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Girl with rock makeup

Cosmetics of saturated colors, deliberately underlined features and unrestrained sexuality - this is how you can describe the bold makeup, made in the style of rock. This image will be a good choice only for very brave and self-confident ladies. With high showiness, make-up in rock style is absolutely not complicated in its performance. The main rule that should be followed when working independently on makeup is to act in steps, following the procedure for applying cosmetics. The instructions given in this material will help you to do glam-rock make-up at home without unnecessary trouble.

Rock Style Walkthrough

Step one - skin alignment

Rock makeup models

So, before you make rock makeup, you need to work well with the alignment of skin tone.

  • Dark areas around the eyes, as well as redness and flaking of the skin, must be masked using concealer.
  • Highlighter helps to hide shallow facial wrinkles.
  • Having completed the work on the masking of skin imperfections, you can proceed to the processing of foundation and loose powder.
  • It is worth noting that rock makeup implies a natural or slightly tanned skin color. Taking into account this rule, it is necessary to select cosmetics.

Step Two - Eyebrows

Wide eyebrows and black shadows

Make-up in the style of glam rock, as a rule, implies wide enough eyebrows of dark color. In cases where the width or color of the eyebrows does not meet this requirement, you can use a dark pencil.

Step Three - Eyelids

Celebrity with rock makeup

Makeup in the style of rock makes the main focus on the eyes. They are framed by a halo of dark shadows, for example, black and gray or purple. Shadows are better to use creamy and matte. Instead, it is permissible to use liquid eyeliner. Preventing the drying of the makeup, it must be carefully shaded. Above the dark shadows are applied more brightly colored, for example, graphite, dark blue, green or turquoise. On the lower eyelid with dark shadows applied a thick line along the growth of eyelashes.

Step Four - Arrows

Beautiful arrows

Glam-rock make-up is unthinkable without arrows on the upper eyelid. They can be thin and short or long and sweeping, depending on personal preferences and characteristics of the type of girl's face. The inner corners of the eyes should be slightly tinted with pale beige or white shadows. Depending on the type of main shadows, they can be either mother-of-pearl or matte. In cases where the distance between the eyes is not large enough, you can draw their entire contour with a dark eyeliner or a pencil.

Step Five - Mascara

Rock makeup for girls stands out among other abundant use of cosmetics for the eyelid area, as well as thick dye eyelashes. They should be as long and voluminous as possible, the use of false eyelashes is permissible. This option will be a great way to stand out from the crowd and create a bold and bold image.

Makeup Completion - Rock Lips

Gwen stefani

Classic rock makeup does not focus on the lips. Preference should be given to lipstick neutral shades, for example, sand or beige. Also, instead of lipstick, you can use the usual lip gloss. Nevertheless, some stars of show business have become an excellent example of the fact that makeup in the style of rock can be combined with bright lipstick - scarlet or red. Such a make-up, for example, uses Gwen Steffany. By the way, the popular singer also managed to organically fit rich blusher into the rock makeup. Professionals in the field of makeup consider such a technique too bold and recommend to do without a blush bronzer. An image with bright eyes and lips at the same time will suit not every girl, so it is worth emphasizing one of these parts of the face.

Little secrets

To make makeup in the style of rock extra elegance, you can use glitter shadows. Apply this makeup to the lower eyelid, which will give the look additional radiance. In addition, bright shadows that gradually enter into underground fashion will help to diversify the rock image. The moving part of the century can be painted in the color of fuchsia, orange, pink, purple and so on. However, in these cases, the contour around the eyes must be used dark.

Video: Creating makeup in rock style

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