Slimming polina gagarina

Slim Polina Gagarina

Slimming Polina Gagarina interests the public much more than the chic voice of the singer and her remarkable creative achievements. The girl created a sensation, turning from a lush bun into an elegant and slim beauty in just 6 months. Today we will reveal the secrets of losing a star and find out what it is for a girl to maintain the ideal proportions of the figure.

The reasons why Polina Gagarina got better

At different stages of life, Polina Gagarina looked different. Weight carousels in her case look like this:

  • From early childhood, Paul grew up in an atmosphere of art and creativity. Mother and father of the girls were engaged in choreography and strictly followed their own figure. When the future star of Eurovision was 4 years old, she moved with her mother to Greece.

with mom

In this sunny country, mother was offered a contract job, and she agreed without hesitation. Greece is a country of juicy fruits of olive oil and fish, which is the basis of a carbohydrate-free diet, so it wasn’t a lot of work to keep a figure in shape. But the girl stayed with her mother for a very short time, and already at the age of 6 she returned to her grandmother in Saratov. Granny cherished her granddaughter and strongly developed her talents. Along with the vocal abilities grew and the excess weight of the girl. Looking at Polina as a child, you can say “blood and milk”: a pretty plump child with ruddy cheeks and a protruding tummy.

childhood singer

  • The transition from tender childhood to youth was marked by weight loss. Lost ruddy and tummy, giving way to teenage longevity and angularity.


  • After the birth of the first son, Andrew, his famous mother fell into a trap, familiar to many ordinary women. Strongly getting fat while wearing the first child, the girl was expecting a miracle of losing weight after giving birth. But the child was born, and the stomach has not gone away. Surprise came to be replaced by despair, followed by brutal appetite. All this + problems in work and creativity as a result gave a mark on the scales of 88 kg. And this is with the growth of 164 cm. The girl almost decided on the use of chewing gum for weight loss and a patch, but decided to start with a diet.

excess weight

  • After a long lull, the actress managed to pull herself together and shed those unfortunate pounds to perfect proportions. Now the performer of the cult song "The Performance is Over" weighs 47 kilograms and confidently holds this mark.

dramatic changes

Principles of weight loss by Polina Gagarina

Initially, Gagarin decided to try the seven petals mono-diet on herself, but with grueling deprivations she did not achieve the desired result. After the fiasco, the star independently selected one of the sparing diets and improved it a little. 40 kg girl lost in just six months. This is a significant result, since Polina Gagarina lost her weight dramatically, having a natural tendency to be overweight. They say that the skilful work of doctors is hidden under ideal forms, and that the singer has done plastic surgery, but the girl herself denies all the accusations. The basic principles of slimming star girls read on.

before and after the diet

  • Food should be taken in portions in small portions to be easily absorbed by the body.
  • The main preference is fruits (especially apples), fresh vegetables, seafood and lean meat. Seasonal fresh vegetables stabilize the digestive system, normalize the work of all body systems. Fresh apples gently cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels and liver, giving a radiant healthy color to the face.
  • The diet of Polina Gagarina excludes the use of sweet, fat and fried. The star strictly followed the calorie content of the dishes.
  • From the diet excluded all confectionery and alcohol in any form. Taboo on products containing starch. If a person cannot do without potatoes at all, then an endless mashed potato can be replaced with a couple of potatoes baked in a uniform a week.
  • The source of carbohydrates for Poly was not buns and white bread, but cereals and wholemeal flour products.
  • The actress necessarily used the first liquid dishes, however, she used vegetable broths and lean meat for cooking.


