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Most women who take care of their appearance use masks and creams for the skin, lip balms, firming products for hair, and so on, but very few people remember that eyelashes also need care. Constant attention and work on this area will turn into a real luxury - beautiful, thick and long cilia, and therefore expressive eyes. And serum for the growth of eyelashes can become a faithful assistant in the struggle for these qualities. These products are available in many cosmetic brands and in this material will be considered the most popular ones.

Very few female specimens can boast of beautiful natural eyelashes, especially when it comes to Europeans. As a rule, the density and length - the quality of the eyelashes of Asian women. Serum for eyelashes - one of the tools designed to combat such injustice. And, in contrast to the more common means, this option strengthens your own cilia, and does not require the buildup of artificial cilia.

Serum for eyelashes as an option for basic care


Eyelash serum is a tool that uses a fundamentally new approach in the field of cosmetology. First of all, this drug is designed to promote health and improve the appearance of their own cilia. Using the composition, which can be purchased independently in pharmacies or cosmetics stores, you will make eyelashes strong and bright. The special composition of the agent gradually penetrates into the hairs, saturates them from the inside with vitamins and other beneficial substances, which strengthens and accelerates their growth.

Miraculous serum can be applied to the cilia with his own hands and at home, acting on a simple scheme. As a rule, the instruction states that it should be applied daily twice a day, in the morning and evening. It should be noted that the treatment with this substance should precede application to the carcasses. According to the reviews, the first noticeable effects will appear in three or four weeks. Naturally, if you perform procedures step by step and regularly. In addition, the effectiveness of this cosmetics is reflected in such indicators as high-quality healthy food and the presence of problems with the eyes.

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Many manufacturers produce serum, designed to care not only about eyelashes, but also about eyebrows. But these drugs are suitable only for young ladies with rare eyebrows.

Virtually all eyelash serums on the Russian cosmetics market have been monitored by ophthalmologists, that is, safe for health and free from harmful and toxic substances. However, acquiring the tool itself, you should make sure that it does not cause you an allergic reaction. To do this, you will have to apply the drug to the inner surface of the elbow bend and make sure that within half an hour after this, itching and various redness and rash did not start.

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The most active component of this cosmetics are biopeptides that strengthen the hair follicles. Another element, panthenol, which is also part of the means, condenses the hair structure. All other ingredients vary, depending on the manufacturer of these cosmetics.

Sera from different manufacturers

Often the main reason for the deterioration of the eyelashes is the abuse of cosmetics and exposure to aggressive external environment, such as wind, direct sunlight and so on. In addition, their condition affects the lack of vitamins and minerals.

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  • Medical cosmetics, such as tiande eyelash serum, helps to cure eyelashes, thanks to the content of bisabolol, squalane and algae extracts. This tool is perfect for the treatment of both cilia and eyebrows. Due to the fact that this cosmetics is very effective, apply it on the skin must be very carefully, otherwise you can provoke hair growth in those areas of the face where this is not required.
  • Serum for the growth of eyelashes eveline improves the condition of the hairs, provokes their accelerated growth and acts as an excellent protective base for decorative mascara. Among the components of a cosmetic product, you should specify soy proteins and hyaluronic acid, which not only strengthen, but also increase elasticity.
  • The serum for the growth of eyelashes xlash is rich in vitamins and minerals and is great for restoring the health of your eyebrows and cilia. The soft texture of the tool provides an especially pleasant use.
  • Serum for the growth of eyelashes feg has gained great popularity among consumers.

Homemade eyelash serum

long cilia

A good replacement for store serums can be a tool that has been tested by many generations of women - a homemade mask for eyelashes based on burdock and castor oil.

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