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Bonatox Serum Lifting

Any woman wants to look young and well-groomed, to like herself and have success with the opposite sex. However, with age, facial skin loses its elasticity and smoothness, inevitably the first wrinkles appear, due to which many women feel uncomfortable. Therefore, science does not stand still, the beauty industry offers all new means to prolong the youth of the skin, which promise an instant long-term effect without plastic operations and injections.

One of the latest sensational new products was Bonatox anti-wrinkle serum, which manufacturers promise a noticeable lifting effect, restoring the structure of skin tissues, smoothing deep wrinkles and, as a result, a noticeable rejuvenation in just 28 days. Serum Bonatox in a pharmacy is not for sale, it can only be ordered on the official website, the price of the drug is about 2500 rubles, delivery is carried out throughout Russia.

The drug is positioned as a non-injection alternative to Botox and promises a fast rejuvenating effect at home. But is lifting bonatox serum really effective? What are the real reviews about the drug? In the article we will try to figure out what the secret of this unique product is.

How does serum bonatox work?

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Bonatox anti-wrinkle is a non-injection analogue of Botox. The active component of the product is an artificial analogue of snake venom, which affects the nerve impulses responsible for the contraction of the muscles of the face, and thereby blocks the appearance of age-related wrinkles.

Serum step by step rejuvenates the skin of the face, penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis and saturating them with useful trace elements. The cells begin to regenerate actively, stimulate the renewal of adipose tissue, improve blood circulation, as a result, the skin becomes more elastic, clean, healthy. After a month of regular use of serum, the structure of adipose tissue improves and, as a result, deep wrinkles are smoothed.

For four weeks of using bonatox, you will get rid of not only small and large wrinkles, but also skin laxity, give clear contours to the face, improve complexion, skin cells will be provided with useful microelements necessary for their regeneration. The serum does not give the feeling of tightness of the face, does not leave a greasy luster, mattes and illuminates the skin of the face.

The composition of serum Bonatox

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The manufacturer promises that the serum Bonatox consists of all-natural ingredients of plant origin. The structure includes the following components:

  • SYN-AKE is a synthetic analogue of snake venom that regenerates the skin at the cellular level. Ingredient rejuvenates the face, reduces wrinkles, eliminates sagging and other signs of aging.
  • Aloe juice - a natural antiseptic, eliminates inflammation on the skin and protects it from the negative influence of the external environment.
  • Vitamin E - nourishes the dermis, protects it from the negative effects of the external environment, stimulates wrinkle smoothing, ensures the production of collagen.
  • Olive oil - makes the skin soft, nourishes and nourishes it with beneficial trace elements.

Also, the drug contains natural plant extracts:

  • oats - tones and tightens the skin, vitamins and nutrients fill it with moisture and improve its quality.
  • Rice bran - provides intensive moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face, making it fresher and firmer.
  • Rosemary - makes the skin younger and tones it.
  • Sunflower - slows down the aging process, nourishes and nourishes the dermis cells with moisture.

How to use Bonatox serum?

Instructions for use of bonatox is located on the package with the product. The scheme of serum allows you to gradually achieve facial rejuvenation in just four weeks. So, you must follow the following rules:

  1. Before applying the bonatox, you must clean the face and blot it with a towel: it is not recommended to apply the product to makeup and moist skin;
  2. Carefully apply a small amount of funds on the problem areas of the face - around the eyes, lips, nose, on the forehead, neck;
  3. In order for the product to be absorbed, you need to wait 7-10 minutes; do not rinse with water;
  4. With proper regular use of serum, the skin noticeably tightens, becomes smooth and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, the facial contour is outlined, dryness and flaking disappears, and the collagen production processes are activated in the cells, and therefore the skin begins to regenerate itself.

tube with serum

The procedure is absolutely painless and has no side effects, therefore it is suitable for every woman.

Reviews of serum Bonatox

  • Maria: “I received a bonatox for wrinkles as a gift. Put it after washing, when it is absorbed, you need to relax the muscles of the face. The effect is obvious - the muscles relax, due to which wrinkles become less noticeable, and the skin of the face is smoothed. At the same time it is a little bit tight. If we compare expectations and reality, I can say that the effect of bonatox is not too significant, but the face has become much better. ”
  • Anna: “After applying the serum, the skin is smooth, after a couple of minutes, signs of fatigue disappear, wrinkles and irregularities disappear. The tool is easily absorbed, there is no discomfort or burning. But at the end of the day, the face begins to shine "

To summarize the wonder serum Bonatoks

Serum Bonatox is positioned as an innovative product that allows you to effectively deal with age-related changes of the skin of the face, without resorting to Botox injections. The manufacturer focuses on the natural composition and the gradual improvement of skin color and structure, promises noticeable changes after 28 days of use. However, there are a number of points that cast doubt on the proper quality of this product.

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  • Firstly, it is not entirely clear how exactly the lifting of the serum Bonatox works, because the components indicated in the composition do not have an effect similar to botox injections.
  • It also seems strange that if you go to any forum dedicated to Bonatox, then it is extremely difficult to find real negative reviews about the product, and positive opinions are often promotional in nature. Therefore, the conclusion - the tool is still not very popular and is actively promoted by marketers on the Internet.
  • It is alarming that the official site does not indicate the cost of the product, on the Internet, the price ranges from 2 to 6 thousand rubles, which is quite expensive for goods of dubious origin, which is not sold in a pharmacy. Therefore, if you decide to experience the effect of bonatox, you should definitely consult with a cosmetologist.

If you have tried Bonatox anti-wrinkle serum or heard about it from your friends, you can share your impressions and results in the comments under this article.

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