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At all times, women wanted to be beautiful. For this, they carried out possible and impossible manipulations on themselves. There is an opinion that ugly women simply do not exist, there are those who do not know about the possibilities of cosmetics and salon care. One of these procedures, allowing a woman to become even more attractive, is a perm eyelashes.

The essence of perm eyelashes

Looking at a person, it’s the eyes that are most often seen. Perfect framing will help to make the look irresistible - a beautiful curl. Perm eyelashes - a method known to beauties for many years. As soon as they began to apply the chemical perm to create fashionable curls, the masters decided to try to curl and eyelashes and they succeeded. Since then, perm eyelashes used by women around the world.

During the procedure, a chemical mixture is applied to the hairs that are previously wrapped on a special sticky roller. It is distributed in stages at the tips and half the length. The roots are not affected, so that the chemistry does not damage the hair follicles. It is left for about 25 minutes, and then the curl is removed and covered with a neutralizer for 10 minutes, it will record the result. The process is quite simple and painless. Keeps the result for about a month. If desired, it can be repeated several times.

The benefits of chemical curling eyelashes

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You can make an expressive curl without resorting to chemistry. You can use forceps to create a bend in your eyelashes or special mascara. But this result persists until evening washing. And then the daily repetition of burdensome procedures with forceps and tinting.

  • Perm eyelashes provide a long lasting result of beautiful curved curls. You will spend only an hour of your time 1 time per month and will admire your charming look every day.
  • Another advantage is that additional care after the procedure is not required. At most, you can anoint curls with a nourishing balm. You do not need to buy expensive care products.
  • Also, you do not have any restrictions in everyday life with your curls. For example, after eyelash extensions, girls can not wet them with water and sleep on their stomachs. And you need to take off cosmetics only by special means. With chemistry this will not happen. Your life with a new, expressive look will not be overshadowed by such discomfort.
  • Chemical curling can be done for any cilia, both down and smooth. Moreover, often these circumstances push the girls to the procedure. Master, using tools for chemical curling eyelashes, makes a uniform twisted curl.

Harmful if the eyelashes curl chemistry?

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This is the most exciting question for girls. After all, the word “chemistry” is not associated with something safe, but it is also impossible to say that the method is harmful. With proper step-by-step execution and observance of all instructions, the result will come out with minimal hair loss. You should understand that the composition of the curlers is rather aggressive, which is why it is extremely undesirable to carry out such a procedure at home with your own hands. This should be done by a professional, since the composition of the curling agent contains thioglycolic acid and ammonia, they have a devastating effect on the hair structure. It is important to withstand the curl on the hairs for exactly a certain time, and only a master who has extensive experience in performing such procedures can do it.

If you are afraid to do chemistry on your eyelashes, you can use a more gentle method - biowave eyelashes. The essence of the method and the scheme of conducting exactly the same, but materials for chemical perm eyelashes are considered more dangerous. Biowave does not harm the health of your curls, and the price of the service is not much higher.

Tools for chemical eyelash curling

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If you decide on this procedure, it will not be out of place to know what the master will use to achieve the result. Chemical perm eyelashes carried out using the following means:

  • locking means;
  • curling agents;
  • nutritional tonic;
  • klinsser for cleansing cilia from chemical residues;
  • glue for perm eyelashes.

The complete set for perming eyelashes also includes curling rollers and eye liners, brushes and brushes. It can be bought in specialized stores, but the instructions indicate that it is intended only for professional use.

Home experiments with chemical compositions for eyelashes

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Masters and reviews of experienced ones strongly do not recommend conducting chemistry on cilia at home. It is not enough just to buy a set for a perm and find a video instruction on the Internet. This process is complicated by the use of inherently dangerous drugs, the inept handling of which can leave you without cilia and eyelid burns. It is terrible to even imagine what will happen if you drip the curl on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Therefore, the risk of self-carried out actions is not justified.

If you still did an unsuccessful perm to yourself and the result turned out to be unfortunate, in no case do not repeat the operation again. Give cilia a rest at least a week and grow back.

It is important to know

Knowing these key points, you can get the maximum result from this method:

  • The main thing in the process is precisely a certain amount of time spent on the eyelashes.
  • For further care, you can use special balms.
  • You can not perform the process during pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormones.
  • It is possible to paint cilia with paint or permanent ink only after 4 days.
  • Regular mascara can be used an hour after the procedure.

Video: Eyelash Curler Procedure

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