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beautiful bunch with sophist twist

The twist sophist's hairpin was very popular in the 90s, it is a multifunctional hairpin that helps to create unique hairstyles from the hair on the basis of the beam, spending a minimum of money, time and effort on it. Modern trends in the creation of hairstyles more and more to a minimum of effort to create them. At the same time, original hair styling solutions are welcome.

Hairstyles with a sophist twist just meet the above criteria. In addition, decorating the ends of the barrette with bright elements will help to give an unusual performance to an ordinary bundle. Twist hairstyle scent with flowers, bows, bright elements with rhinestones and beads, eclectic decor are quite common.

Hairstyles with a sophist twist

Let's take a look at step by step instructions on how to create a hairstyle with a hairpin twist sophist with your own hands. The simplest version of the performance is the classic beam. For the implementation of hairstyles fit long or medium hair, curly or straight, thick or thin.

creating a beam in the scheme

  1. Carefully comb hair. For an expressive effect, we recommend spraying the curls with a spray of light-reflecting particles, which will give a natural shine and shine to the hair. And it will be especially effective in styling.
  2. We thread the curls into the hole of the barrette, leading it to the very edge of the hair. We distribute the strands along the entire length of the barrette slot.
  3. Towards the back of the head we begin to tightly wind the hair on the hairpin. Calculate the movement so that the last turn is completed in this position of the hairpin, when it becomes an edge to the head.
  4. Bend the ends of the barrette downwards. Elegant hairstyle is ready!

If you twist the hair towards the neck (down), then completing the hairstyle, the ends of the barrette should be bent to the top position.

An alternative to the standard beam can be an elegant shell hairdo, which is perfect for a festive event. In this embodiment, the execution scheme provides for a phased repetition of previous actions, only in vertical projection with respect to the head. I think, performing the simple actions of our instructions, you will no longer have questions about how to use a sophist twist at home.

creating a shell with a sophist twist

Self styling hairstyle sophist twist

Unfortunately, nowadays you don’t often find such a convenient invention for a hairstyle, so we’ll explain how to make a twist on your own.

multi-colored hairpins

  1. In order to have a hairpin twister, we need: aluminum or copper wire, a piece of any non-slip fabric (velor, velvet), wire cutters, adhesive tape.
  2. From the wire we need to form a ring with a diameter of 20-30cm. Moreover, the thicker and longer the hair, the more coils of the ring should be. The result should be quite a dense frame.
  3. When the ring is formed, we wrap it with tape to make it less fragmented and give the desired thickness.
  4. The resulting product is worn in a fabric case, which should be prepared in advance by analogy with the original barrette. To do this, we sew a cover for our frame in accordance with the required length, making a hair cut in the middle.
  5. That's all, the hairpin twister is ready and you can use it for its intended purpose. If desired, the ends of the twister can be decorated with decorative elements that will give your styling a more festive and bright look.

conch shells and twisters

Twister hairpin is a real find for those who do not know what to do with long hair. She holds her hair well, which makes it easy to use when playing sports or dancing. With its help, various styles are quickly and beautifully made, without requiring additional fixation with pins, clips or stealth. For those who prefer gentle ways of curling, using a twister on wet hair will help create a graceful wave without harming your curls!

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