Snail rejuvenation

Achatin on the face

Japanese cosmetologists now and then throw up new ideas to preserve youthful skin. One of them is snail rejuvenation. The procedure, so popular with Japanese women, quickly gained recognition from our compatriots. Moreover, rejuvenation of the skin with snails as a salon procedure in Russia is not so in demand, but many people are satisfied with the spa at home, because it is very easy to get an Akhatin pet. We will tell you how it is carried out. snail rejuvenation and what kind of procedure gives results, we will show photos and videos and, possibly, your personal masseuse with a sink will live in your apartment.

How do snails rejuvenate their face?

How do "are working" snails for facial rejuvenation? The whole secret is in the mucus that they exude. It contains antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen and natural antibiotics that promote healing of skin lesions. Moving on your face, snails carry out a full-fledged peeling, eating dead skin cells of the epidermis. Recently, scientists have become very interested in the beneficial properties of Akhatinov’s secret, and creams, emulsions and masks with an extract from the mucus of mollusks have appeared on the shelves of beauty shops.

Achatina rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation by snails at home

Salon skin rejuvenation of snails is not the cheapest service. In some elite salons the price of an exotic massage reaches 5 thousand rubles, the minimum price tag for the service is 400 rubles per session. The lifting effect is achieved after the first session, but in order to achieve a noticeable and stable result, it is necessary to carry out at least 10 such procedures and use the services to maintain the effect. "slow masseuses" regularly. That is why it is advisable to have a pet at home and conduct sessions at your convenience.

cat in a clam costume

How to get a snail home?

The undoubted advantage of snails is that they require minimal care:

  • A mollusk can live in a glass or plastic aquarium with a volume of about 10 liters.
  • Periodically, the snail must be bathed under running water.
  • At the bottom of the house of the mollusk you need to fill the ground, you can add moss and coconut chips. Almost all day the silent pet will spend, having buried in a ground. Periodically, the soil must be changed.
  • Small snails eat 1-2 times a day, adults only a couple of times a week. You can feed them with zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, apples.
  • In order for the shell of Achatina to be strong, it needs calcium. You can give a shellfish quail eggs.

tiny snail

That's the whole care. Shellfish grow rapidly. Having bought crumbs the size of a couple of centimeters, after 3 months you can already hold rejuvenation sessions. By the way, you can buy already adult individuals.

How to rejuvenate snails at home?

Using a snail for facial rejuvenation is very simple. All major "the job" make a masseuse herself. You only need to prepare the skin of the face and put a clam on it. The procedure instructions are as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to clean your skin. Remove cosmetics from it and wash with water, preferably with regular soap. It is not recommended to use foam or milk with synthetic additives.
  2. Then go to the water treatments for a masseuse. It is necessary to wash the sink and the mollusk under a stream of warm water. Water temperature should be in the range of 30-32 degrees. Snails are afraid of too cold temperatures, and too warm can be dangerous for them.
  3. Now you can proceed directly to a massage. Take a horizontal position, make yourself comfortable and place the clam on your face. The duration of the session, you can adjust yourself, on average, the procedure in the cabin takes an hour. You can start with 15-20 minutes.
  4. If the snail does not want to move, experienced ones recommend smearing the skin with milk, but under natural conditions the mollusk does not feed on milk.
  5. After completing the massage, carefully remove the clam from the face and send it to the aquarium.
  6. Do not rush to wash off the mucus from the skin! Leave it for 15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water.
  7. For an even more moisturizing effect, apply a nourishing cream on the face.

beautiful snail

Women's reviews about such a home spa are only positive. Achatina became real helpers in matters of beauty in women of different ages. They will help eliminate age-related pigmentation and freckles, even out the color and relief of the face, smooth fine wrinkles and get rid of black spots, moisturize the skin and make it velvety. Snail mucus is effective even in the fight against stretch marks and scars, and recent observations have shown that the secret of mollusks is able to restore the skin after sunburn. The study was conducted on climbers who conquered Fuji, whose skin was heavily damaged by ultraviolet rays. After several sessions of snail therapy, their skin was restored to normal.

Video: Snail facial rejuvenation

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