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Sexy, seductive plump lips. Almost every girl dreams of them. After all, the eyes of many men rivet just sponges with appetizing swelling. Also, many girls and men can not remain indifferent to the fatal beauty Angelina Jolie, the owner of a truly charming and alluring lips. The image of Angelina does not give rest to beauties and they begin to think about all sorts of ways to increase lips.


Some go for help to the surgeons, others inject Botox and many other substances. Yet there are girls who are afraid of any interventions, but still have plump lips. Come to the aid of cosmetic and folk remedies that allow you to increase the lips at home.

List of tools and procedures to help increase the sponge at home

Means giving effect for several hours

  • To increase the sponge you can apply red pepper tincture. After applying this infusion, there are not quite pleasant sensations, you can remove them by putting a piece of ice to your lips. Applies such an infusion is needed several times, only the effect will be noticeable.
  • To increase the volume of the lips, you can use a mixture made from a mixture of vaseline, half a spoon of glycerin, honey, lemon juice and sugar. The mixture is heated. When the ointment is cold, you apply it to the mouth and leave it for 10-20 minutes, after a while, the ointment is easily removed with cold water.
  • Daily application of cosmetic petroleum jelly, can also give the lips a sexual swelling. In addition, petroleum jelly protects against the negative effects of the environment. Vaseline is applied with a brush.
  • Also, peppermint will help to achieve swelling, you can buy it in the form of oil in any pharmacy. Apply this oil daily.
  • Honey masks on the lips, will also help in your business. Mask for the desired effect is left overnight.
  • Contrasting applications. By applying ice and heat in turn, you will also achieve a visual increase in the lips. Applications must be done at least 10 times.
  • Lip massage with a rough brush in the morning will also give a spicy swelling to the lips.
  • A mixture of fat baby cream and lemon juice will also help you to achieve the desired effect. This mixture must be applied as a mask, hold for 10 minutes and removed with a napkin.
  • Also, you can spend honey massage. And then, on the mouth apply an infusion of green tea, rose essential oil, lavender oil, jojoba, chamomile. It is better to conduct this procedure in the evening.
  • A mixture of vaseline and bitter myrrh oil. This mixture is applied 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

lips with pepper

All these simple procedures will help you get a soft, seductive and delicious sponge.

Increasing cosmetics

Make-up is also your assistant, with the right lipstick and pencil, you can easily increase the sponge. How to make lips plump with makeup?

  • Apply a pencil contour of the lips strictly on the borders.
  • You should use the light tone of the pencil when applying the contour of the upper lip and in their tone when applied to the bottom.
  • Using lipstick saturated color, it is necessary to shade its bright luster, causing it to the central zone of the mouth.

Plampers are also used to achieve swelling on the lips. They are a mixture of special components that increase blood flow in the lips. As part of the plumper is mint, hot pepper, metol and cinnamon, as well as particles with a reflective effect, which visually imparts greater volume. These plumpers are quite liberal in price.

mint balm

There are other plampers, their price is slightly higher, as they contain collagen, hyaluronic acid and silicone. These substances have a moisturizing effect, which gives the visual volume of your sponges. You can buy a plumpers in the form of lipstick, balm, cream or gloss.

Cosmetics will not be able to provide long-term results. The maximum duration of their effect is a few hours.

How to make lips plump with gymnastics?

Making "exercise" for lips every morning, you'll notice a slight increase in 2-3 weeks. It is best to do the exercises during the month and do 15 repetitions of each exercise.

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  • Closing jaws and puffing out your cheeks doing chewing movements. Lips during exercise should move to the left and right.
  • Pull out the tongue and count to 5. Keep your mouth open.
  • Pull the sponge tube, hold for a few seconds tightly holding them.
  • Inflate your cheeks to the maximum and exhale sharply. During exhalation, you can feel a slight vibration.

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