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Appearing in the price list of elite spas, massage with snakes could not but arouse interest among lovers of new beauty-industry. This service has become quite popular not only due to unusual "masseurs" class reptiles, but also its effectiveness. We will acquaint you with this novelty, with the features of the session, tell you who is recommended snake massage and what is the cost of an unusual spa-service.

The history of snake massage

Snake poison has been used in medicine for a long time, but began to benefit from the snake massage just a few years ago. The healing effect of contact with snakes was noticed by a lover of these animals, Ara Barak, who keeps a runner at home. She drew attention to the fact that after some time spent on the neck of the snake, she had headaches. The woman decided to explore this phenomenon, gathering guests at her home and offering them "to talk" with a snake. All as one confirmed the improvement in overall well-being, relaxation and peace of mind. Ara became a pioneer in the field of serpentine therapy and today her spa in Israel is of world renown.

Reptile Therapy

The essence of snake therapy

Snake massage helps with stress and nervous disorders. The effect of the snake's impact is achieved due to the slow even movements of the reptile, which are transmitted to the client, thereby making the heart rhythm smooth, relaxing the muscles and eliminating negative thoughts. Serpentologists claim that snakes subtly feel the focus of muscle pain and act on this particular zone. For men, too, there is good news, snake massing can increase the potency.

Who shows snake therapy

Snake massage is recommended for people with frequent headaches, suffering from feelings of chronic fatigue, prone to depression, neurosis and insomnia. This service will be useful to those who expose the muscles to frequent physical exertion, as reptiles relieve the strain on the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. The procedure is completely safe and painless. Only non-venomous reptile species participate in the session. The only contraindication may be your own fear of contact with "wise healers".

Reptile spa treatment

How is the snake massage procedure

Massage with a snake conditionally takes place in 2 stages:

  1. Psychological training. According to statistics, ophidiophobia or fear of snakes takes the 3rd place among all existing human fears, and therefore it is necessary to prepare for the procedure. A specialist will introduce you to your future. "massage therapist", will answer your questions and set you up in the right way.
  2. Directly massage. Typically, the session is held with the participation of 3-4 individuals. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, reptiles of various sizes can be used. If a client wants a relaxing massage, small snakes, such as snakes, perform it. If you come for a healing effect, you will be offered "services" runner or python.

The duration of the procedure and sensations

Snake massage can last from half an hour to 2 hours, depending on its focus: relaxation or treatment. During the session, you will feel only pleasant twists of reptiles on your body. You can feel a slight tickling, but no more. The entire procedure will be near you specialist who will monitor the behavior of snakes and will be able to answer your questions during the session.

reptiles on the back

The cost of a snake therapy session

In Russia, snake therapy is only gaining momentum in its popularity. A rather limited circle of elite salons can offer this service to its clients. On average, the price per half hour session "communicating" with reptiles is 4 thousand rubles.

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