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What you wear to decide, bought shoes, do not forget about the hair, waterproof mascara in case of touching moments in store, it remains to decide which manicure to do on the last call and your image can be considered complete! If you are in search of ideas for current nail design for the main school holiday in May, this article will tell you what should be the manicure on the ruler and how to execute it. Your pens will surely attract the enthusiastic views of your classmates and will delight the teachers.

What should be the nail design for the last call?

If in the make-up for the last call there are certain taboos, then in manicure you can afford some liberties. Of course, bright red lacquer can cause resentment among your teachers, although it looks quite stylish and relevant this season. Therefore, there are still some subtleties that you should know so that your manicure on the ruler is flawless:

  • Avoid too long nails and unusual shapes. This is no longer fashionable, and it looks not quite appropriate on the hands of a young girl.
  • If you think to build up your nails or varnish your own nails, choose the second option. Extended nails are losing ground this year. Stylists recommend to be natural in everything and a manicure for the last bell is no exception.
  • Do not choose too bright flashy colors. Prefer calm shades.
  • In the nail design for the line in 2015 glitter, rhinestones and beads are appropriate, but do not overdo it! Let them be a minimum, for example, you can decorate 1 or 2 marigold with small decorative elements.
  • Leave too bold designs for prom night. There you will be able to choose a freer design for the evening party along with more active colors.

black flowers on white background

Remember that the manicure on the ruler should be a complement, the final touch in your image, but not to attract all the attention and cause discussion of others.

Doing a manicure on the line with your own hands

Before you begin to select the design of the nails, you need to bring the handles in order. After all, on the unkempt nails of different lengths and shapes, even the most fantastic design will look ridiculous. It is not necessary to turn to a professional at all; you will completely cope with this procedure at home. The following step-by-step instruction will help you to do your own manicure correctly:

  1. If the old nail polish remains on the nails, it should be removed with nail polish remover.
  2. Wash handles well, brush your nails with a brush, you can use a scrub. Dry your hands dry.
  3. If your nails are too long, cut them with nippers or scissors.
  4. With a nail file, give the nails the same shape. Sawing nails is necessary at this stage, after you steam them, they will become soft and smooth edge will not work.
  5. Prepare a bath with warm water. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil or sea salt to the water. If you want to whiten your nails a little, you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Hold the handles for 5-7 minutes in water.
  6. Apply a special tool to the cuticle to soften it or use tea tree oil. Wait a couple of minutes for the remedy to work. Orange stick is a tool that should be in the arsenal of every girl. We do not recommend you to perform a cropped manicure, as there is always a risk of cutting yourself. The best option for schoolgirls is to push the cuticle with a wooden stick.
  7. You can put on the cuticle a special tool that slows its growth. Then the next time you have to repeat the procedure is not so soon.

sawing nails

That's all! You can proceed to the selection of design. To create a complete image by choosing a good and fashionable manicure for the last call, the following ideas will help you.

Current and low-key nude

Choosing a nude manicure on the line, you decide two questions at once: you will be the most fashionable, because nude keeps leadership in nail trends and what is important, no one will say that you have no taste and the design is chosen incorrectly. For this nail design you will need a flesh-colored nail polish. If you thought that such nail art would look dull or monotonous, it means you have not had to choose a beige varnish! The variety of shades of this color is so great that you will most likely find it difficult to choose one: the color of baked milk, the color of vanilla souffle, the shade of a milkshake, creamy or pearl white, the color of coffee with milk, and maybe a latte?

Eva Mendez

You can choose a shade, guided by your own taste and preferences. Stylists also recommend choosing a lacquer according to this scheme: if you have fair skin, the shade of the coating should be 1–2 tones lighter, and if the skin is darker a couple of tones. The shade is selected, you can begin to design nails for the last school call:

  1. Cover the nails with a beige lacquer, and in order to make the manicure not so boring, you can use a stamping procedure, printing a white pattern on all or some of the plates. On the skin of a white pattern will look feminine and unobtrusive.
  2. You can use the current technique of mixed textures. After drying, apply a layer of glitter or confetti on 2-3 nails in a chaotic manner, and leave the remaining nails beige. You can glitter the whole plate or just the tip. You can use a tight shimmer or cover some marigolds with a beige flock. You can easily find a variety of texture coatings in cosmetic stores.
  3. Rhinestones, stones, beads - this decor in the minimum number, for example, only on the ring finger, will make an inconspicuous manicure of the student in the Nud style interesting and fairly festive.

matte beige lacquer

New life boring french

French manicure is a classic, but we leave it to show off at the hands of adult women. We also need to cause delight classmates and surprise classmates! The most stylish schoolgirls choose an unusual approach performed by french.

color dots jacket

Point french

  1. Apply a pastel shade on nails, for example, light gray or pale lemon.
  2. Now you need dots- is a special tool that makes it easy to draw perfect points. If this is not at hand, you can use the ballpoint pen, which no longer writes. Each student of senior or junior classes there is such.
  3. Take a dark brown or blue lacquer and dots fill the free edge of the nail. From a distance it will seem that you have a traditional french-jacket on your arms, and having examined it more closely, the desired result will be achieved - the surprise of the girlfriends is guaranteed!

point jacket

Moon jacket "White Collars"

What kind of technique lunar jacket, probably already know everything. If you have not heard about it yet, know that this is the so-called “flipped jacket”. Unlike the traditional jacket, the second shade of lacquer does not cover the tip of the nail, but the moon (the area near the cuticle). Creating an unusual design is easy:

  1. The stencil should be applied to the moon, and the open part of the nail covered with black lacquer.
  2. When it dries, paint a collar imitation with white lacquer and a fine brush.
  3. Draw a line from the thin points in the center of the "suit", like buttons.
  4. Cover with a layer of clear varnish.

white collar design

Such a design can not go unnoticed by the hands of a high school student!

Manicure for the youngest students in the line

Who said that elementary school students can not pick up a nail design for the last call? The youngest students, like high school students, want to be real beauties. To make a manicure on the line for young schoolgirls, there are several tips:

  • Manicure for primary school students should be natural. Under the ban, all color coatings remain, but they are not needed by young beauties.
  • Choose clear lacquers, light beige shades or light nacre coatings.
  • To perform a natural manicure, it is enough to apply a biowax on the nail plate, which will give it a beautiful shine and protect it from the effects of harmful environmental factors.

pretty girl

Remember that a manicure should complement your image, become a harmonious continuation of clothes and hair on the last call. These ideas will help you to be a real beauty on a school holiday in May.

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