Rhinestone makeup

sparkling makeup

Makeup with rhinestones today is no less relevant than a manicure with these shiny crystals. Rhinestones not only decorate the make-up, but also make it extravagant, original. Sparkling stones will help the image to become literally brilliant, sparkling, eye-catching.

Color and size

Parameters of rhinestones can be very different. It all depends on the nature of the event and, accordingly, the type of makeup. If this is the image for the Halloween party, then you can not skimp on the black and red stones of different sizes and shapes. Wedding makeup with rhinestones involves the use of more soothing shades of cosmetics and the stones themselves. You can arrange a scattering of small crystals of silver color next to the bride's eyebrow or decorate with one white crystalline bridge of the nose.

unusual makeup with rhinestones

Eye makeup rhinestones

With a manicure, everything is clear: the nails - they are the nails. And make-up implies applying cosmetics to several areas of the face. So, rhinestones in make-up can also be used anywhere. The most often shiny stones decorate the eyes or the area around them.

Where to stick

Makeup with rhinestones on the eyes means their reasonable use. If you stick a pebble on the upper eyelid, it will interfere with the normal opening of the eye, and the crystal will disappear with time.

The most successful areas for applying rhinestones are:

  • The line is closer to the outer edge of the eye. That is, the pebble can be placed at the very end of the drawn arrow;
  • The inner edge of the eye near the bridge of the nose. Here you can put one small rhinestone, so that it gives the look shine;
  • Lower eyelid. It is relatively motionless, so it is quite possible to use straziki on it. But remember, the skin on the lower eyelid is very delicate and sensitive, so there may be problems when peeling off pebbles;
  • Eyelashes. You can stick on rhinestones only on false eyelashes, otherwise you can damage your own when removing a pebble. It should be the smallest crystals, preferably in the color of the carcass.

luxurious make up with crystals

How to glue

In the salon, any make-up artist will masterfully make you makeup with rhinestones on the eyes. But this does not mean that at home it is impossible. All you need is a bag with small pebbles, special glue and a mirror. And to make it easier for you, we will provide a step-by-step scheme for sticking rhinestones to your eyes:

  1. Make a complete make-up of the eye;
  2. Take a special glue, apply it on a cotton swab and touch it to the area around the eyes;
  3. Put a strazik there using tweezers and press it for 15 seconds;
  4. After the crystal is glued, you should wait one more minute before sticking another pebble next to it.

There is nothing difficult in this technology; everyone can do it by their own hands. Most importantly: do not use ordinary glue - it can harm the skin.

Crystals glued around the eyes

Before sticking shiny stones, you should always first just hold it to your face and see how good and appropriate it will look. This will protect your skin from the constant sticking and peeling of pebbles.

Lip Makeup Rhinestones

Lip makeup with rhinestones is rarely done. For the everyday image, it just does not fit, because the stones will interfere with your normal conversation and show emotions. Most often rhinestones sponge adorn for fashion shows, photo shoots or special parties, such as Halloween. If you are planning on just one of the above activities, then our step-by-step instruction should help you do everything right. We will not list the sequence of full-fledged make-up lips, but we will start from the moment when you can paste the rhinestone. They best fall on a matte surface, so if you want to make up your lips with gloss or liquid lipstick, you should do it only after gluing the rhinestones.

house models Christian-Dior

  1. Apply lipstick on the lips and wait a couple of minutes;
  2. A little stretch the lips (not very much) and touch them with a cotton swab dipped in glue;
  3. We put a pebble on the lip with tweezers and lightly press it;
  4. After 3-4 minutes, you can gently cover your lips with gloss or light liquid lipstick.

Lip makeup with rhinestones means using them on the lower lip a little to the side. It is not necessary to glue a lot of pebbles in order not to make the image heavier and not to bring yourself additional discomfort. Although for a photo shoot sometimes make-up lips are only red rhinestones without the use of lipstick. It looks quite original, but the model in the process of shooting can not afford to smile. The pictures, of course, are very spectacular.

How to delete

green and blue make up eyes

To self-remove the rhinestone painlessly and safely for the skin, you need to gently press the pebble several times. If he does not want to depart, you can use facial wash, dripping a little on the shimmering pebble. The liquid will soak the glue and it will calmly “give” you a brilliant crystal. After removal should wipe the skin with milk. Redness usually disappears in a few minutes.

Rhinestones for the bride

Wedding - perhaps the most successful event to try to use rhinestones in makeup. The bridesmaid dress is often littered with loose pebbles; in the ears - sparkling earrings, and on the neck - iridescent necklace. Therefore, a pair of sparkling elements on the face just will not be superfluous.

beautiful makeup eye of the bride

Wedding makeup with rhinestones will look great if the bride has an asymmetrical hairstyle with curls on one side. On the same side, near the eye, you can lay out a pattern with small rhinestones to emphasize the beautiful styling. Also pebbles can be represented by an arrow, using iridescent crystals in descending order in size.

Video: master class on creating beautiful makeup with rhinestones

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