Nude makeup or makeup without makeup

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Natural makeup or makeup in the style of nude ( "nude"- from English nude), again broke into the life of modern beauties. Almost imperceptible, but at the same time emphasizing all the beauty of the female face nude look, has become an indispensable part of both day and evening image. Many girls, having heard about the resurrection of the naked make-up, sighed with relief, thinking that now they will not spend much time on make-up, but they are deeply mistaken. It is not at all easy to make such natural makeup. Why so, you ask ?! This is explained by quite simple things, any make-up was created in order to emphasize all the advantages and of course to mask the shortcomings, and natural makeup was created precisely for these 2 archival purposes.

girls nude with berry lips

Natural or natural makeup does not have any bright accents, and your face should shine with naturalness. Some makeup artists call makeup nude, "makeup without makeup", it is, but others do not notice it, and creating such a flawless illusion is not an easy task.

Before you make a natural makeup nude, your skin should shine with health and not have any flaws !! Before you dive into the nude look, make sure that your skin is in immaculate condition.

The perfect skin of the face, how to achieve it?

  • Eating properly, including in your diet fruits, vegetables, cereals, you will never know what pimples are, rashes, peeling of the skin;
  • Healthy sound sleep will help you to avoid the appearance of ugly dark circles under the eyes, as well as bags of accumulated fatigue;
  • Walking in the open air will help you become the owner of a fresh and healthy skin tone;
  • Even if you are dead tired during the day and madly want to sleep, do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed. It is better if you develop the habit of washing off all cosmetics after returning home from work or school;
  • In the morning and in the evening, always apply a cream with the necessary care, suitable for your skin type;
  • Once a week, be sure to carry out facial peeling, and then a skin moisturizing session.

perfect skin on the face

Master the technique of creating nude look

If you set the task "how to make natural makeup"then our step-by-step Nyud makeup technique will help you to solve it easily.

Perfect Makeup Tone

apply cc cream

Before you make a natural makeup, you need to give a perfect tone to your skin.

  1. Apply concealer to those parts of the skin that need to be adjusted with a brush.
  2. Then proceed to applying the tonal framework, the main thing that it was not dense, you create a natural makeup! To create a tone it is better to use BB or CC cream, these creams combine 2 things in themselves; this is skin care and masking of flaws. The texture of such creams lighter, rather than the usual foundation.
  3. If you want to give radiance to the skin, apply a liquid highlighter with shimmering particles on the cheekbones.

Eyebrows in nude make-up

flawless brow line

  • The shape of the eyebrows should be perfect; you can adjust the shape with good tweezers.
  • As for the color, the girls, who by nature have dark hair should not tint eyebrows, but leave as they are.
  • Girls with faded edges should give a little color, for this you can use a special pencil or shadow, a little darker than the natural hair color (about 1 tone).

Nyud Eye Makeup

how to paint eyelashes for nude make-up

  • You can make a make-up in shades of brown, beige, use sand, cream colored shades, but remember, they should not contain pearl, sparkles and other shimmering and iridescent particles.
  • Make-up in pink tones will be no less harmonious, shades of peach, delicate pink color will suit for it, just do not forget about the haze of shadows, no sparkles.
  • If you choose to make-up using shadows, then the maximum that you can allow is 2 shades of different color, the rest will be superfluous.
  • Naturally, the best will be a completely natural eye makeup, in which the focus is only on the eyelashes, only that will completely reflect the concept of makeup in the style of nude. Mascara applied to a maximum of 2 layers and only on the upper lashes.
  • On a pencil or eyeliner in the nude make-up can not be considered.

Nude lip makeup

applying lipstick on lips

To create a natural lip makeup you need lipstick in soothing natural tones.

  • For example, suitable lipstick berry, beige, soft pink, wine tint.
  • You can also pick up lipstick to match the color of your lips, or completely abandon this make-up and use a transparent shine or balm.
  • In a natural lip makeup, as well as in the eye makeup, there should not be sparkles and other luminous patches.
  • Another couple of nuances in the make-up of the lips, using colored lipstick, apply it in one layer, and then blend with the fingertips, making the coating more gentle and natural. The second is to never apply lip contour !!

