Slimming patches - myth or reality

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Every woman dreams of becoming more slim and beautiful than she is. Even a woman with a flawless figure is sometimes doubted if she has any problem areas that need to be worked on. Moreover, special attention in this regard is paid to weight, since with overweight it is impossible to even think about a slim figure. In this case, start a different diet and use a variety of means to reduce weight, one of which is a patch for weight loss. It is about him and will be discussed in this article.

Among the wide variety of methods for weight loss, patches for weight loss are particularly popular. This is explained by the unconventional effect of these devices on the human body. As the manufacturers say, using a plaster to lose weight in the abdomen, there is no need to stick to a diet or increase one's physical activity.

How does a slimming patch work?

In general terms, the effect of this device can be described as follows: the biologically active substances contained in it penetrate the body through the skin, which leads to the activation of fat burning processes. Moreover, according to manufacturers, these devices improve blood circulation, as well as lymph nodes. The therapeutic effect of this device is ensured by the fact that its substances enter the body in an unchanged state.

sticker effect

Instructions for use "of stickers" very simple, it does not require any action that would need to be carried out step by step.

  1. Stick it on the problematic part of the body and wear from 20 minutes to days for 20-30 days.
  2. The course is recommended to repeat at least 2 times a year.

In general, the pattern of use for all patches is identical, but the duration of its use depends on its type. Of course, the use of this know-how is an expensive pleasure, since the price of one package is on average 300-1000 rubles, and the number of these stickies in a package, as a rule, does not exceed 10 pieces.

Types of slimming patches

The main types of patches for losing weight include:

  • Magnetic;
  • Chinese;
  • Pepper.

Magnetic sticker

stickers with magnets

Magnetic slimming patch is a tool that includes various herbs, and a magnet is attached to the center. When using the device, a flat stomach can be achieved due to magnetic waves acting on the stomach meridian. Such an effect improves the blood circulation of the body and leads to the breakdown of body fat. For a more effective result, attach a magnetic patch for weight loss is only necessary on the navel and wear it for 12 hours.

Chinese sticker

different stickers

Chinese slimming patch is a useful invention in the field of oriental medicine, which guarantees an effective result. Chinese "thrust" in them and pepper and magnets. Reviews of these slimming patches also speak of effective weight management. Chinese slimming patch consists of natural substances that the body absorbs with maximum benefit. Its components, penetrating into the blood, affect the problem areas of the body, accelerate the breakdown of fats and activate metabolism.

Pepper stickers

pepper sticker

Slimming pepper patch consists of plant substances, namely, red pepper extract and caffeine. Pepper burns fat in this case, while caffeine does not allow reddening of the skin and its irritation. The sticker is recommended to hold no more than 20 minutes. on clean skin. Before using it, you should always consult with your doctor, as some people may have tolerability of these components.

Review of various brands of slimming patches

There are a large number of these stickers for slimming ladies, the main of which are described in this article.

Wonder Patch Adhesive

Wonder patch

The patch Wonder Patch for weight loss is an innovative tool to combat subcutaneous fat. When using it, a person does not feel absolutely no discomfort, due to the lightness and tight fit to the body. In addition, it is not noticeable at all under the clothes, so you can wear it at any convenient time.

Wonder Patch has a biological natural composition that maintains a taut figure without the help of various diets. Extracts consisting of medicinal herbs directly fall into the subcutaneous layer, accelerate the process of metabolism, stimulate the burning of fatty deposits, restore skin elasticity, stimulate blood circulation, tighten the skin in the abdomen.

Wonder Patch Slimming Patch is considered safe and non-toxic. It can be used as a separate method of weight loss, and in combination with exercise and diets.

Soso Slimming Plaster Slimming Patch

Soso Slimming Plaster

Soso Slimming Plaster slimming patch not only reduces weight, but also helps with cellulite. It consists of violet root and the Pennsylvanian sedge. It also helps to improve the work of the digestive system. According to the manufacturers, thanks to Soso Slimming Plaster, excess fluid is removed from the body, and fat is burned, which leads to a decrease in the volume of the abdomen. It should also be noted that Slimming slimming sticker improves skin condition and has a positive effect on the endocrine system. Stick the sticker on clean skin in the navel.

Slim Patch Adhesive

Slim patch

In addition to the Slim Patch slimming patch, it burns fat deposits, it also helps to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and remove toxins from the human body. It is not recommended to apply this invention to diabetics and allergies. It is necessary to wear Slim Patch during the day, gluing it to dry and clean skin, after which it should be replaced with a new one.

Advantages and disadvantages of patches for weight loss

Like almost any means to reduce weight, these "miracle remedies" have both pluses and minuses, which will be discussed further. So, the main benefits include:

  • The action lasts around the clock, thereby the patch itself relieves you of excess weight at home.
  • This miracle device delivers its active ingredients in the area where they are needed for burning fat.
  • No negative impact on human organs.
  • The substances in the composition of this tool are completely absorbed by the human body, in contrast to various pills.

flat tummies

Disadvantages of a slimming patch:

  • High price. Not everyone can afford to buy such a product.
  • These stickers are used only when an overweight person exceeds normal by no more than 20 kg.
  • It affects only the area of ​​the body to which it is glued.
  • Get rid of cellulite with this sticker is possible only at an early stage of its development. When running cellulite, it will not help.
  • It is forbidden to use the patch to lose weight on the belly of pregnant and lactating girls, as well as children under 14 years of age.
  • Can not be worn "sticker" More than a month. Between courses you should take a break of at least a week.

Reviews of patches for weight loss suggest that compared with many tools that have not yielded any results, the effect of these devices becomes visible after a couple of weeks. Many women argue that for greater effect, the use of these stickers should be combined with sports. Of course, reviews of the new tool for losing weight are very different. Some people he really helped to lose weight, others - not. However, it is difficult to judge this method without trying it on itself.

If you have already tried this device or heard about its effect from your friends, then share your experience or rumors with our readers in the comments after the article.

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