Slimming sex- doing “fitness” in bed

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British scientists have found that one quality intercourse is tantamount to morning exercises. An unexpected announcement? Are you still losing weight on kefir or apples? Why not lose pounds with pleasure, because sex for losing weight is really effective! And besides this positive quality, sex is pleasure, health and good mood. If you doubt whether sex contributes to weight loss, you can not do without this article. We will tell you not only about the effectiveness of this natural way of burning calories, but also tell you the poses that will make the process even more productive.

Do you lose weight from sex?

This question has been worrying humanity for more than a dozen years; scientists have already conducted more than one study to find the final answer to this question. And yet yes! Sex for weight loss is effective! Like it or not, sex is an exercise for different muscle groups. We are talking only about quality sex, in which you did not take a wait-and-see position, but are active and creative. But it is important not to start treating the process solely as a training, but as a sports equipment to your man, remember that it is also important to receive pleasure from sexual intercourse. Few scientific facts to convince you that sex helps to lose weight.

Scientific arguments about the benefits of sexual intercourse for the figure

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In the body, everything is interconnected: when the muscles of the perineum are strained, both the abdominal muscles and the buttocks begin to work. Investigating this question, scientists found out:

  • During a passionate kiss 15 calories are burnt.
  • During orgasm, you burn 35 calories.
  • A half-hour prelude will take another 50 kcal.
  • During intercourse, adrenaline, oxytocin, and serotonin are produced, and this is an excellent fat burner cocktail.
  • Exciting, your pulse speeds up, the frequency of breathing increases, the pressure rises, - the load is not less than during the morning run.
  • Sweating during sexual intercourse helps to eliminate toxins.
  • In general, during one intercourse, 200 to 700 kcal are burned. In addition, during intima, the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA) occurs, which boosts your immunity. No wonder they say that sex is the best medicine for all diseases!

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However, in order to be effective in losing sex, you need to practice it in certain positions, we will definitely tell about them.

Psychological aspect of losing weight with sex

An important role in the process of losing weight is the fact that sexual intercourse as a whole has a positive effect on the body. Getting pleasure from intimacy, your mood will improve, you will notice how your self-esteem will increase. You will not have a reason to once again eat something harmful and caloric. After all, as you know, if a woman does not have enough "tasty" in bed, she is looking for it in the refrigerator.

Slimming poses in sex

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Passive sexual intercourse does not make you slim, so if you want to get double the benefits of intimacy, you need to know which posture will provide the best result. Each girl can independently determine for themselves the most effective posture for weight loss in sex. The main thing is that this posture requires physical effort from you, putting an increased load on your problem areas. According to sexologists, the most effective postures are:

  • Asian Horsewoman. A partner lies on your back, you are on top, your legs are bent at the knees. Alternating slow and fast movements, strain your gluteal muscles.
  • Pose Arch. The partner is kneeling, you bend back, taking the pose “Bridge”. It involves the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.
  • Behind with a coup. Incredible posture for weight loss. You use the muscles of the back, legs, abdomen, chest. Partner on the back, his legs and pelvis raised. Take a pose on all fours, make a movement back and forth, focusing on the hands in front.

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The main secrets of losing weight with sex

We have already figured out that sex contributes to weight loss and learn the best poses. But there are a couple of things that you should know if you want to practice losing weight with sex in your bed:

  • As you know, during sexual intercourse, as well as during any physical activity, energy is consumed. Naturally, after, you will want to make up for the losses. Do not run to the refrigerator and make up with interest. Otherwise, for the slim figure does not help any sexual intercourse length of several hours.
  • Remember that here, as elsewhere, systematicity is important. Be engaged "by magic" daily and do not shirk from "training".
  • Tell your husband or boyfriend that now you will do this daily and let him know about, which has had a beneficial effect on you!

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If you decide to take the most out of love joys, remember that losing sex by sex should not be brought to automaticity, should not become a chore or be associated with exercise. Just know that regular intimacy in your life is not just a strong marriage, good mood, but also a taut figure and elastic muscles.

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