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The word "diet" is familiar to many women and is associated with unpleasant restrictions and a spoiled mood. Having picked up a tough diet on their own, forcing one to eat yogurt, they courageously survive several days and lose several kilograms, and after that they break down and regain their usual weight, and sometimes even more. The solution to the problem is practically on the surface: it is enough to choose a sparing weight loss instead of permanent restrictions in order to get rid of excess weight permanently.

What is a "sparing diet"?

A sparing diet does not involve giving up half of the diet, but revising the entire food system. The abundance of dyes, flavors and flavor enhancers led to the fact that the body is hooked on high-calorie sweets, fast carbohydrates and fast food. It is tasty, fast and brings a lot of “empty” energy, which is not spent, but is deposited on the sides and hips.

Many popular diets offer fast and impressive results: from 5-7 kilograms per week of a serious reduction in the diet. Indeed, eating a week only cucumbers and salad, you can get rid of this weight, but few know that excess water and very few muscles will go away. Fat will remain in its place, and upon completion it will also increase.

Gentle weight loss based on the principle of “go quieter - you will continue.” The weight will decrease smoothly, at first glance, even imperceptibly, but it will not return, and the developed habit will not let you break and return to the beginning. Even at home, not playing sports, acting cautiously, you can change your appearance beyond recognition in six months or a year, and the first results will be noticeable in a month.

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The basic rules for gentle weight loss

Like any other, sparing diet for weight loss has a few rules. Even if you comply only with them, you can easily improve your body shape in stages.

  • It is necessary to minimize the amount of fat, flour, sweet and fried. This does not mean that you have to live a lifetime without sugar and fried potatoes, the whole thing in relation to food. Healthy food, steamed or boiled, allows you to feel the real taste of the dish, not interrupted by spices.
  • The same happens with sugar and other sweets: if you exclude tea and coffee with sugar from the menu of a sparing diet, you will not be able to return to them again in just three weeks, and milk and white chocolate will seem sugary and too sweet unlike dark and bitter.
  • You need to reduce the amount of salt, if you are accustomed to use it in excess. The gentle menu for weight loss does not require the complete abandonment of this seasoning, but the abundance of salt leads to fluid retention, edema, and hard work of the kidneys.
  • Per day you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of pure water. Water is necessary for proper metabolism, activation of metabolism and the early removal of decomposition products from the body. In addition, water can help distinguish false hunger from true. Feeling called for a snack, drink a glass of water and wait 10-15 minutes. In half the cases, the body takes a thirst for wanting to be full, causing overeating.
  • Try to eat high-calorie meals and sweets in the morning. Sparing diet does not require a complete rejection of the usual joys, but you should not indulge your desires. If you really want a piece of cake, promise yourself that you will eat it in the morning. In most cases in the morning, the cake will not be desirable anymore, and if the desire remains, you will have time to burn those extra calories during the day.
  • When composing a menu of a sparing diet, be guided by your taste. Many diets are distinguished by unprecedented severity: not one step to the side, otherwise all the work down the drain. Do not dwell on it: do not like cottage cheese - exclude, are not ready to give up fast food - go, but not more than once every 2-4 weeks. When the body gets used that everything is possible for it, the power scheme will be adjusted by itself.
  • Gradually reduce the number of servings: put on a couple of spoons less, eat one candy instead of two, discard the bun for the second breakfast, replacing it with a banana. The diet of the day is based on a smooth and gradual transition, without sudden changes. Trying to change life at once will not end with anything good.

By the way, in order for the body to get used to certain conditions, it needs only 3 weeks. That is the most difficult thing is to endure it for 21 days, then you get used to it and don’t want to live differently.

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Sample menu sparing diet

The gentle menu for weight loss does not have an accurate list of dishes and portion sizes. Instead, it suggests that you use general recommendations and start creating yourself. No instruction will replace your desire and interest in the process.

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  1. Waking up in the morning, before breakfast, you must first drink a glass of clean water, which will improve metabolism, before eating food.
  2. Breakfast is an important meal that should not be missed. Sparing diet option involves eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates: oatmeal with fruit, toast and crackers with butter, cheese or ham, fruit salads, yogurt. You can choose scrambled eggs or bacon and eggs. Complex carbohydrates give the body a huge amount of energy, which is very long "digest". Unlike simple carbohydrates, which are contained in sweets and white bread, it takes several times more time to digest complex ones. That is, within 3-4 hours you will receive energy without delay and will not get hungry.
  3. The second breakfast is also included in the menu of a sparing diet, but not everyone pays attention to it. It can include unsweetened yogurt, juice, fruit, or nuts. This meal is necessary to replenish energy reserves, without overeating. This kind of snack.
  4. Lunch is not for nothing considered the main meal - it accounts for most of the food. In dishes should be combined protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. The main course is meat, poultry or fish, stewed vegetables, pasta made from durum wheat or cereals are suitable as a side dish. Complete lunch with fresh vegetable salad.
  5. Skipping afternoon tea is also not recommended: a sparing day diet gives him the same importance as the second breakfast. The menu remains the same: yogurt, fruit or juice.
  6. Dinner ends the day and should be as light as possible. In dishes, protein predominates: meat, poultry, fish, or cottage cheese, vegetables or fruit are suitable for garnish. Dessert is better to give the enemy: the tired body reacts badly to carbohydrates.
  7. In some cases, a sparing diet for weight loss recommends including another meal — a late dinner. It should consist of a glass of low-fat kefir or a few spoons of cottage cheese. Such a bite will get rid of hunger without harm to the figure and sleep.

Athletes probably know that protein is extremely important for the formation of muscles, but not everyone knows about its importance for losing weight in the abdomen, waist and other parts of the body. Unlike carbohydrates, protein is not processed into fat and even contributes to its burning. The body is forced to spend a lot of energy digesting protein, taking energy from carbohydrates or fat reserves. After dinner with protein, you will not only fill yourself up in the morning, but also allow your body to work a little on reducing the volume of the abdomen or sides.

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A small conclusion about sparing diet

Getting rid of excess weight step by step with the help of a sparing diet, you act in several directions at once.

  • First, rebuild the body, allowing it to return to natural needs.
  • Secondly, slowly and truly lose weight, while losing not muscle and water, but excess fat.
  • Thirdly, you get used to eat properly and in small portions. For saturation, you no longer need huge portions and high-calorie food, since the body does not consider gentle weight loss on a hunger strike and easily tolerates it.

As a result, in a month you will find the first results of a power supply change, and in six months you will get into a dress a couple smaller in size, without having time to notice how it happened.

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