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Marina Milenskaya system

Slimming with Marina Milenskaya is already widely known among many women, in whose lives there is a problem of excess volumes. This system gives a guaranteed result of at least minus 5 kg of excess weight per month and is designed for those who can not boast of willpower and self-discipline. Unlike various diets, with the system of Marina Milenskaya risk "to break" minimum. We will tell you what the system is and how it works.

Features slimming with Marina Milenskoy

Marina Milenskaya is a trainer and consultant on nutrition issues. She runs her own blog, which motivates women to lose weight. The features of the system are as follows:

  • This is a collective weight loss. In popular social networks such as Vkontakte and Instagram there is a record in the group. When the group is fully formed, each participant receives a nutrition plan from Marina Milenskaya and weight loss begins.
  • In addition to the menu, you get recipes for cooking each dish. All products necessary for dishes in the menu are available and inexpensive, and all recipes are simple and easy to perform.
  • The rules of collective weight loss keep women in "tight rein", and mutual support of participants and constant monitoring "nutrition trainer" do not give filonit. Therefore, such group weight loss is really effective and numerous reviews and photos of prettier women are confirmation of this.
  • In addition to reducing the volume of women have additional motivation. The winner of the group with the best result receives a cash reward.
  • The system is focused on changing eating behavior and diet. If you can not or do not want to play sports, you do not need to do this, exercise is not a prerequisite for weight loss, but will accelerate this process.

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Advantages of the technique of Marina Milenskaya

So, the method has really many advantages:

  • The rules of the program have a strong motivation for women, and the nutrition plan is designed so that you are guaranteed to lose those extra pounds of this system.
  • You will be able to consult with a nutrition coach at a time convenient for you and receive answers to your questions.
  • There are different duration courses of weight loss, for example, 10, 30 and 60 days. You can choose the optimal period for yourself.
  • Your food will be balanced, full and that is important, tasty. There are also sweet dishes in the menu, and therefore it will not be difficult for the sweet tooth to switch to a new diet.
  • At the end of losing weight you will develop the right eating habits and you will be able to maintain your new weight.

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In addition, there is an individual plan from "nutrition trainer". It is suitable for busy people who do not have time to make reports with the group. In this case, you will also receive your nutrition plan and recommendations for compliance, but lose the support of others losing weight.

Disadvantages of Marina Milenskaya method

There are also disadvantages in the system and they are the following:

  • Meal plan from Marina Milenskaya paid. Its cost is about 1,700 rubles, but Marina holds regular draws of free places in groups and makes discounts.
  • The diet of Marina Milenskaya is developed without taking into account the individual gastronomic preferences of women. That is, there may be products on the menu that you don’t like.

Lose weight with Marina Milenskaya

If you are interested in the diet of Marina Milenskaya, we will tell you about what awaits you in the period of your weight loss. First of all, women are invited to make a declaration - this is one of the main points of motivation. Writing a declaration is as follows:

  1. Specify the weight you want to lose, your first and last name.
  2. Then you need to come up with a strict "punishment" in case of failure. Take a close look at this moment, think about what it would be really difficult for you and promise to deprive yourself of this if the food plan is not followed. Some women promise to give all their money to relatives or friends, or deny yourself a vacation.
  3. After, come up with a reward. This should be your dream, to which you will go during the period of losing weight. Perhaps you want to be slimmer before the summer or an important event. Write that if you reach the goal, you will surprise everyone around you or buy yourself a dress of your dreams.
  4. Sign and date.

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Of course, this declaration does not have legal force, but its role in the process of losing weight cannot be underestimated. When it will be difficult to follow a diet, re-reading promises made to yourself will help you continue your journey.

Group weight loss rules

Now we will talk about the rules that you will need to follow, deciding on a collective weight loss:

  • Every day you need to report on your results. This will take no more than 10 minutes of your time, but it will be a great incentive to continue working on yourself.
  • Not reporting your results three times, you will be excluded from the group.
  • Before the start of the program, each participant must provide 3 photos in underwear from different angles: rear view, front and side view. In your hand you should have a sign with the inscription: "Slimming with Marina Milenskaya", it can cover your face.
  • The group accepts participants only with a positive attitude.

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That's basically it! Those who want to become slimmer, you need to enroll in a group, make a payment to the account of Mrs. Milenskaya, get your meal plan and follow its recommendations. What do you think, is this technique worthy of attention? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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