Shiatsu massage- the benefits of japanese massaging the face

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Shiatsu massage is considered one of the most famous Japanese techniques. Its technology is carried out with the help of pressing fingers on certain areas of the body: head, back, stomach, limbs, and so on. That is why this massage can be called a point massage.

The founder of this technique is Tokujiro Namikoshi. Translated from Japanese, the name of this procedure is translated as “finger pressure”. Today, this technology for treating certain areas of the body can be easily performed at home.

Japanese Shiatsu massage can to some extent be attributed to the interpretation of acupressure, only more modern and improved. Nowadays, there are several types of Japanese Shiatzu procedure, based on the main laws and traditions of modern techniques. In addition, this technique is carefully selected for each person depending on his physiology.


The main methods of exposure

The main feature of this Shiatsu technique is its broad effect on the body. In the process of performing a carefully selected session, the patient produces the formation and activation of internal energy, since stimulation of biologically active points that are not connected with points of modern medicine occurs.

It is important to note that the choice of these points is based on the body's pain. This procedure is considered not only healing, but also relaxing, because thanks to it, the body puts its energy in order, which is associated with an excellent healing effect.

Acupressure Shiatsu is based on the fact that the specialist presses on certain points of the body with his fingers, thereby normalizing the main flow of energy called "Qi". It is worth noting that the person conducting the procedure finds these points on their own - without using literature, based on their experience, so it is important to find a competent specialist.

After the time of acupressure, the experts begin to use some devices that properly replace the fingers. These can be metal balls, sticks, and so on. They, most often, are pressed to a specific place and begin to rotate with the help of a palm. Thanks to such a procedure, all systems and organs of a person are stimulated, and the nervous system is also harmonized and calmed.

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How to look for shiatsu points

Most often, the main points for Japanese massage are in small pits on the joints, tendons, bones, between the muscle fibers, and also on the arteries. They help to soothe the body, as well as generate internal energy. Finding these points on your own is quite difficult, especially for the first time carrying out this technique. Experts with considerable experience "see" these points are excellent - that is why they can by eye determine what worries and disturbs a person.

Shiatsu face massage

Japanese Shiatsu facial massage has long gained its popularity. And this is not surprising, because thanks to him you can save the freshness, beauty and attractiveness of the face. That is why modern doctors recommend women 15-20 minutes a day to devote time to warm up the face, which will return the health and radiance of your skin.

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The benefits of this technique for the face is obvious: it improves the skin's self-healing processes, which lead to a tightening and youthfulness of the face, gives tone, restores color, and so on. In addition, Shiatsu facial massage helps to improve the condition of the digestive system, reduces headache, and also has a positive effect on the endocrine system.

The main points for facial massage are:

  • inner corners of the eyes;
  • holes on the sides of the nose;
  • grooves on the edge of the orbital cavity;
  • pits outside the wings of the nose;
  • small indentations on the sides of the larynx.

facial shiatsu procedure

As you have noticed, all these points are paired. Therefore, Shiatsu massage technique is performed with two hands on both sides of the face. The method of affecting the above points can be different: rubbing, pressing, massaging, using facial expressions (for example, stretching the lips, shaking the cheeks).

On average, the duration of this Japanese method should not exceed 20 minutes. It is necessary to do it in the evening, after a hard day's work, since it is at this time that the skin of the face needs rest and relaxation. Shiatsu face massage is a modern method of facial rejuvenation, as well as giving it health and beauty. Regular carrying out of the technique will allow you not to apply to beauty salons, as the skin will be wrinkle-free, even and tightened.

Shiatsu Body Massage

Shiatsu massage technique for the body also has a number of positive qualities. This technique allows you to cope with many "malfunctions" body, eliminate various injuries, stretching, "to help" with fractures, relieve from constant stress, as well as to improve the work of all internal organs.

body massaging

Shiatsu body massage is performed in the same way as the face, neck and chest. The main thing - to find the right points that will help the body to relax and get the necessary energy. Basically, these points are located on the spine, the folds of the legs and arms, on the thighs, between the muscle cavities of the body.

The scheme of this procedure is carried out in stages:

  1. The patient lies on a hard surface (bed, sofa) on the stomach, the specialist begins to knead in turn all the points on the body.
  2. After that, the patient must roll over on his stomach, to continue the implementation of the technique.
  3. After the procedure, the specialist takes a certain instrument (metal balls, rubber sticks) that will allow the body to relax.

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Most often, Shiatsu body massage lasts 25-30 minutes. This time is enough to bring the body into a tone, as well as stretch the entire body.

Shiatsu Back Massaging

It is important to note that Shiatsu back massage is almost the same as body treatments. In this case, the specialist directs all his strength to the back, evenly distributing the pressure on the main points. This type of procedure is somewhat faster - 15-20 minutes. It is impossible not to notice that the massage technique of the body and the back has a completely different effect on the body: if in the first case, the technique gives vigor and restores internal organs, in the second, the procedure treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system and the spine.

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Often, Shiatsu back massage is used in sanatoriums, spa clinics and recreation centers, as it helps absolutely everyone to get rid of many modern diseases associated not only with the back.

Shiatsu Neck Massage

The instructions for performing this technique are quite simple. But, unlike other methods, Shiatsu neck massage can be performed in many ways. This procedure is divided into several types:

  • heel pressing;
  • shaking the head;
  • stretching the neck;
  • finger pressure.

neck massaging

Each type of procedure is carried out step by step. The length of one session is 20-30 minutes. Shiatsu neck massage is perfect for people suffering from pain in the neck and back, as well as for children with back problems.

Contraindications to Japanese massaging Shiattsu

Unfortunately, the point massing performed by a specialist or herself has a number of contraindications. These primarily include:

  • infectious diseases;
  • high body temperature;
  • skin diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • malignant tumors;
  • neurosis;
  • silly irritability.

For the above diseases, Japanese massaging techniques should be abandoned.

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