Slimming corsets

slimming corsets for weight loss

Corsets for weight loss today are a fashionable way to correct the figure and get rid of excess weight in the sides and waist. Belt PR everything: from Hollywood stars to bloggers. Manufacturers claim that the slimming corsets will help not only to throw off extra pounds, but also to pull the stomach down, lose fat from the sides, level the posture and “pick up” the chest. Is this true, we will understand today.

Indications for use of a corset for weight loss

Many modern women are interested in the question of whether it is possible to fully lose weight with the use of corsets. Note that weight loss is possible, but for a positive effect, a complex effect on the muscles of the hips, waist and abdomen is extremely necessary. That is why wearing a belt should be combined with aerobics, fitness or any physical activity. The indications for the use of the tightening belt are determined by its features:

  • desire to lose weight, to drive fat from the sides and abdomen;
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles during the period of rehabilitation after operations;
  • as linen for utyazhki in the postpartum period;
  • hernia and other violations of the integrity of the abdominal wall;
  • utyazhka and prevention of "sagging" of the skin after rapid weight loss;
  • prevention of striae formation;
  • visual masking of small figure flaws;
  • on prescription, the doctor may be prescribed for stagnant diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • pain and heavy load on the lumbar region.

corset effect

The benefits and harms from the use of corsets

There are several opinions as to whether it is safe to wear slimming underwear. The main problem is considered to be constant compression, which is on the fabric and skin, especially if we are talking about a period of sharp weight loss or a postpartum period.

From the positive moments, we note the following:

  • Increase self-esteem. Self-confidence directly depends on the sensation of external attractiveness. Because of the slimming underwear, the silhouette always preserves feminine, slender forms.
  • Allows you to recover in accelerated time. Particularly relevant issue for women in the postpartum period, when there is a risk of sagging of the skin and the appearance of ugly stretch marks.
  • With the use of slimming belts, the process of losing weight is much faster, and the number of eaten foods is reduced.


Harm from the use of corsets for weight loss is also possible. Be especially careful:

  • Models with a minimum degree of compression should be chosen in case of need of long and frequent wear. Versions with high compression can negatively affect blood circulation in the pelvic area.
  • Complete rejection of the compression element is necessary for chronic and acute diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity.
  • Sock is also desirable for people who have interruptions in the work of the heart muscle.
  • If you plan to wear a belt for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, then remember to take breaks in socks - only 3-4 hours a day, and the ban on sleeping in a corset.


Choosing the Right Waist Belt Model

To choose the right slimming corset for weight loss, pay attention to such moments:

  • Cut and type of material manufacturing. The product should be pleasant to the touch.
  • Try on the belt to make sure that the rigid ribs do not bulge anywhere, and do not cut into the body.
  • Often a latex corset can cause allergic reactions.
  • The ideal length should be 10-15 cm already waist, and the length of the product is determined by the line of closing the sides.
  • The models that are not in size bring only discomfort: they crush, rub, pick and roll during physical activity.

before and after use

Types of slimming corsets

Today there is a wide range of slimming corsets for weight loss.

  • Latex corset is a classic elastic type belt of wide width with the effect of heat preservation.
  • Mike-corset is characterized by a complex effect on the body, and not only corrects the stomach and waist, but also improves posture. Often, women's corsets of this type are sold without sleeves, but for men there are models with short and long sleeves.
  • Neoprene belt-corset reduces the load on the lower back and tightens the stomach and so on.

Men's options for corsets

It is a mistake to assume that the corset is an exclusively female element of the wardrobe. Male corset has such properties:

  • They are specially made so as to promote weight loss beer belly.
  • Belts help to relieve the extra load on the back and lower back, so long taken into service by men who are engaged in strength sports.
  • Contribute to an additional rush of blood in the abdominal muscles.
  • Relieve pain in the spine, and form the correct posture.

male model

Most popular models

Consider the most popular models of belts.

  • Waist trainer (sculpting clothes) - provides back support, and simultaneously tones the abdominal muscles. It has no compressive effect on the internal organs, which makes the belt as secure as possible. The price is about 2000 rubles, but online stores often spend discount days and promotions. This model is actively used by such stars as Kim Kardashian and her sister Chloe. On the magical effects and physical parameters of the stars you can read in our articles.

Kim and Chloe

  • Ann Chery Faja Clasica. It will help correct posture and relieve tension from the back, but it is better to wear the product only during training. The effect of "two in one" - thin waist and comfortable workout. The cost is about 1700 - 1900 rubles.

Ann Chery Faja Clasica

  • Zip and Clip Torso Style with a zipper. The peculiarity of the material in preserving heat, which allows you to enhance the effect of sports. The strength of fixation is ensured by three rows of hooks and a zipper. The elongated shape will allow you to lose weight of the lower abdomen and thighs, which helps to form an hourglass figure. You can buy a belt through the Internet for 600 rubles.

Zip and Clip Torso Style

  • Sweet sweat premium corset trimmer. The main impact is the effect of the sauna. The body temperature rises, thereby burning subcutaneous fat. It is made in the form of a flexible belt with a wide velcro. The inner layer absorbs sweat and prevents slipping over the skin. Price is about 2500-3000 rubles.

Sweet sweat premium

  • YIANNA. Equipped with a steel spiral bone, which ensures the correct position of the back and tightening the abdomen. Steel is durable and springy material that easily returns to its original position. Suitable for yoga and socks in the postpartum period. It is only important to determine the size. The cost is 1600 rubles.


  • Fajastec Women beauty. Affects the whole area covered. When you move the pressure on this zone increases, and you lose centimeters in the belt. Manufacturers promise a loss of two sizes only from the socks. You can buy for 742 rubles.

Fajastec Women beauty

  • Miss Belt - the most popular model of corrective lingerie. Promotes weight loss and forms beautiful curves. The cost of the original product is 500 rubles.

Miss belt

Reviews thin with corsets

Real reviews:

  • Victoria: Loos with Miss Belt, and feelings are mixed. Be sure to check the dimensions on the grid, as you risk not to stretch the belt on the stomach. It is fully compression, no sweating, and the muscles get used to the tone in the process of wearing. Visible under clothing, so sometimes I wear it on top of everything.

slimming belt

  • Alyona: When I saw the photo before and after using the Waist trainer (sculpting clothes), I was amazed at the difference. Bought, and for a long time could not understand my mistake. Then it came to me. There are two types of them - neoprene and latex. Neoprene are very inconveniently tailored, constantly picked up and rolled, but latex ones immediately “draw” beautiful feminine curves.
  • Vadim: Long struggled with a beer belly, and Sweet sweat premium helped me with this. Bought only as an additional tool that enhances the effect of training. Threw off from the effect of the sauna 3 cm volume for 10 days and workouts. I continue classes.


Remember! Before using corsets for weight loss, it is better to consult a doctor.

Do you have any experience using compression belts? Write to readers in the comments.

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