Silk eyelash extensions

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Modern girls incredibly lucky! Today it is impossible to be dissatisfied with your appearance, because almost everything can be corrected and improved. So, for beauties who feel that their eyelashes are not lush enough, it’s enough just to turn to a master leshmeiker who will correct the situation in a matter of hours, suggesting silk eyelash extensions. How is the procedure of silk eyelash extensions, what are the features of silk material, and some secrets for obtaining a successful result you will find in the article.

Silk Cilia Features

There are a lot of materials for eyelash extensions, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps you thought that silk eyelashes are made of natural silk, but it is not. Material for the manufacture of hairs - micropolyester threads. Synthetic origin is not a minus, but rather a plus: such cilia are flexible, elastic, resistant to creases, they do not require special care and look natural. In the eyes, they are practically not perceptible, although they have more weight than natural hairs. Silk eyelashes can be different colors, but the most popular, of course, black.

The benefits of silk material

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As we have already figured out, silk hairs are synthetic material. Leshmeyk masters in very rare cases use natural fibers. If we compare natural and synthetic hairs, the advantages of the latter are lower in price and durability, as well as in hypoallergenicity. Considering synthetic cilia, girls often oscillate between silk and silicone. Choosing from these two options, silk wins, as it is lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear. You can choose the length that you like: an incredible curl can be obtained with a maximum length of hairs of 12-14 mm, and preferring hairs of the same length as your real ones, you will get the soft effect of fluffy cilia.

Who will be suitable for building silk

Delicate synthetic fiber is quite light, so experts recommend silk even for girls with thin cilia. They are glued to a special hypoallergenic resin, so if you have sensitive eyelid skin, this build-up would be best suited for you. This type of material is used for the eyelash and beam building, your look will be expressive and bright, because silk is a noticeable and catchy material. Unlike mink, curl will have a rich black color.

Types of eyelash extensions silk

Silk eyelash extensions, as mentioned above, can be performed by the eyelashes and in bunches:

  • Lacquer extensions: each artificial hair is attached to the "native" eyelash on a special resin. The procedure is performed exclusively 1 hair to 1 eyelash. This eyelash extension technology is more popular today than bundles.
  • Beam build-up. Here are used bunched hairs. This method allows you to achieve an incredible amount of curl and significantly reduce the time of the procedure. But bundles are only suitable for individual cases, for long-term wearing is not the best option. Falling out, bunches leave large gaps between the hairs. As a result, your curl will noticeably thin out after 3-5 days.

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Silk Eyelash Creation Procedure

Step by step scheme of eyelash extensions silk looks like this:

  1. First, the master will apply a degreaser to the cilia and the skin around them.
  2. On the lower eyelid, a special scotch tape or silicone pad will be glued on the upper eyelid, closing the lower eyelashes.
  3. Then the master will gradually stick the hairs behind the hairs to your natural curls. The whole procedure of eyelash extension can take a couple of hours.
  4. When the work is completed, make sure that all cilia are separated.

If done correctly, you should not feel discomfort, burning or itching. If the technology has been violated, you may face sad consequences: eye irritation, hair loss, short term socks.

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Silk curl correction

If you want a beautiful curl to continue to delight you, the result must be periodically adjusted. On average, having made a silk eyelash extension, it is possible to pass with a spectacular curl about 3 weeks. After that, a correction is needed. It lasts about half an hour, which is much less than the build-up itself. The cost of the correction is a bit cheaper. If you can create a silk curl for 1500 rubles, the correction will cost you 1200 rubles. Do not worry that the silk hairs will fall out along with the real ones, of course, within reasonable limits. Each hair has its own life span, it is a natural process.

The main secrets of successful eyelash extensions

You probably know the girls who increased cilia, and, most likely, you met and negative reviews. Why one really like silk eyelash extensions, while others regret that they decided on this procedure? The whole thing in choosing a master leshmeyker, it depends on him the success of the business. And if you want to increase the silk cilia, you have not lost your own, read some tips:

  • Choosing a master, be sure to check out his work.
  • Find out what materials the wizard uses. It is better if it will be Korean or American products.
  • Choose experienced craftsmen. Of course, there are talents among newbies, but your eyes are a delicate organ, it is better to entrust them to a specialist with experience.
  • Do not rush to the "cheap cheese", which you yourself know where it happens. If you decide to build silk eyelashes, choose quality materials and a professional wizard.
  • The master should use a sterile instrument and wash hands before the procedure. Do not hesitate to make sure that your specialist is doing everything correctly, because not only a spectacular curl, but also the health of your eyes are at stake.
  • Choosing between eyelash extensions and beams, choose the first option. He less injure these cilia.
  • And finally, when you want to remove the cilia, do not do it yourself at home. Refer to the wizard who will do it safely with the help of a special means of remuver.

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Today every girl can buy silk eyelashes. Materials for leshmeykerov sold on the Internet and specialized stores. That is why it is very easy to get into the hands of not the best specialist. Approach the choice of master responsibly. To carry out the procedure yourself, increasing the cilia itself, we also do not recommend. This requires great skill and experience.

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