Paraffin therapy - the secret of beautiful hands of modern

Paraffin therapy

The desire to look younger, probably laid in every woman is still at the gene level. True, when we are 20, when the skin is tender and elastic, few of us bother with anti-aging procedures. Closer to 30, we begin to carefully care for your face:

  • at home - expensive creams, tonics, masks,
  • in the cabin - cleansing, peels, massages.

Seeing in the mirror "unfamiliar" wrinkle - go to the salon for the help of a specialist. That's just the hands often sit with us "on a food ration": put cream on the night - it seems to us that we have done everything necessary and possible!

We pay attention to them when the skin becomes dry and lifeless, becomes covered with a net of cracks and wrinkles, and the nails begin to break and peel off. This is where we recall that:

  • work in the house and garden - clean the apartment, clean the plumbing, wash the dishes, plant flowers - need to wear gloves;
  • "temper" hands sharp temperature changes - is harmful.

You can not ignore these rules and care for hands from time to time. Otherwise, sooner or later, they "revenge" to us for negligence in relation to ourselves: our true age will be given away headlong, and even they will add to it a couple of years. But our faithful helpers do not require much time and care from us.

Today we will talk about paraffin therapy. This is a medical procedure that will return to your hands a soft and immaculately well-groomed appearance.

What is useful paraffin

First, a few words about the essence of this procedure.

Cosmetic paraffin, heated to 52-54 degrees, envelops the hands with an impenetrable film. The temperature inside the paraffin embrace rises by 2-3 degrees, the pores under the influence of heat open up, the blood flow increases, the release of sweat and toxins are stimulated.

Hands in paraffin mittens are 15-20 minutes. During this time, the paraffin cools, the pores are narrowed, the skin under the influence of a steam bath is moistened and saturated with beneficial substances added to the paraffin wax.

Already the first procedure will have a beneficial effect on your hands: they will become younger and softer, swelling will disappear and fine wrinkles will smooth out.

To consolidate this effect, it is advisable to make paraffin baths once a week for a month.

useful procedure

Your hands literally prettier before your eyes, because paraffin baths:

  • Soften and remove dead cells - the regeneration mechanism starts and the skin rejuvenates.
  • They heat the epidermis and stimulate the outflow of excess fluid - the skin becomes moisturized and velvety.
  • They remove slags and toxins - the skin is cleared, dark spots disappear, the tone is evened out.
  • Enhance blood flow - the skin becomes elastic and resilient.

film removal

Beneficial effect of paraffin and nails:

  • Dry and exfoliated nails paraffin moisturize and nourish nutrients, make them strong and healthy.
  • Thinned and weakened nails after removing the gel coating or acrylic manicure will restore vibrant shine and beauty.

Paraffin winter

In winter, when the skin on the hands especially suffers from sudden changes in temperature, cold wind and lack of vitamins, hot paraffin therapy is more than necessary.

It, like no other procedure, easily copes with the dryness and lifelessness of the dermis, moisturizes it, heals small cracks, removes peeling and redness.

In the winter cold, the pleasure that paraffin therapy delivers comes to the fore. Imagine how pleasant it is to put your frozen hands in soft melted paraffin, feel how it penetrates warmly into the very tips of your fingers, and then spreads like a warm wave all over your body. Baths relieve fatigue and joint pain.

winter care

When paraffin therapy is contraindicated

If you have:

  • Allergy to paraffin.
  • Damage to the skin - cuts, ulcers, burns.
  • Skin diseases - dermatitis, psoriasis, fungus, rash, purulent inflammation.
  • Neoplasms - papillomas, warts.
  • Severe forms of asthma, diabetes, hypertension.
  • Hemophilia, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Cold paraffin therapy

The use of cold paraffin has very few contraindications, and he has no less merits than hot. He is also active:

  • heals wounds,
  • moisturizes and softens the skin and cuticle,
  • heals nails,
  • relieves swelling and fatigue.

The undoubted advantage of cold paraffin therapy is the simplicity of the procedure.

cold paraffin therapy

You need a minimum of time and effort: simply apply paraffin cream with a brush or cosmetic spatula to clean hands. Cold paraffin is immediately ready for use: it does not imply preliminary preparation and contains all the vitamins, essential oils and other supplements useful for the skin.

Polyethylene gloves and cloth mittens or towels will help enhance the effect. The duration of the procedure is only 15-20 minutes. The result is a soft moisturized skin for a whole week!

towels and bags

Particularly relevant is cold paraffin in the heat. Immersing in warm paraffin jelly is completely uncomfortable, and cold paraffin affects the skin refreshingly and favorably.

Paraffin therapy at home and in the salon

Arrange your hands "paraffin holiday" can and at home. It is a bit troublesome, but not difficult. You need:

  1. Prepare a paraffin wax heating container, paraffin wax itself (cosmetic!), Polyethylene gloves, cloth mittens or terry towels to keep warm, a scrub, cream or hand oil.
  2. To purchase several useful additives to enhance the effect of the procedure - plant extracts, essential oils, natural flavors, vitamin complexes.
  3. Clearly follow the procedure of the procedure.
  4. At the end - all put in their places.

A couple of times will have to look in the cheat sheet to do everything right.

salon and home procedures

Subsequently, you can pamper your hands with paraffin baths and at the same time watch your favorite series or read a book.

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