Apply powder and blush

applying blush on cheekbones

Since we have inconspicuous makeup, it should not have bright spots and not natural skin color. Apply blush and powder with caution.

  • Powder we choose in the tone of the tonal basis, but if you put a lot of powder, then carefully blend it.
  • As for blush, it is better to apply them on powder, and not on tonal basis, so you will avoid sticking of blush with tonal cream. Girls with cool skin color are suitable for blush in delicate pink or peach colors, dark-skinned beauties for blush in darker colors, for example beige or bronze. There are some more interesting nuances in applying blush, girls with skinny faces can afford blush with shimmering particles, and a girl with a plump face is better to use matte blush in order not to make her face more full. Blush is applied with a light layer, and then slightly powdered.

step-by-step technique for make-up nude

Natural makeup for different eyes colors

Green-eyed girls

make-up nude for the green-eyed

  • Natural makeup for green eyes should reflect the beauty of this magical shade, so choose a make-up in shades of brown.
  • Some makeup artists say that makeup in pink will look no less attractive, but green-eyed beauties should be careful with this color.
  • The best option for make-up for green eyes will be make-up, where shadows are not used, only beauty of eyebrows and some mascara on eyelashes are used.
  • With regards to the tonal framework and rouge, then follow the rules that were described above and of course adapt them to your skin tone.
  • The lips in the makeup should be gentle, use lipstick in the color of your lips or wine-berry, but do not forget about feathering.

Blue eyed girls

make-up nude for blue-eyed

  • Natural makeup for blue eyes requires more careful adjustment of the skin around the eyes. This is necessary because the owners of blue eyes often have dark circles under their eyes.
  • Just remember that masking in a natural make-up should be more natural, do not overdo it using the corrector.
  • For blue eyes in makeup, nude does not require the application of eye shadows, by nature blue eyes are quite expressive, therefore stick to the concept, use only mascara.
  • Blush for natural makeup should be light and delicate shades, such as peach.
  • Use of lipstick is not suitable for blue eyes, use gloss or a soft, colorless balm.
  • If you have dark hair and dark eyebrows, then you should not tint them; if you are blonde, use an eyebrow pencil a tone darker than your hair color.

how to create make-up nude

Gray-eyed girls

make-up nude for gray-eyed

Natural makeup for gray eyes repeats all the recommendations for both green and blue eyes. You will ask why? The answer is simple, gray eyes are inherently chameleons, they can change color depending on lighting, mood and other factors, so feel free to resort to techniques that are suitable for green-eyed girls and owners of blue eyes.

Brown-eyed girls

Natural makeup for brown eyes is considered one of the easiest, it uses a minimum of cosmetics.

make-up nude for brown-eyed

  • Owners of brown eyes in their type are very bright natures, so they better refrain from using shadows, especially girls with dark skin.
  • Dark-skinned beauties need to find a light tone for the skin, black mascara and blush to match the complexion.
  • Owners of brown eyes and fair skin can sometimes move away from the restrictions and allow yourself a makeup in pink or brown, but again, be careful not to overdo it with color. Adhere to the standards of natural makeup and be irresistible!
  • For brown eyes, lipstick will be a little bit darker than the natural color of the lips or wine tint and naturally shading, we must not forget about it.
  • Don't forget about eyebrows, as this is one of the key accents in nude look.

nude look gamma to create

Now you know what "makeup without makeup", mastered all the nuances of how to make a beautiful makeup with a minimum set of cosmetics. Believe me, girls, nude look will be your favorite addition to any image, whether you go on a date, work or the beach, with such makeup your look will be perfect, fresh and fashionable at the same time.

Creating this inconspicuous makeup, remember the sense of proportion, because it is very important. Also approach your visage work with a share of criticism, objectively evaluate your "art". To make it easier to create, provide yourself with good lighting and a professional set of cosmetics. After reading this article, you realized that your questions about how to be beautiful without cosmetics or how to become beautiful without cosmetics were a bit incorrect. Such options are feasible only on mannequins, which have impeccable appearance. And to feel beautiful "as if without makeup" and nude makeup was created!

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