Shaved eyebrow strip create a scar effect

girl with shaved strip on the eyebrows

A shaved eyebrow strip adds eccentricity to the image and helps draw attention to the face. The shaven eyebrow of a girl can be an accent in appearance. To shave out the strips with your hands at home, you need to pick up high-quality tools and carry out the procedure as carefully as possible. Then this decoration will have a stylish look. Any girl can herself carry out this procedure.

How to shave a strip on the eyebrows

In order to begin the procedure of cutting the strip on your brow, you will need some tools and materials that will facilitate your task and thanks to which you will not be disappointed in the result.

Tools for shaving strip

What may be needed for shaving eyebrows.

  • single use razor;
  • electric shaver, which has a nozzle-trimmer;
  • razor with open blade;
  • Shaving gel;
  • compress for cooling;
  • any hair styling product;
  • alcohol lotion;
  • tweezers;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Below is a diagram, thanks to which you can step-by-step independently select a pattern on your eyebrows.


Instructions for shaving eyebrow strips

  1. It is necessary to prepare in advance all that is needed for the procedure. You need to buy a machine for one-time use or a razor with the possibility of changing blades. If the plans shave narrow strips, then at hand should be an electric razor with a trimmer. You should not save on tools, as the blunted razor blade causes irritation on the skin, and the vertical strip itself in this case will not work out to shave correctly.
  2. First of all, all makeup is removed from the face. The skin is rubbed with an alcohol-based lotion in order to cleanse it, and also to degrease. In the case when the skin has a tendency to redness and swelling, you can make a cooling compress on the treated area - thanks to this procedure, the shaving process will become completely painless and a shaved eyebrow will not bring discomfort.
  3. It is important to decide for yourself which result should be a shaved eyebrow, and what width and shape will be a strip on it. It should be remembered that if an error is made during the shaving of the strip, it will be very difficult to correct this mistake in a short time. Even after hair regrowth, a shaved place may look different.
  4. The whole procedure should be carried out in stages. First you need to mark the shaving area and the desired incline of the strip with a pencil for eyebrows or eyes. Next, you need to correct the shape of the eyebrow. To do this, excess hairs are removed from all sides with tweezers or a razor. Of course, it is easier to do this with a razor, but when the hairs are removed with tweezers, their roots are also removed, due to which a long-term absence of hair is achieved.
  5. If the strip is shaved independently by a mechanical machine, you need to keep it at a certain angle and make slow careful movements, removing excess hair and trying not to damage the skin. If you still could not avoid cuts, you can stop the blood itself with a swab that is wetted with hydrogen peroxide.
  6. Much faster, you can make a strip of an old vintage razor with an open blade, only its use implies certain skills. In advance, you need to sharpen the blade and carefully guide them along the marked section of the eyebrow, scraping the hairs. You can shave dry skin or use a transparent gel for this.

girl with an artificially created eyebrow scar

For those who are afraid or simply do not know how to use sharp objects, there are special electric shavers with a nozzle trimmer. It gives you the opportunity to make a clear and neat strip on the brow arch, while not injuring the skin. Dry skin is shaved, and after shaving it is treated with a soothing lotion.

Shaved vertical strip on the eyebrows may turn out not very pronounced, then you should correct it using tweezers. Need to carefully remove excess hair. Calm irritated skin after shaving with a cold chamomile compress or ice. Lay the edge can be an ordinary gel. The girl's shaved eyebrow can be additionally colored in a suitable color.

Video: trimming eyebrow trimmer

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