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Romantic makeup for brown eyes is noticeably different from a make-up made by a blue-eyed or green-eyed girl. In general, a romantic make-up has a lot of features that depend not only on the hue of the eyes, but also on the color type of the girl, the nature of the event and the time of day. And any girl can make it at home.

Colors of romantic makeup

Makeup romantic style involves the use of pastel colors. That is, no defiant brightness - only modesty and tenderness. As a tone - only light natural shades - peach beige, ivory, caramel. For the lips, we also use light colors: scarlet, light pink, soft coral ... It doesn’t matter whether the girl is blonde or brunette. But the romantic eye makeup is directly dependent on the color of the iris.

The basic rules of romantic eye makeup

romantic makeup

  • Shining skin. For it to be such, it is necessary either to use high-quality foundation with a shimmer, or to get enough sleep. Healthy sleep has a positive effect on the skin;
  • Do not feel sorry for the mascara. Lush eyelashes - the key to a successful romantic image of a girl;
  • Experiment with arrows. Dark lines that emphasize the eyes, may slightly go beyond their boundaries. This is the arrow. She should strive a little upwards, otherwise your glance will be like that of the sad Pierrot;
  • No lipstick. Romantic makeup accepts lip gloss only. If your lips are too pale, you can put a little liquid lipstick. We also do not use contour pencils;
  • Don't forget the blush. They will give the image some shyness, naivety - what is needed for a romantic-minded girl;
  • Eyebrow shape. It can be any, depending on the shape of your face. But they need to be processed. Best of all, if the eyebrows are of medium thickness. Too thick or thin eyebrows out of fashion today;
  • Powder is always at hand. Wherever you go, always take powder with you. Even if you do not use the foundation, preferring the natural complexion, the powder will help you to remove the oily shine and give the skin a glow (see section 1).

Romantic makeup for the color of the eyes do it yourself

Let's try to make up for a romantic date on their own. We will select colors for it depending on the shade of our eyes.

Blue eyes

Romantic makeup for blue eyes involves the use of cool shades of shadows: gray, greenish, silver-blue, light blue. It is not recommended to use brown shades - they will make the look heavy. Romantic look will help to create bright pink shades, if you still dress up in a pink dress or wear an accessory of the same color.

romantic makeup for blue eyes

Phased execution of one of the variants of a romantic make-up for blue-eyed young ladies using shades of navy blue:

  1. Shade century fold with black shadows and slightly shade, leaving untouched the middle of the moving century;
  2. The contour is outlined in black pencil, shading it with a brush;
  3. In the center of the century, we apply a deep blue shade — deep blue, with glitter;
  4. Under the eyebrow we hold white shadows to make the look expressive;
  5. Eyelashes dye blue mascara.

Romantic makeup for blue eyes is ready. It is suitable for both everyday wear, and as an evening makeup.

Green eyes

makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed girls are rare. Many people insert colored lenses into their eyes in order to somehow look like a mysterious sorceress. For you, a step-by-step scheme, telling how to make a romantic makeup for green eyes on your own, using white, pink, lilac and dark purple shades.

  1. The makeup structure is very simple. First, apply white shadows on the mobile eyelid;
  2. The outer part of the movable upper eyelid is covered in pink;
  3. Arrow draw shadows of lilac color. She should strive upward and not go far beyond the eye;
  4. Dark purple shadows paint over the fold of the upper eyelid. He must create a kind of contour.

Despite the fact that such a romantic makeup for green eyes is rather multicolored, it is not too bright, due to the lilac shades close to each other. In general, green-eyed persons can afford a variety of tones: golden, and bluish, and grayish, and brown.

Brown eyes

romantic makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls are owners of a fairly saturated eye color, so there are no “contraindications” in the color gamut of shadows for them. But let's not forget that we are trying to make a romantic make-up for brown eyes, not an evening or extravagant one, therefore we will definitely give up black shadows and green arrows.

To create a romantic makeup for brown eyes, you can use the previous instructions. The colors can be left the same if you have fair skin. If you are dark, then it is better to replace the pink shade with peach, and, respectively, lilac and purple, with beige and brown.

Video: master class on creating a romantic makeup

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