Slimming bracelets- cheating for lazy or true

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Bracelets for weight loss is not at all new, moreover, in the USA and Europe no one buys these miracle devices that promote weight loss without any effort. But the Russian-language Internet advertising of this product is overwhelmed by the same: banners, contextual advertising, pop-up windowsAnd one promise everywhere: you can lose weight and improve your body just by wearing this stylish piece of jewelry. And when goods are advertised by such stars as David Beckham and Drew Breeze, how can you not believe in its effectiveness ?! We will tell you what are the bracelets for weight loss and the whole truth about them.

Types of bracelets for weight loss

In the network, you can find a lot of offers of different types and effects on the body of the wonderful bracelets, but the promises of manufacturers are the same and somewhat similar to the notorious weight loss earring: if you wear jewelry every day, your health will improve, your appetite will decrease, your metabolism accelerate - in general, everything you need for fast weight loss. Let's look at the variations of this wonderful decoration.

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Magnetic bracelets for slim body

Magnetic bracelet for weight loss has special magnets that create a special magnetic field around our body, their power is 800-2200 Gauss. The magnetic field exists around each of us and these are not the tricks of charlatans, but really a scientifically-proven fact. The most popular representative is the Luxury Magnetdiet Bracelet Magnetic Slimming Bracelet. The cost of this decoration is about 1000 rubles. The manufacturer assures that his product will not only help to lose weight, but also smooth out wrinkles, improve sleep and improve mood, eliminate swelling and promote wound healing, only pay money.

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How does a magnetotherapy bracelet for weight loss? The magnets enclosed in it, can change the work of the cell membranes of our body. But how exactly this happens is not known. After that, certain molecules easily penetrate into the cells. The massage obtained in the process of socks jewelry, activates biologically active points, sending impulse to the brain. The explanations from the seller are rather vague, but many believe and buy. However, when buying a slimming bracelet with magnets, the buyer cannot be sure that the magnets embedded in him have the required magnetic field of 800-2200 Gauss, it remains only to trust the manufacturer to the word.

magnetic decoration

Tourmaline slenderness bracelets

The classic representative of tourmaline wonder-jewelery is the Power Balance slimming bracelet. He not only has to help you lose those extra pounds, but also endow you with incredible abilities beyond your abilities: you will feel a surge of energy, increase in working capacity and even be able to walk 23 km on foot, as one guy from laudatory reviews on the manufacturer's website.

The accessory is made of medical silicone and tourmaline. The ability of tourmaline to affect body fat, it seems, is unclear to the manufacturer itself: we are talking about some microwaves that positively affect our body. The vague explanations are supported by photoshopped pictures of celebrities with this accessory on hand. Perhaps, the pictures are genuine, and the celebrities received a good fee for such advertising, anyway, the buyers from this seller are more than enough.

Ronaldo and Beckham

The most curious tried to uncover the mystery of tourmaline accessories by opening the bracelet, because it is interesting how tourmaline looks and where it is. And what do you think is under the hologram? Nothing! That is all the power of this accessory in this hologram, apparently it is made from tourmaline. The price of the goods is about 1600 rubles. By the way, in 2011 in the US, numerous lawsuits forced the company to make a denial of advertising, since in fact, official studies of Power Balance and its effects on the body were not conducted.

Acupuncture bracelet for weight loss

This slimming bracelet supposedly combines the secrets of ancient China with modern technology. From ancient China, the accessory received an acupuncture method: a decrease in appetite occurs due to the effect of the accessory on special acupuncture points responsible for the feeling of hunger. A modern technology has made in the device of the bracelet a method of this impact: metal terminals on the inside of the jewelry in contact with the skin provide the desired effect. If you feel hungry, just press the button on the wonderful bracelet. Here, of course, the placebo effect may work, but in most cases even it does not work and the customer reviews are negative. Buy an acupuncture bracelet for weight loss can be an average of 800 rubles.

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All these miracle devices will not be advised to you by any nutritionist, and you can buy them only in dubious online stores. Whether it is a magnetic slimming bracelet or tourmaline or acupuncture, hoping that it will help to become slim without effort is pointless. Have you ever seen a bodybuilder just wear an accessory on his wrist instead of intensive training before a competition? Here we are not!

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