Manicure for school

design in the form of a tetrad sheet

On the eve of September 1, the problem is becoming increasingly topical, what kind of manicure to get to school? At any age, girl, girl, woman tends to be attractive. For the integrity of the image, every element, detail of appearance, hands, hair and face should harmoniously complement each other. For schoolgirls questions of style are particularly relevant, because they are just trying to show their individuality. And if many schools establish a dress code in the selection of clothes, then you can show your awareness of fashion trends using a unique manicure.

School manicure: basic rules

Manicure for the school involves the presence of well-groomed, short nails, varnished with restrained colors. Such nail art can be easily created by yourself at home or you can turn to a beauty salon - the choice is yours. But what should be considered when performing a manicure for children, consider a phased scheme of the procedure.

pencil and eraser design

  1. If there is a nail polish on the nails, then it must be removed with a nail remover on a non-acetone basis.
  2. Prepare the bath for steaming hands. For moisturizing and nourishing delicate baby skin, it is recommended to add a few drops of essential oils of rose, jasmine or vanilla to the water. It would not be superfluous to use sea salt to strengthen the nail plate, saturating it with useful minerals and trace elements.
  3. With an orange stick, gently clean the marigolds by sliding the cuticle to the bottom of the plate. Be careful! The baby’s skin is very delicate, so any wrong movement can damage it.
  4. Apply a few drops of nourishing oil to the nail well to soften and give a well-groomed cuticle look.
  5. Manicure scissors or forceps cut the burrs around the nails, if such were formed.
  6. Saw the nails with a glass file. Do not cut nails under the base, so as not to deform the plate and not disrupt its natural growth. Leave a nail length of 2-3 mm.
  7. Treat your skin with a moisturizer. Make a small palm massage.
  8. Cover the nail plate with a strengthening agent with vitamins and calcium.

peach nail polish

Following such step-by-step instructions, it’s quite simple to make the pens of your schoolgirl well-groomed and ready for September 1st.

Further, nail design will depend entirely on your imagination, but since the school is an official educational institution, so that your manicure for the school does not become the reason for the comments from the teachers, it is worth considering some of the nuances:

  • nail length should not be more than 3 mm;
  • For nail design, use transparent, pastel, inconspicuous colors of varnishes.

Manicure ideas for schoolgirls

Manicure for teenagers to school is an important aspect of their self-expression; therefore, it is worthwhile to give preference to non-ordinary patterns, patterns, and unique design of nails. At the same time it is necessary to keep a balance so that the school manicure is not catchy and challenging. Consider several options for nail design.

Option 1. Transparent coating

Well-groomed marigolds will look great under a transparent coating that does not attract much attention from teachers. This nail art is perfect for girls of primary school age.

clear nail polish

Option 2. Manicure with sparkles

Dilute classic transparent manicure with decorative sparkles. It can be both dry mixes, and a standard varnish with spangles. There are a great variety of nail design options, sometimes allowing to create unique patterns on the nails.

manicure to school with sparkles

Option 3. Paste manicure

A manicure for a girl to school in pastel colors is a very serious question, the color palette of such nail art is quite extensive and allows you to choose a shade of lacquer suitable for both festive attire on September 1, and for everyday look.

manicure to school in pastel colors

Option 4. French manicure

Classic manicure on short nails will indicate the refined taste of your beauty. French manicure is a universal nail art that is suitable for any event. You can add a “zest” to the image with the help of decorative elements: beads, drawings, rhinestones, etc. Having executed the French manicure with spangles or color varnishes, you can give it an unusual and festive look.

cute french on nails

Option 5. Newspaper Nail Art

Newspaper manicure is an extraordinary option that is the best fit for a manicure in school. Newspaper prints, stave, letters and numbers - perfect for the subject of the event.

newspaper design

Option 6. Stamping nail art

Your manicure to school will allow you to create a unique design with your own hands using stemping. In this case, the artist does not need special skills to create complex drawings and apply colorful patterns.

stamping design

There are a lot of options for school nail art, so when choosing a suitable design, make sure that it blends in with the look you create, echoes the decorative elements of the attire.

Video: an idea for a school manicure

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