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Gold Paint Can Spray

Nail polish spray is one of the most awaited new products in the cosmetic industry. It would seem that there are so many beauty salons for every taste and wallet that there is no need to do a manicure at home. In reality, every girl dreams independently "do yourself" neat marigolds: it is convenient and budget, but to make up your nails smoothly and without strains is a whole art. Until recently, those who could not boast of sufficient skill, for a neat manicure had to use the usual clear varnish.

With the advent of new items, fashionistas and beauty editors have already dubbed spray nail polish the most revolutionary discovery in the field of nail service. Meanwhile, reviews of real users of this novelty are not so rosy: the means have both pluses and minuses. Therefore, it is worth weighing all the pros and cons, and only then draw a conclusion about the need to purchase this product to itself.

Paintcan and Mefapo

The first and only Paint Can from Nailsinc

So, at the moment there is an opportunity to test only a paintcan spray paintcan from the English manufacturer “Nailsinc”, but it is possible that its cheaper Chinese counterparts will appear in the near future. Perhaps there is already a Chinese counterpart of Paintkan - Mefapo or China Glaze Nail Spray.

You can buy Paintkan only on the official website, the price of a lacquer spray is 10 pounds sterling (about 730 rubles), plus the cost of the top and base necessary to make a manicure lacquer spray - 8 pounds sterling, in total - a little more than 1300 rubles. In general, this is the average price of any quality beauty product, but a waste and excessive waste of money, if we are talking only about one-time entertainment. What are the advantages of new items are marked by women of fashion who have tried to make a manicure spray spray?

China Glaze Nail Spray

Coverage uniformity

Every woman knows how difficult it is to make up her own nails gently and without divorce, without having the knack: it can take more than half an hour, and there is no guarantee that you will not have to wash and apply varnish several times. In this regard, spray is a very convenient invention that allows you to quickly and evenly apply a coating.

Platinum and purple

Drying speed

Due to the lighter texture, nailsinc varnish dries almost instantly than usual varnishes could not boast even in the luxury market segment. However, for the evenness of the coating, you need to act in stages: first apply the base, then spray, wait a couple of minutes, as the instructions say, and then fix the result with the top coating (top). The same steps are performed step by step and when applying the usual varnish, only the drying of each layer takes much more time. When using lacquer spray, the entire process from applying the base to washing off the excess under running water takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

Spray nail polish


Thanks to the supple nozzle, the tool is sprayed in a very small amount, and it will suffice for a long time, compared to ordinary varnish, which has to be applied in 2-3 layers.


“Moon” shades of lacquer spray can be used by fans of the creative style-metallic. This effect is achieved through tiny reflective pigments, or, more simply, the smallest sparkles. According to reviews on the Internet, both shades of the product - pink and silver - have a pleasant metallic sheen, due to which the “candy” colors do not look as such, but look stylishly and nobly on the nails.

It is worth noting that recently an analogue of the brand - “Professional Spray” appeared on the market. His palette of shades is wider, it also includes a colorless varnish spray, but no product reviews have so far been found, therefore, it is premature to recommend or criticize the brand.

Different brands and manufacturers

Cons New

But the shortcomings of the new product also cannot be ignored, especially since they are quite weighty:

  • Strong smell.
  • Women of fashion who have tested varnish spray, recommend spraying it, wearing a medical mask.
  • Lack of care components.

Many have become accustomed to the fact that all modern color cosmetics in varying degrees, contains nourishing oils or have caring properties. In this case, the manufacturer relies on an innovative approach to the manicure process itself: regardless of the experience of applying the coating, it will be uniform in a matter of seconds.

metallic nail art

Short-term persistence

Despite the fact that many reviews report that the lacquer spray lasted for a week on the nails, this information raises great doubts: even gel polish, despite the fact that it dries under a special lamp, is on average enough for two weeks . The durability of ordinary varnish does not exceed 4–5 days in the case of using rubber gloves to do domestic work.

Nailsinc Kit

But in this case and for such a period it is hardly worth counting: real (and not advertising) consumer reviews suggest that this option of nail art is acceptable in the case of a short-term appearance “into the light”, since after 3-5 hours the coating does not start just crumble, and get off the nail with a whole cloth. To prolong the life of such a manicure can fixer good brand. In this case, the application scheme will be as follows:

  1. first base
  2. then - color spray,
  3. after - top cover (all from the set),
  4. wait for about 10 minutes, rinse with water, and then apply a fixative. In this case, you can count on the fact that the manicure will last on nails for about 3-4 days, but this will require financial costs for an additional tool.

Popular shades

So, the very idea of ​​varnish-spray seems convenient and attractive, requires minimal skills and time-consuming. However, it cannot be said that such an option of creating a nail design saves money, and is most likely suitable in case of emergency (there is absolutely no time to visit the salon, etc.) of a short-term publication, as well as to those who are interested in nail-art. If you have used this tool and you have something to say about this, then we are waiting for your comments under the article!

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