Makeup with an emphasis on the lower eyelid - a variety of

Emphasis on lower eyelid

Previously, the makeup of the lower eyelid was not in trend. It was believed that he only spoil the expressiveness of the look. Currently, there are new techniques of such make-up, which will help to create an individual memorable look. This process is a very serious matter, delicate and requiring competent shading. With proper and successful selection of colors for the eyes, makeup with an emphasis on the lower eyelid will look stylish and beautiful.

General principles of the lower eyelid makeup

Memorable image

  • Remember the first important point before bringing the lower eyelid: you need to paint in light colors and forget what a black pencil and dark eyeliner are. If you put a dark color on the bottom of the eye, it will make even the most beautiful, big eyes narrow, the look will become heavy, and the whole make-up will just spoil. It is better to use a purple or blue pencil, because their light ebb seems to "open" the eye, not make the eyes heavier, but on the contrary, will emphasize their depth (suitable for both light and brown eyes);
  • The second important rule that must be well remembered: feathering. On the eyelid below, the soft outlines of the shadows or pencil look very organic. In addition to shading, a smooth smoky ice will do, and then such an image will be the best find for you;

Makeup options

  • Be sure not to forget about waterproof textures, because the mucous is not very welcome "invasion" in its space. The tearfulness of the painted eye can begin, and then the entire make-up will simply acquire an unsightly look;
  • For the eyes, you can very well apply a white pencil right on the mucous membrane. With this procedure, you get the effect of "wide open" eyes. In addition to the delicate blue hue, you can use a dark gray, or soft brown pencil, which have a good shading. This option is also perfect for your face and will look very original and creative.

Instructions for making make-up with an emphasis on the lower eyelid

Fashion make-up

You will need:

  • Black eyeliner;
  • Shadows: dark green and bright green;
  • The basis is tonal;
  • Turquoise or green soft pencil;
  • Brushes for make-up;
  • Mascara;
  • Shadow palette natural brownish color.

Drawing scheme:

Initial stages

  • Align the skin tone of the face, paint the eyebrows;
  • For oily skin, we take a special “base” under the shade, using a waterproof liner. In this case, you will have the whole evening just a perfect look;
  • Let us highlight the inner corner with a fixed eyelid under the eyebrow. This makes light beige shadows or milky. If a girl has fair skin, a white tone is perfect for her;
  • Slightly blend the shadows, as if creating the outlines of a light haze;
  • From above we will make registration by a classical chocolate background. We begin to paint the outer corner with the darkest shadows;

Do feathering

  • We put a flat brush on the eye, and thus apply a dark brown color from cilia to the top fold, as if shading the arrow. Its beginning will be the inner iris of the eye, and the end will be the end of the outer corner, which intersects with the upper fold. The “tail” of this work of art should “look” at the temple;
  • We blend the end of the arrow, which we have just drawn, without forgetting to keep the shape. Add to the shade a light chocolate natural shade;
  • Apply mother-of-pearl natural outlines to the mobile eyelid in the inner corner between the light, and coming from the outside, brown;
  • The upper part is complemented by the classic - black arrow. First we draw a tail from the outer corner, then we repeat the direction of the brownish haze;

Draw an arrow

  • Black eyeliner will help to draw an arrow from the inner corner, which we will gradually expand from the pupil and connect with the “tail”;
  • Consider how to make up the lower eyelid. Let's shade it with a bright-green gamma and partially remove it under "tail" arrows;
  • To perform a smooth transition from the palette to the palette, apply dark green shadows from the eyelashes and blend to lime;

Final Stages

  • With the help of a green pencil we will paint over the mucous membrane of the eyelid, located below, and cover it with shades of bright green color. If you have a pencil of a suitable color, the shadow can not be applied;
  • Make up the eyelashes and get a classic make-up with a bright and attractive look.

Video: Instructions for applying makeup with an emphasis on the lower eyelid

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