Pearl barley diet alternative to buckwheat

use of cereal for the figure

Pearl barley diet is considered to be an analogue of the popular weight loss on buckwheat, being essentially a rigid mono-diet. The result of such a loss can be a loss of up to 5 kilograms in 5 days. If you are interested in how to lose weight on pearl barley correctly, read our article. We will tell you how barley porridge is prepared, how such a diet affects the body and how you can diversify the menu.

The use of barley for figure

Perlovka got its name not in vain, - since the time of Peter the First, this porridge was considered "pearl table". Grains resembling freshwater pearls have a valuable composition that favorably affects the shape and the organism as a whole:

  • Calcium and iron in its composition are needed for the full functioning of the body.
  • Phosphorus, which is 2 times more in pearl barley than the others, will accelerate metabolic processes.
  • Vitamin E, lysine and selenium will give beauty and health to women's skin.
  • A large amount of fiber will ensure the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Vitamins of group B will give the body enough energy for physical activity, which will accelerate the process of losing weight.
  • Vitamin PP will lower cholesterol.

useful properties of barley

Perlovka has a high energy value, the caloric content of 100 g of cereals is about 320 kcal, but it is absorbed slowly by the body. Therefore, having breakfast with barley porridge, you will not feel hunger for a long time.

Barley diet and its essence

Since this cereal has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, barley slimming diet will not only help you lose extra pounds, but also give you a feeling of lightness, adjust digestion. Nutritionists advise against sticking to this mono diet for more than 5 days and not repeating it more than once every 3 months.

Barley porridge is a complex carbohydrate, its glycemic index is very low, about 25. For comparison, the glycemic index of sugar is 100. The lower the glycemic index of the product, the slower the blood sugar level rises after it is consumed. It will be enough for you to eat a small portion of porridge to feel the saturation, and energy will be consumed correctly. The menu, you guessed it, consists of porridge, cooked according to a special technology.

Recipe for porridge for barley diet

Prepared barley porridge for weight loss elementary. Step-by-step instruction of the cooking process is as follows:

  1. In the evening on the eve of the diet, take half a glass of pearl barley and pour it into a container.
  2. Pour the grains with 2.5 cups of clean water and leave until morning.
  3. In the morning, drain the water, pour the swollen grains into the pan, in which your pearl barley will be cooked for weight loss. Grains will increase in size by about 5 times.
  4. Pour the cereal 2 cups of clean water and send to fire.
  5. Boil grub need about half an hour on low heat.
  6. After that, set aside the pan for 20 minutes, covering it with a towel, so the pap will reach the correct condition.
  7. Do not add salt and other spices. Butter or vegetable oil is also prohibited.

grub plate

That's all, the diet on the barley can begin! You can eat porridge during the day as much as you want. As such, there are no limitations in portions. But remember that the goal is to lose weight, so eliminate overeating and the results of the barley diet will pleasantly surprise you.

General recommendations for pearl barley

If your choice is a pearl barley diet for weight loss, follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain the body's water balance. Set a daily minimum of 2 liters of pure water without gas.
  • So that when you lose extra pounds your body looks fit, set aside at least 10 minutes in the morning to charge.
  • Eliminate sugar from the diet, even in tea or coffee, which are allowed on this mono diet.
  • Do not exceed the maximum allowable weight loss period of 5 days.
  • Get out of the diet smoothly, adding foods gradually.

maintaining water balance

The effectiveness of barley monodiets

According to nutritionists, the weight loss process looks like this: in the first couple of days "plummet" will be impressive. Reviews say about an average loss of about 700 grams - 1 kilogram in the first 2-3 days. This happens due to the release of excess fluid and cleaning the intestines. The following days, weight loss will be less, will reach up to 500 g. So, for the entire period of weight loss, the diet on pearl barley "will take" you have about 5 extra pounds. These are the results of the barley diet!

How to supplement the menu?

If you feel that you can not stand such a strict mono-diet, but not off "to sit" a few days on pearl barley, you can step back a little from this hard diet. There are several options for expanding the menu:

  • Pearl and vegetable version. Kashka is cooked in the same way, but in addition to it you can eat fresh vegetables, preferably pepper, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce.
  • Pearl kefir variation. If you like dairy products, you can add kefir to the diet, but not more than a liter per day.
  • If you are not a supporter of mono-diet and quick weight loss, you can develop a balanced menu for 7 days on the basis of barley, including boiled meat, vegetables and fruits, hard cheese, yogurt without filling, boiled chicken eggs in addition to it. But if in a mono diet the amount of food eaten is not limited, then here you need to calculate the total caloric content of the diet, which should not exceed 1000 kcal.

whole grains and a dish with vegetables

Barley diet is very effective and this is confirmed by all who sat on it. This grain is very cheap, its cost is about 30 rubles per kilogram, which is quite enough for all 5 days. She has one minus: barley porridge when losing weight is very boring and it will be difficult for many to observe such a diet. And how do you like this technique? Leave your feedback at the end of the article.

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