Manicure for september 1

gentle nail art

Perhaps someone will say that manicure for September 1 is a manifestation of excessive concern for their own appearance and that young schoolgirls should not think about such issues. And we say: "No matter how old the fair sex is, she must have well-groomed handles and tidy marigolds". Just a manicure should be appropriate, and the colors of the coatings should be properly selected. Moreover, the sense of style and good taste originates from a young age. If you have not yet decided what manicure to do on September 1, our step-by-step lessons and photo ideas will help you to complement the image with beautiful nails.

What should be a manicure on September 1?

You probably yourself know the answer to this question: a manicure for September 1 should be restrained and accurate:

  • Coating colors should be calm and low-key.
  • Active shades such as red, blue, purple, black are not allowed.
  • It is better to give preference to light, nude and mother-of-pearl shades.
  • Try to avoid complex patterns and all sorts of decorative nail coatings and materials like fimo, stones, rhinestones.
  • The maximum that can be used is silver or golden glitter, but they should not cover all the marigolds, but can only make an unobtrusive accent, covering them with one of the fingers.

nail design for school girls

Remember that during the holidays the teacher will miss you a lot and will carefully consider your appearance. Why give them extra reason to worry? Moreover, and calm shades of coatings can make a beautiful manicure on September 1.

Manicure ideas for September 1

When we think of a manicure for the school line, the bulb lights up immediately: "I have an idea! French!" But the French manicure is not the only successful solution for a school holiday. Undoubtedly, such a manicure will be correct, it is neat and natural. But today, nail art techniques are so diverse that the jacket can be left for school everyday.

pink marigolds

You can adopt the following manicure ideas for September 1:

  • Lunar french Such a manicure on September 1 for short nails will look great. You will not retreat far from the classics, but you will not look banal. For its execution, take a white and pale pink or sand shade of varnish. Paint the nail hole with white color, and fill the rest with a second shade, in the end cover the nails with a finishing coat.
  • Shellac. Applying a long-term coverage on the nails, you will get not only a perfect manicure, but also a 2-week result that does not require adjustment. Having chosen shellac, give preference to delicate caramel, peach, pink, coffee or creamy shades. Only calm, pastel colors. If you think it is too simple, it is not. But you need to carefully approach the choice of color. Sometimes monochrome nail art attracts more enthusiastic looks than the most intricate design, and all because the color is beautiful! By the way, you can perform such a manicure on September 1 at home, you just need to buy a set for shellac and a special lamp.
  • If you are a high school student and you are building up marigolds, you can ask the master to make gradients on the nails in pastel shades. The same technique can be applied to natural marigolds, performing a stretch of color varnishes of light shades.
  • If your school does not have a strict dress code, you can use a combination of darker and lighter shades, make up each nail in a different color as in the photo below.

combination of different colors

All these ideas, of course, are relevant for schoolgirls after 14 years old - this is Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9 and up. If you are studying in lower grades, it will be enough with the help of a nail file to give the nails the same shape and cover them with a firming agent or wax for the nails.

We carry out manicure for September 1 independently

We have prepared for you 2 step-by-step lessons that you can repeat with your own hands. To create such a manicure on September 1 at home, it would be nice to have gel polishes, but you can also do well with ordinary coatings.

 Lesson 1: Delicate Lace

You can perform this manicure on September 1 for short nails, but for those who are building up this idea will also be relevant. Such a nail design looks so tender that it does not leave indifferent. "Highlight" design in a white line on the free edge, forming a triangle on the tip of the nail.

gentle french

Step by step instructions for creating nail art as follows:

  1. Apply a basecoat to the nails. If you use gel polishes, then the base under the gel polish and let it dry for a couple of minutes under the lamp.
  2. We cover the nails with a soft pink shade of varnish or gel polish. If you choose a long-term coating, dry it in a lamp for a couple of minutes.
  3. Take a white color and draw 2 lines converging in one point along the free edge.
  4. Getting started drawing. You will need a very fine brush or needle, in extreme cases a toothpick. Randomly draw thin lines on the index finger imitating the lace pattern.
  5. We are waiting until the white varnish dries out or if you are painting with gel varnish, dry it in a lamp.
  6. We finish the nail art with top coating.

design creation scheme

Lesson 2: Peach Gradient

To create a stretch of color on the nail can be without additional tools, simply using a brush coating. This manicure for September 1 can be performed in more subdued colors, especially if your school has strict rules regarding the appearance of students. You can use both gel polishes and conventional coatings. If you will create a manicure with long-term coatings, do not forget to dry each layer in the lamp.

peach gradient

The phased scheme is as follows:

  1. Cover the plate base.
  2. Apply on the nails pale pink lacquer, letting it dry.
  3. In the middle of the nail line draw a light peach varnish.
  4. Then from the side roller on the right side of the nail almost to the middle we apply a saturated peach shade.
  5. Again, take a light peach and put it on the left side to the center, mixing shades at the junction.
  6. Dry the nails and cover them with a top.

gradient creation instruction

We hope our instructions will make you irresistible on your school holiday. And the mood from a flawless manicure will remain good for the whole academic year.

Video: White manicure on September 1

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