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sexy smokey ice

Sexy, a little cheeky, smoky eyes make-up burst into the life of the fair sex in the distant years, the years of the NEP. Every third beauty of the twentieth century had smoky, languid eyes. Girls with such make-up were called ladies in the style of vamp, but otherwise, eyes with dark shadows on the eyelids, having a small drop of drama in their eyes, they reduced men to mind.

Nowadays, smoky make-up smoky ice has not lost its popularity at all, many beauties gave their preference to this make-up, for an evening out. But some girls are of the opinion that a beautiful smokey ice cannot be performed without the talent of a make-up artist. Opinion is, of course, erroneous, every fashionista can easily make flawless make-up smoky ice, even though every day, after a couple of home workouts! And to make it easier for you to master smoky eyes, we will tell you about all its intricacies.

blue smoky make up

There is a fairly common opinion that Smoky ice should be made only in black and gray, and the shadows for its application should be matte only. I would like to surprise the girls who are adherents of this opinion, smoky eyes smoky makeup can be made in brown, purple, green and blue colors, and the shadows can have different textures. Just because of some of the nuances, not all colors are so perfect for every type of girl, like ashy black. For example, an abundance of blue tone in such a make-up, can turn you into a girl with bruises on her eyes!

As for the smoky eyes make-up techniques, there are several variations of them, but each of them has the same, you can say "crown" Features: coal eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelids, intensive shading of the color of the borders and of course black ink in several layers. Having passed our mini-training on make-up smoky eyes, you will be able to easily dub with girls models who have smoky eye makeup from professionals.

Smoky art tools

To start learning this make-up smoky ice, you must prepare a certain set of tools:

  • Makeup base
  • Corrector to correct deficiencies
  • Concealer
  • Light powder
  • Black pencil for liner
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • A palette of shadows with 3 necessary shades (dark, intermediate and light tone), never use shadows with particles of nacre, they create the illusion of puffy eyes and make the eyes look exhausted
  • Volume mascara black
  • Makeup brushes
  • Cotton swabs (they are very convenient for feathering)

Girls, if you are going to create a day variation of Smoky ice, then choose the shadows from pastel, warm shades, for the evening variation cold shadows of a very bright range. Some of you are surprised, how is it, daytime smoky eyes? Feel free to move away from conservative views on makeup, daytime Smokey ice also has a right to exist, just do not overdo it with the brightness of the shadows !!

Smokey Makeup Cosmetics

Smokey ice shades and eye color shades, what combinations are harmonious?

For each eye color, there is a more piquant palette of colors. Now you will find out what combinations of eye color + shadow color exist in the task:

Brown eyes

Shadows of lilac, violet, blue gamut are very suitable for girls, owners of warm eye color and light skin. If you are the owner of brown eyes and dark skin, then the brown and olive colors of the shadows will look just amazing.

purple smokey ice

Green eyes

Owners of witch green eyes can use a more extensive palette. Shades of violet, copper, chocolate-brown, gold, dark green are the perfect companions in the creation of smoky makeup.

green smokey scheme

Blue eyes

Blue-eyed beauties need to be more careful when choosing bright shades of shadows. Bright colors can make the look unnecessarily overloaded. For you fit the shade of golden, silver, lilac.

blue smoky eyes

Ideal base for make-up smoky eyes

To make your image perfect and not to make a smoky eye makeup, into a ridiculous spot, you should take care of the base by following some useful guidelines:

  • Perfect tone on the face with the complete absence of redness, rashes, signs of fatigue and lack of sleep
  • Perfect eyebrow shape
  • If you have an evening makeup option, then the lack of bright lipstick on the lips
  • The absence of bright blush on the cheeks, only delicate shades
  • Proper application of all shades of shadows

creating a base for makeup

Step by step Smoke Makeup application

Step-by-step application instructions will help you master this makeup and avoid unpleasant mistakes:

  • The first thing you need to do is create a perfect tone of the face. To do this, you must disguise all the flaws of the skin with a concealer, and then apply a little foundation for the shadows. After this, proceed to the imposition of tonal framework with a special brush. Having finished this manipulation, powder the face with compact powder. The perfect base is ready!
    step by step make-up smokey ice
  • Take a black eyeliner and draw a clear contour line along the eyelash growth line; you have to fill the ciliary space completely. You can also bring the mucosa of the upper eyelid. Having finished drawing the outline, take a brush and blend the line, making it less bright and clear.
  • Start applying shadows. First, you need to apply a dark color of the shadows with a flat brush throughout the moving eyelid. It is better to apply shadows as if slightly hammering them into the skin of the eyelids, so you will attach, then begin to feather the color so that there is no clear border
  • Now it is the turn of the intermediate color, this tone needs to be applied slightly above the dark shadows, in the direction away from the outer corner of the eye, again feathering the border between the tones. You should have a smooth transition.
  • The last color, the lightest in our palette, is applied to the crease of the eyelid, while the shadows are applied the eyes are open. After that we again draw the border between tones. The light tone of the shadows should also be applied to the inner corner of the eye, this will give the look more expressiveness and slightly increase their width. This shade is applied to and under the brow line.
  • Go to the lower eyelid. The inside of the lower eyelid is underlined with black pencil. Take a flat brush and put on it the edges of the intermediate color of the shadows, and then paint this shade a line from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye.
  • The final touch. It is necessary to curl the eyelashes with tweezers, and then make up their bulk with charcoal-black ink in several layers. Paint the lower and upper lashes.

dark makeup smoky eyes

We hope you fully understand our step-by-step instructions on how to make a great Smokey Aiz.

The nuances of the application technology make-up smokey ice

smoky how to apply
Most often, the above-described make-up technique, the so-called classic technique, is used. But there are several variations with slightly different stages of applying makeup. For example, instead of the darkest shadows, use a black pencil. Draw them a bold line, which is shaded upwards along the moving eyelid with an applicator or a finger pad. There is also a variation in which the shadows are first intermediate in color, they paint the middle of the upper eyelid, then they paint over the eyelash growth line, under the fold and on the outer corner of the eye, a dark shade of shadows, then dull the borders between tones. Another nuance of applying make-up is the difference between the time when the contour line is drawn with a black pencil, you can apply it before the distribution of shadows over the eyelid, or after.

beautiful look

Video: smoky eyes makeup

We hope that we have convinced you that you can make a smoky eyes makeup yourself, and over time, when you hone your skills, you will not only be able to make up your own makeup, but also feel free to offer your services to a make-up artist to friends and acquaintances. Remember that smoky eye makeup can be done for every day, for this you just need to choose a more relaxed shades of shadows. Just know that Smokey's makeup fits absolutely any type of girls, whether you are blonde, brunette or red, it will look just great !!!

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