannot be bent with brightness. Apply a soft, pastel shade under the eyebrow, well shading.
  6. On a mobile eyelid, the shadows are suitable for a couple of tones darker than those applied under the eyebrow. The main rule is to shade so that no clear transition lines remain. A strict image in makeup excludes the use of black shadows. In the afternoon they will look ridiculous, they will give drama and are more suitable for an evening out.
  7. Pay attention to your eyelashes. Paint them with mascara with a lengthening effect. Do not overdo it. Only a slight emphasis on the eyelashes, so that the make-up remains strict.
  8. Slightly touch your cheekbones with dull blush. The cheeks will look natural, and in no way are blistered spots.
  9. On lips it is better to put matte lipstick. Bright carrot, red, purple tones leave for another occasion. If you like a delicate texture, use a gentle pink sheen.

neutral office colors

This makeup in a strict style is very easy to do to yourself at home, thereby reducing the cost of beauty salons. Take a look at your reflection. In it you will see a beautiful, elegant woman. You will definitely like it.

Strict makeup for women balzakovskogo age

With age, each woman has her own individual needs and subtleties of using make-up. The options for women of twenty and fifty are not the same. But at any age, the fair sex can look beautiful and fresh at work. Step-by-step make-up instructions for women of respectful age:

  1. Apply a moisturizing cream on a clean face with patting movements. With age, the skin loses its elasticity, so moisturizing is necessary.
  2. After moisturizing, time base under makeup. Lightly move the fan brush across the face. No divorces, stains should not remain.
  3. Wrinkles and pigment spots mask concealer.
  4. Forget about eyebrows. They look ugly, and even funny. Try to maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows, slightly adjusting their color. It should be combined with hair color. Blondes are not recommended bright black color, take graphite or brown.
  5. If you are a mature woman, to make a strict image in make-up, use bright, matte shadows. Gray, beige, cream, refresh and open look. Remember, making make-up, use two types of shadows that differ in a couple of tones. Lighter ones impose on the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow, and darker tracing the outer corner.
  6. Use a pencil or eyeliner carefully, if the upper eyelid is hanging, the lines should be feather. Welcome not black, but dark brown.
  7. The same with mascara. Eyelashes dye easily, avoid the formation of lumps.
  8. The protruding parts of the cheekbones touch with peach blush. They should be barely noticeable.
  9. Lip liner is not needed. Make your lips fresh with terracotta or coral shine.

option for women balzakovskogo age

Makeup in a simple style at home can make a lady of any age. But mature women need to refresh the image as much as possible, and not look like young old women in the eyes of work colleagues.

If a woman wears glasses

Glasses - not only correct weak eyesight, but also give greater effectiveness and importance to any woman. But such an accessory dictates some rules of visage, the observance of which will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, even through glass.

  • Myopia. Lenses of such a plan reduce the eyes. Task number 1 - visually enlarge them a bit. Draw the century line with a non-sharp pencil of a moderate color, for example, brown. Calm shadows beige walk in the middle of the mobile age and the inner corner. And the outer is a little dark brown. All blend well. Cilia mascara with lengthening.
  • Farsightedness. Lens from farsightedness, on the contrary, significantly increases the eye. Take the shadows of one neutral, beige color and paint them all over the eyelid. Ink only touch the cilia, to give additional volume in this case is not necessary.

We have already described on our website detailed step-by-step instructions on how to perform make-up under glasses, if you are interested, please read.

eye make-up

It is not a secret for anyone that a woman's mood, and consequently, success depends on the appearance of a woman. Having done the right business make-up, you will feel confident all day long, and direct all your energy to productive work.

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