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Elena Malysheva, a medical dietitian with many years of experience, engaged in educational activities and journalism, wrote a lot of scientific articles on the topic of health, it was not by chance that she chose such an amazing product as rice as a basis for a diet. So, Elena Malysheva's rice diet for weight loss is recognized by many users as the closest to a balanced diet, giving a stable result and when used correctly, the overall health effect. What is the secret, the advantages and disadvantages of this technique? Let us look further in more detail.

Rice, its properties, cooking rules

It is no secret that rice is one of the most popular cereal crops in the world. The most populous country, China, has long since awarded the prizes to this wonderful product because of its nutritional value, easy digestibility, saturation with microelements and B vitamins.

It would seem, what is the relationship between nutrition and the ability to lose weight? It turns out the most direct.

  • First, rice is a natural strong sorbent. If it is used, following the rules, it successfully removes salts, toxins, slags and other harmful elements from the body. Although, in this there is a downside - rice is also able to cleanse the body of nutrients such as potassium. Therefore, the meal plan should be carefully considered and supplemented with a vitamin complex.
  • Secondly, rice, as mentioned earlier, is in itself a source of nutrients, so hunger does not arise in the process of dieting and the body loyally enough, reacts without stress to what is happening.
  • Thirdly, the Malysheva rice diet recommends using long grain unrefined rice, better than brown or black varieties. These varieties are the richest in terms of nutritional value and more effective in achieving the final result, weight loss.

rice of different varieties

Instructions for cooking rice: to properly cook rice, you must first soak it in water, preferably purified. It is more convenient to do it at night. Then (in the morning), the swollen grains should be washed several times with warm water and boiled to the state of semi-preparation (it is impossible to digest) without salt. You can steam it.

Ways and rules of the rice diet

Rice diet Malysheva at home can be carried out in a hard or more benign mode (depending on the individual tolerance).

Radical slimming

The radical method causes the consumption of only two products, rice and purified water. This option is most suitable for fasting days, which are recommended to be carried out with weekly breaks. The menu on the fasting day looks like this.

  • Reception of rice is designed for six snacks (150 grams) every two hours.
  • The first breakfast is at eight o'clock in the morning, and we finish eating food in the evening no later than six.
  • Between intakes of rice (an hour before and after) you need to drink water without gas or herbal tea without sugar in a volume of at least a glass.

Most often, fasting days are held after the weight has already been dropped - to consolidate the result or a general cleansing of the body.

Loyal weight loss with Malysheva

A loyal scheme or directly the rice diet itself from Malysheva is a two-week course with a limited set of products, in which it is strictly forbidden to use:

  • meat and fish of any kind;
  • bakery, flour, pasta;
  • eggs, dairy products (only low-calorie yogurts in limited quantities are allowed);
  • sweets and fruits, with a high sugar content (such as bananas and grapes);
  • pickled, canned and salted vegetables;
  • sauces, hot spices, sugar, salt, non-vegetable fats, coffee and alcohol.

crumbly rice bowl

The entire daily ration is based on rice, water, and additional sprinkles from dishes containing fruits, vegetables, or vegetable broths. If you make your own two-week menu for the rice diet, you can use the following product group:

  • vegetables, fruits, greens, both fresh and boiled;
  • dried fruits such as raisins, prunes, dried apricots;
  • in a limited number of legumes, nuts, vegetable oil and honey;
  • juices, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Pumpkin, zucchini and apples are the most compatible with rice products, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of fans of this way of losing weight. If funds allow, add avocados and grapefruits to the menu. At the same time, the rice diet from Malysheva does not allow drinking food with water, it can be drunk an hour before and after the consumption of food.

However, be sure to remember that the main dietary ingredients are rice and purified water without gas, which should be at least 70% of the entire food package.

An important point in the fulfillment of the task is also the fact that the volume of food taken at one meal should not exceed the size of a handful, so as not to stretch the stomach.

girl with weights in bunches

Approximate step menu for one day, which you can easily cook with your own hands:

  1. 7: 00- glass of purified water without gas;
  2. 8:00 - 150 grams of rice with lemon juice and green apple;
  3. 9: 00- glass of green tea without sugar;
  4. 10:00 - 150 grams of baked pumpkin;
  5. 11: 00- glass of purified water;
  6. 12: 00-150 grams of rice and 200 grams of vegetable soup-mashed potatoes;
  7. 13: 00- glass of herbal tea;
  8. 14: 00- a teaspoon of nuts;
  9. 15: 00- glass of purified water;
  10. 16:00 - green apple;
  11. 17: 00- glass of green tea;
  12. 18: 00- 150 grams of rice with prunes;
  13. 19: 00- glass of purified water.

If you do not have the opportunity to eat food hourly, then break the menu into large intervals, but follow the main rules:

  • one can not eat much at one time;
  • drink water about an hour before meals and after meals an hour later (at least one and a half to two liters per day);
  • in the evening the meal is stopped until six o'clock
  • Products are used strictly according to the regulations.

bowl with white cereal

Cautions and contraindications to the rice diet Malysheva

Gradually accustoming the body to a new culture of food consumption, naturally some unforeseen reactions can occur in it. The diet on Elena Malysheva rice has its own "pitfalls".

If you read user reviews, the most common side effect for some people is constipation. After all, rice has a forcing property, therefore, if it is moderately not diluted with fiber or liquid, then problems associated with the chair may arise. Listen to your body and react in time to failures.

In addition, the fact that with the help of rice you can cleanse the body of salts, says that potassium will also be subject to leaching. This can be bad for the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is contraindicated to use this option for weight loss for people suffering from vascular diseases. To maintain balance, you need to add to the diet appropriate vitamin complex.

So, who is contraindicated diet on rice Elena Malysheva:

  • women in the period of childbearing and breastfeeding;
  • children under the age of majority;
  • people suffering from diseases of the heart and vascular system;
  • those who have problems with urination and frequent constipation;
  • during the acute phases of chronic diseases and inflammatory processes.

weight loss on the rice diet of Elena Malysheva

To protect your body from disruptions in work and increase the activity of weight loss with a long-term follow-up effect, it is advisable to first consult with a dietitian who prepares a menu based on your individual characteristics.

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