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The topic of our today's article is breakfast for weight loss. Have you thought about what you eat for breakfast and whether it brings you benefit or harm ?! Many young ladies want to have a hearty breakfast, but do not worry about gaining extra weight. So, what is it, the right breakfast for losing weight, get acquainted with our instructions.

Skip breakfast or not?

Some beauties are sure that if they skip breakfast, they will spare themselves extra pounds in a shorter period. After all, you can eat something insignificant and get away from a dense meal. The reality is that during the time when we sleep at night, our body does not rest, but actively processes what we ate for the whole previous day. All the energy released is spent on such important processes as nutrition of tissues and organs and cell renewal.

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So, it turns out that at night we do not eat and do not drink, therefore upon awakening the body experiences a feeling of hunger. We may not even realize it, this feeling of hunger arises at the cellular level. Many free radicals form in cells, toxins are also present, and the level of water balance is lowered. To "turn on" our body and start the metabolism need nourishment in the form of food, this nourishment and is breakfast. So do you need breakfast sutra or not?

Do not eat breakfast

If you choose not to have breakfast at all, then an hour after waking up, you will be able to face such manifestations as irritability and impotence. This is because the glucose level in the brain has decreased and the brain begins "get angry" and sends you the impulses to activate metabolism. The body begins to get glucose from the liver and muscles and you feel weak. If you lower your glucose level to a critical point with your morning fasting, then you can overeat, or you can be filled with foods that are very difficult for digestion. Your body will immediately begin to attack those extra pounds that accumulate on your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

buckwheat with greens

We have breakfast in the morning

You start your morning with aromatic sweet coffee and a sausage sandwich. Others choose chocolates or spicy buns and think that this is a good breakfast. But in fact, both options are breakfasts with great content. "light carbohydrates"which in a short time increase blood sugar levels. There is a process of irritation of the pancreas and the production of insulin, because of it all consumed sugar is deposited in the form of fat in the body. Your thighs, belly and butt begins to cover the unpleasant orange peel and fat. As a result, fast-digestible glucose does not give you a feeling of fullness for a long time and you want to eat again, not having to eat before lunch. Therefore, we all need a healthy breakfast for weight loss.

What should contain a healthy diet breakfast

A healthy breakfast for weight loss should include a sufficient amount of calories for the activity of the body, have a good balance of useful substances and do not store anything in the form of fat. The ideal breakfast for slimming ladies is a mixture of proteins, a small amount of fat, complex carbohydrates and a large amount of fiber.


Compound carbohydrates in the form of cereals from buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet, cooked both in water and milk, as well as muesli without additives can become the basis of the dietary breakfast. You can make additions such as boiled chicken, steam cutlet or chicken egg. For people who do not recognize meat products, milk protein products-0 cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses can become such a base.

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A healthy breakfast should include a small amount of fat, such as vegetable oil or a small amount of butter. Do not forget about the fiber, which is very much in the green, as well as it is present in fruits and vegetables.

The drinks

As for healthy drinks during breakfast, then you need to give preference to natural coffee or black tea. Cocoa and other coffee substitutes are better not to take, also do not add cream and sugar to your drinks, they will not be of any use to the body and body.


Many ladies are interested in whether you can eat bread in the morning. White bread is light carbohydrates. Bread is quickly eaten, quickly digested, quickly sugar enters the bloodstream, insulin is quickly released in response, which also quickly deposits sugar into fat. Therefore, it is not recommended.

But sometimes there is bread baked from wholemeal flour, and these are already more complex carbohydrates. Choose in stores, black or bran bread from coarse grains, it contains less carbohydrates and more fiber. Such bread can be consumed at breakfast. Not a bad kind of bread will be thin pita bread, it is prepared without using yeast, baking powder and sugar, you will not eat much of it, which means that excess weight will not arrive.

Healthy breakfast options for losing weight

Option 1. Smoothies and cocktails

This is the best breakfast for weight loss for those who can not eat sutra dense food. Cocktails and smoothies are a fortified blend of fruits, cereals, greens, cottage cheese, and vegetables. Combinations of the products you choose should be ground with a blender and consumed in liquid form. Morning meal in the form of cocktails or thick smoothies has several significant advantages.

  • They are very tasty;
  • Low calorie;
  • Easy to prepare;
  • Nice looking.

smoothie in glasses

Option 2. Salads

Dietary breakfast for weight loss based on the use of salads are the easiest and most effective in the fight against obesity. Salads can be fruit, vegetable or fruit and vegetable, salad mixes with the addition of cheese, seeds, cereals, germinated seeds, cereal flakes, etc. As a dressing, you can use a little vegetable oil for vegetable salad, natural juices or non-fat natural fruit yogurt. In addition to salads, you need to eat freshly prepared juices from the same products.

Option 3. Dairy products

Healthy breakfast for weight loss can consist of dairy products, such as natural yogurt (not to be confused with what is sold in stores in jars of fruit, in this case, yogurt is just a name), low-fat cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir, ferment. You can combine dairy products with berries, fruits and muesli. Dairy diet breakfast is an option in which there is a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, and besides this, fermented milk products normalize digestion.

Option 4. Kashi


Breakfast porridge for weight loss is the most useful type of food in the morning, because cereals contain complex carbohydrates. The food is nourishing and the body is saturated with energy. Recipes for porridge can be absolutely any, choose them based on personal preferences. It should be noted that oatmeal is the best porridge for weight loss, buckwheat comes second, then brown rice, then wheat germ, then corn porridge. It is better not to add sugar in cereal, if you cannot eat unsweetened cereal, then replace sugar with dried fruits. Limit salt too, and better exclude it. Cook porridge on kefir, low-fat milk or light meat broth (chicken).

Foods that are worth forgetting during breakfast

Proper nutrition for weight loss in the morning eliminates:

  • Instant cereals, purchased muesli, breakfast cereals, which are sold in sachets, there is too much sugar in them.
  • Instant soups and mashed potatoes. They have one chemistry and nothing useful.
  • Carbonated drinks, store juices, artificial cocktails are very supersaturated with sugar.
  • Fried, smoked and dried meat and fish products.
  • Sweets and all pastries are excluded from the presence of sugar, and these are fast carbohydrates.

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