Raw foods for weight loss

raw foods for weight loss

The problem of overweight worries many people, because it knows no boundaries and nationalities. There are a huge number of different ways to reduce weight, one of which is - raw foods for losing weight.

Types of raw food

Raw foods, by type of food consumed, are divided into the following categories:

  • vegan: all animal products are not consumed;
  • vegetarian: you can eat eggs and dairy products, in addition to non-animal products;
  • omnivorous: all foods are eaten raw without heat treatment;
  • fruitarianism: you can use ground fruits other than those growing underground.

Among the main categories additionally distinguish mixed and monotrophic raw foods.

  1. Raw foods mixed - when products are selected according to the composition of microelements and the same classification is included in the set, for example, if the food consists of only vegetables or fruits.
  2. Raw food monotrophic - this is when the meal consists of only one specific product.

The option of raw food should be chosen based on the characteristics of your body and personal preferences.

Features and contraindications for syroedeniya

Recently, raw food diet for weight loss, is one of the active ways to combat obese people with overweight, and this has a rational explanation.

The basis of this method is proposed diet syroedeniya, in which the diet consists only of raw foods, without heat treatment. The mechanism of weight loss works simply - fiber is more easily absorbed by the body, cleanses the body of toxins and has less energy consumption. In addition, if the body is limited in feeding from fats and carbohydrates, then it will itself more actively begin to expend the previously accumulated fat layer.

diet on syroedenii

If you are determined to have a long-term diet (with any method of treating obesity), then you must first consult with a gastroenterologist and make sure that you have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract or other contraindications. We also categorically do not recommend switching to this method of weight loss for older people and children.

So, if you have consulted with a doctor and you are satisfied with a diet on a syroedenie, you can successfully cope with the task at home. To do this, you need to properly develop the menu, draw up a meal plan and move step by step according to the plan.

If you are not able to develop a menu for proper raw food, you can contact a specialist in this area or a gastroenterologist. You can also explore recipes on thematic sites and at the same time read reviews of people practicing raw foods in the fight for a slim body, to find effective methods for themselves.

But there are “pitfalls” about which we must inform you. Beginner syroeda need to go on a diet gradually and step by step to protect your body from unwanted side effects. And this may be at the first stage - exacerbation of chronic diseases, the appearance of weakness and chills on the basis of reducing the fat layer, as well as due to the shift in the balance of food can change the condition of the skin and hair. Therefore, sensitively listen to your body and with the slightest doubt, consult with your nutritionist and the results will delight you!

Fundamentals of good nutrition in syroedeniya

By the way, inventing recipes for this version of losing weight is a very exciting task - the benefit of the products is now diversity. And in order to be comfortable for the body and not burdensome for money, then begin the transition to raw food in summer or autumn, when there is an abundance of fruits, berries and vegetables around. For the winter period (if there is such an opportunity) you can prepare dried fruits in advance.

raw food menu

At the heart of the diet are only fresh and clean products including water, special attention is paid to their diversity. In addition to vegetables and fruits, feel free to use germinated wheat grains, seeds of all types, various greens. When using dairy products do not be lazy to make "live" homemade yogurt.

Using only raw foods in the diet requires a certain amount of willpower and a change in culinary tastes, but it is worth it, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of fans of this diet. And how nice it is for yourself or your loved one, to prepare with your own hands a delicious fruit or vegetable salad that brings you closer to your cherished dream - to lose weight!

Standard instructions for eating foods on a raw food diet imply certain percentages of key products. In this diet, you must include:

  • raw fruits and berries -50% (excluding bananas);
  • raw vegetables - 35% (excluding potatoes);
  • cereals, legumes, potatoes (without long-term heat treatment) and bananas - 10%;
  • dairy products, honey, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, eggs - 4%;
  • vegetable oils, seasonings, juices - 1%.

A small amount of boiled vegetables is allowed (without long-term heat treatment).

vegetable menu

The offered products in raw or half-cooked form are very difficult to overeat and their energy value ranges from 700 to 1400 kcal per day, which corresponds to modern standards of nutrition. In addition, the rather coarse texture of raw foods does not allow us to consume a large amount of food and requires longer processing (chewing), which is also a positive thing. If you previously had problems with the release of the intestine, then raw foods normalizes his work. At the same time, brain activity increases due to the intake of natural glucose (fructose) and self-purification of the body. Positive results affect the entire state of the body, if you follow the rules proposed by a competent nutritionist.

The results of the diet on raw foods are actively manifested in the first two months - you are actively losing weight, this is due to the fact that raw vegetables and fruits have few calories, and the body eats at the expense of previously deferred fat.

But the fats are exhausted, and the body takes a "pause." At this point, nutritionists recommend switching to a balanced diet, since the result of the body “pause” may not always be positive for you. At best, the body will consolidate at the stopped weight, at worst, the lost weight will again be gained, even under the condition of the strictest adherence to the diet.

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