Silicone lips - how not to become the owner of “trash duck

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Silicone lip augmentation is one of the most popular and far from innovative medical procedures, thanks to which you can give your sponge a more attractive plump shape and correct any shortcomings you may have. Silicone lips are so popular because daily fashion dictates new canons and rules for everyone, which everyone tries to follow as carefully as possible.

Plump lips are the dream of almost every beauty, someone tries to achieve the desired result with makeup, lipstick or gloss, adds volume to the lips, and someone resorts to the services of plastic surgeons. And it is the second option - to pump up lips with silicone - it is becoming more and more popular in pursuit of ideal unearthly beauty, since cosmetics do not always help to correct asymmetry or significantly increase the mouth of naturally thin.

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Silicone lip features

In order to decide whether to increase the sponge by this method, it is necessary to understand all the disadvantages and advantages of this procedure. We should start with the fact that silicone for the lips is a foreign chemical compound of inorganic nature, which is created as a result of the interaction of such elements as oxygen and silicon. Silicone in a liquid state is used for lip injections, it is easier to evenly distribute it and give it a natural shape. But there are a number of indicators in which a highly skilled surgeon will never pour silicone on the lips.

Causes and contraindications for which and under which the doctor does not have the right to inject silicone injections:

  • If sponges donated by nature are sufficiently plump and harmonious, then a professional surgeon will try to persuade the patient not to create silicone lips;
  • Minors can make silicone mouths only with the written permission of the parents;
  • If the client or client wishes to make the sponges not harmonious and disproportionate, which will spoil the natural beauty;
  • The patient has mental abnormalities;
  • Poor blood clotting;
  • Diabetes.

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If a woman who chooses lip augmentation with silicone, wants to get rid of unwanted age wrinkles or is simply unhappy with her thin or asymmetrical shape, as well as with not outstanding size, then you can safely go for the magic pinhole. In this case, no doctor can refuse the procedure.

Do not forget that this procedure is primarily medical, and not cosmetic. Make silicone lips can be in any plastic surgery clinic, the main rule - the price should not be low, because free cheese is only in mousetraps. And the low price for such a service suggests that a pseudo surgeon works there or low-quality silicone for lips is used.

In a good clinic, doctors must follow a specific instruction, and the results of the following tests should be requested from any patient:

  • General blood analysis;
  • The results of biochemical blood tests;
  • Coagulability analysis;
  • Check for HIV and syphilis;
  • ECG.

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The benefits of silicone lip enhancement

  • First of all, it is the durability of the result, depending on the age, the silicone can keep its shape and not deform on average from 3 to 5 years.
  • The second is that silicone does not require adjustments and frequent updates as other materials used in cosmetic lip augmentation.
  • The third is the speed of the result, often after a couple of weeks or a month, the pain and swelling pass, and the final shape of the silicone sponge becomes 2-3 months.
  • Fourth - effective smoothing of age wrinkles around the mouth.

Silicone Lack of Sponges

  • Painful sensations in the first couple of weeks or a month after the end of the procedure with touches and kisses, which is especially unpleasant when you want to brag with new curvy and attractive lips.
  • The possibility of edema, redness at the injection site and around it. High probability of bleeding at the injection site.
  • In case of a poorly performed procedure, tumors may occur.
  • Smoking women and men can begin rejection of the material.
  • A nerve accidentally injured during the injection may lead to loss of sensation.
  • It is worth mentioning the main features of the behavior of silicone in the lips. In the liquid state, it can grow into natural tissues, thereby incrementally increasing the volume of the mouth and modulating the new form. And if in the end, the girl wants to withdraw foreign material, then it may not be possible to end. In the worst case, the facial nerve may be affected.

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How is the preparation procedure and the process of silicone lip augmentation?

In fact, it takes not very much time and the scheme is quite simple, and everything happens in stages:

  1. From the very beginning, a woman is warned about all possible dangers, they check the results of tests and conclude an agreement between the client and the clinic.
  2. Then, using local anesthesia, the lower part of the face is anesthetized and "labial" region.
  3. Through a special syringe, silicone is poured into the lips in the required dose.
  4. Evenly, by lightly pressing the fingers, the silicone is smoothed over the inner lip surface.
  5. Next, the owner of the new mouth evaluates the result in the mirror and, if she is pleased with the result, that's all. If the final result does not satisfy the desire of the patient, then after a few days you can repeat the procedure and add some more volume.

As for lip augmentation with liquid silicone at home, this is impossible. Such medical and surgical interventions occur only in specialized clinics. So to create the perfect fluffy sponge at home itself can only be with a pencil and lipstick. But in this case, there is no health risk, and the probability of becoming another victim of inexperienced surgeons is zero. In extreme cases, you can try to increase the mouth of the flameheads.

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Conclusion: Is it worth pumping silicone into sponges ?!

Before you decide on such a fashionable silicone increase, you need to think carefully. After all, in pursuit of fashion, you should not forget about your own health and aesthetics. If you have already decided to increase the lips with silicone, then you must comply with the measure. Girls with silicone lips, if they are enlarged a little and really change the natural shape for the better, always look very sexy, appetizing and attractive. Well, huge silicone lips of unnatural forms and volumes can, on the contrary, push others away, in particular, the opposite sex.

As you could notice, in our article there are only terrible aunts. "with duck beeps"so know the measure when using this chemical

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The fashion is so changeable, now lush lips are welcome, and after a while the thin and not clearly distinguished forms of the mouth will become the main peep. And then what? Get the silicone out of your lips and run again after fashion trends? Before you risk your health is worth 1000 times to weigh everything "pros and cons", and after- already take "right"In your opinion, the decision.

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