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In the world there are a huge number of various techniques and massage techniques. One of the most popular and unusual is stone massage or stone therapy. It would seem nothing special: flat, flat stones are placed on the back or stomach and wait for it to work, but this is only at first glance.

What is stone therapy ?!

Hot stone massage has a long history, which began in Ancient Egypt, and was also actively used in the East and among Native Americans: the latter independently conducted sessions to cleanse the body and soul before rituals.

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Stones for massage come in 2 types:

  • Basalt: used for heat exposure. He actively absorbs heat and does not let go of it, allowing the masseur to hold a session. "hot stones".
  • Marble: on the contrary, does not heat up at all. It helps to hold a contrast effect on the body.

Stone therapy exists in several forms:

  • Contrasting: alternating hot and cold pebbles (+50 and +20 degrees), you can relax, calm down, get rid of stress;
  • Modeling: in this version, the massage with thermo-stones becomes richer. The temperature of the first rises to +60 degrees, the second - drops to -10 degrees. Stone therapy helps to improve the shape and get rid of extra pounds;
  • Thai: this is a special technique that can only be carried out by specialists. It combines Ayurveda medicine in itself, ancient Chinese finds and yoga philosophy.

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The advantages of stone therapy

One of the main advantages that stone therapy has is the combination of heat and energy emanating from a pebble. Many people know that a large amount of energy is concentrated in stones, which they share with a person. Massaging with hot stones allows you to relax your body and fill it with energy at home or in the salon. Stone massage allows you to gradually solve the following problems:

  • Speed ​​up the metabolism, rejuvenate the body;
  • To warm the muscles, acting on them deep into, remove muscle pain and tightness;
  • Strengthen blood flow, dilate blood vessels, normalize blood pressure;
  • Soothe the nerves, relax;
  • Heal migraines, eliminate insomnia;
  • As with any massage, it has a cumulative effect: you need to spend several sessions to feel the result. On average, the effect of the session lasts for several days.



Massaging with thermo-stones has some contraindications, in the presence of which it is necessary to consult a doctor:

  • Period of menstruation;
  • Diabetes;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Malignant tumors.

Conducting stone massaging step by step in the cabin

  1. A session begins with a pebble heated to a certain temperature. To do this, use a special stove or hot water. After heating, they are pulled out and laid out on a towel so that they cool down. Stones for stone massage should not burn the skin, just nice to warm it.
  2. Then they are smeared with massage oil and laid out on the back of the patient lying on his stomach, large stones are placed on the feet and in the palm. You can lubricate the skin itself with oil and after-laying stones.
  3. As in many types of massage, the scheme of this option begins with the feet and goes up to the knees, hips, back and arms along the main massage lines. You need to carry out quickly enough to not burn the skin, but at the same time as the stones cool down, it is necessary to heat it again.
  4. After the body warms up, it is the turn of cold pebbles, which help to tone the body, invigorate and fill with energy.
  5. At the end, the masseur lays out his "assistants" on active points and leaves for some time. Massage with stones is best 2 times a week. This will help the body to get used faster and give an optimal result.

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Stone therapy step by step at home

For those who do not want to spend extra money, home option is possible. The main thing - to do everything step by step, as stated in the instructions.

  1. First you need to find the tools. When choosing stones for stone therapy, stop on flat river stones, smooth, without sharp corners, pleasant to the touch, or purchase a specialized set.
  2. Dip them in hot water for 5 minutes, then put on a towel so they dry and cool. Instead of water, you can use the oven, heated to a minimum temperature. During this time it is necessary to prepare the skin and take a shower.
  3. To check whether the stones are ready for the session, you need to gently press them to the neck. There, the skin is quite tender, and you will immediately feel if you can withstand massaging.
  4. Apply oil to the skin and start massaging the zones, sometimes changing the pebbles to hotter ones.

You can leave stones for a few minutes at some points:

  1. On a sore spot, if there are problems with muscles or joints;
  2. Along the spine or on either side of it to relieve tension;
  3. On the back, on the back of the head;
  4. On the back of the knees, on the legs, on the ankles and between the toes;
  5. In the center of the forehead.
  6. When you feel that the pebbles have begun to cool and lose heat, change them in places with cold ones. This will produce a contrast shower effect.

If there is not much time, but you want to calm down, you can use the following options for easy massaging:

  1. Take a few small pebbles, squeeze them with your palms and roll clockwise for 10-20 minutes. Exposure to biological points on the palms will help to cheer up, relax, calm down. In addition, you will have a few seconds to think about everything.
  2. Put a few medium-sized pebbles on a flat floor and walk around them barefoot. Foot massage will have the same effect as on the palm.

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Conclusion about stone therapy

Stone therapy is not just lying motionless, feeling stones being crushed on your back, this is real art, which has been around for several centuries. Thanks to the smooth movements and heat, you can relax, improve your health and even lose some weight by increasing the metabolism. You can finish the session with a cup of green tea.

Video: Stone therapy - an educational master class on stone massage

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