  • Holidays are not a reason to deviate from the diet. There are no reasons for indulgence.
  • Dinner star consumed no later than two hours before bedtime. After that, the young lady did not eat, so as not to overload the stomach at night.
  • Carbohydrates are permissible only for breakfast. It is the first meal that can consist of porridge, flavored with crushed nuts, berries and honey.
  • For lunch, the menu consisted of lenten first courses, boiled meat or fish, salads.
  • Tea time includes fresh fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts, kefir. Mass variations. By the way, kefir diets are very common among those who want to undergo a short-term cleansing of the body.
  • As a dinner, Polina Gagarina preferred seafood, steamed vegetables and kefir. Cooking dinner while losing weight is a whole art, so this procedure should be given special attention. Minimum calories and maximum benefits.
  • For the whole day, the singer drank a total of 1.5 liters of water in small portions. There is a drinking diet for those who want to lose weight dramatically by a certain date.
  • The thinner Polina Gagarina still tries to comply with the four-time meal regime, provided that the last meal ends before 18.00.

minus 40 kg

The singer has never used a lot of pickles, which abound tables at receptions, which she attends.

Products recommended by the singer

Composing a diet for a week, the star preferred the following products:

  • a fish;
  • lean meat;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • kefir;
  • dried fruits;
  • Hercules;
  • buckwheat;
  • rice and so on.

thinner star

Diet by Polina Gagarina: daily menu

Polina independently developed for herself a four-time meal system in which there are three main meals and one snack. Your attention is an exemplary menu of the singer for one day, the same principle of selection of products should be used, making up the diet for 7 days.

First meal (breakfast)

  1. A small portion of lettuce cucumber + tomato + fresh cabbage + bell pepper.
  2. About 100 gr. oatmeal cooked in water.
  3. A glass of freshly squeezed juice (in the case of Polina, tomato prevailed).

Second meal (lunch)

  1. 200 gr. soup on vegetable broth without potatoes with greens.
  2. A piece of fish fillet cooked in a double boiler.
  3. Two apples in any form and an orange.

The third meal (afternoon snack)

  1. Fruits (apples, oranges, tangerines, kiwi, etc. to choose from).
  2. A couple of spoons of low-fat cottage cheese with nuts.

Fourth meal (dinner)

  1. 100 gr. boiled chicken breast without skin and salt (or boiled veal).
  2. A large portion of salad from fresh vegetables and greens, seasoned with lemon juice.
  3. Half a cup of nonfat kefir.

new image

For six months, following the example of a famous singer, every girl will be able to lose weight by 40 kg without particular disasters and deprivations. In her interview, Polina Gagarina admits that only at first it was difficult for her to adapt to a new diet, but over time it became even interesting + she was motivated by impressive results.

Physical activity - the need for losing weight

Polina Gagarina, before losing weight, did not differ aspen waist or aristocratic facial features, but bravely fought for an attractive appearance. In addition to restrictions on food, the singer was actively involved in sports and gymnastics. Like the diet of another famous artist Olga Kartunkova, Gagarina’s weight loss would be much longer without physical exertion.

after weight loss

  • Fencing lessons. This sport teaches composure and precision, develops the muscles of the arms and hands.

on the cover of a magazine

  • Lessons of stage plastics. Initially, extra weight before losing weight did not give Polina grace. The awkward girl with the usual hairstyle and hands of the fighter on stage looked ridiculous. After losing weight, Polina Gagarina moves smoothly and gracefully, attracting men's attention to the feminine curves of her body.

Strong woman

  • Dramatic dance. In the Moscow Art Theater Studio, Gagarin trained hard to dance beautifully. According to her, the teacher exhausted the students so that they literally crawled out of the room.
  • Shaping. Even now, when the weight after losing weight has reached the desired level, the singer does not stop hiking on shaping. Each weakness in the form of excess dessert, she immediately "work out" in the hall. Note that fitness for obese women is different from the usual load distribution and types of exercises.

star on the beach

Polina Gagarina in the photo before and after losing weight looks stunningly different. In a bright blonde with a chiseled figure it is difficult to recognize the former awkward pyshcheku. Sitting on his own developed diet, the girl managed to achieve serious results. Nutritionists note that the diet and star nutrition system is not satisfactory on their part, and that all women who are inclined to corpulence can lose weight in this way.

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