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In the life of a modern woman, great importance is given to procedures for the care of their own appearance, including the application and removal of makeup. Everyone knows that with skillful use of cosmetics, you can significantly change the image, mask skin imperfections or face asymmetry, give expressiveness to the look, correct the oval, and so on. From an early age, girls master the ability with their own hands to bring the appearance to the most attractive appearance. Understanding the importance of makeup remodeling is also becoming more common. However, what makes makeup removers different is not everyone understands. At the same time, their diversity is becoming wider. This material will discuss the main types of compositions for removing cosmetics, as well as their fundamental differences from each other.

Many women mistakenly believe that the best makeup remover is regular toilet soap combined with water. In fact, the use of such a composition strongly dries the skin and does not allow you to completely clean it of waterproof components that underlie most modern cosmetics. In order to understand the difference between ordinary soap and special makeup cosmetics, sometimes it is enough to use the latter once. The condition of the skin, as well as the ease of removal of cosmetics clearly speak in favor of the purchase of makeup remover.

Means for removing cosmetics from the skin

Before you buy a makeup remover, you need to decide on several source data, which guarantees that it is right for you. Among the main selection criteria is to indicate your age, skin type, the presence of problems with its health, especially the climate in which you live and use cosmetics. Also important are the conditions in which the makeup is removed. For example, when performing a makeup removal procedure on a train, it is less convenient to use liquid products than to use makeup wipes. At the same time, in the conditions of an apartment or house, a wider range of means can be used, which makes the effectiveness of the procedure much higher. In addition, at home it is convenient to carry out an integrated approach to the procedure for the removal of cosmetics. All considered types of cosmetics removers, with the exception of home remedies, are present in the lines of each respected manufacturer: oriflame, avon, garnier, loreal, and so on.

Gel makeup remover

Gel makeup remover is used in combination with water, better filtered. It is one of the most frequent and popular at the moment. As a rule, the gel is packaged in small tubes or bottles with special dispensers. To the same category can be attributed to the foam and mousse to remove cosmetics from the skin. The difference between the gel and the foam and mousse is that the latter do not need to be foamed with your hands, it is enough just to squeeze it out of the bottle.

The main advantage of gel and mousse compositions should be called the speed and ease of use, as well as high quality skin cleaning. They are great for normal and oily skin types, as they not only remove makeup, but also remove excess sebum. At the same time, the disadvantage is poor compatibility with dry skin type, as it can cause over-drying effect, as well as burning and flaking. That is why cosmetologists recommend using moisturizing or nourishing creams after washing with gel or foam.

Bioterm gel

Using gels, foams and mousses, it is important to remember that not all of them are suitable for the skin of the eyelids, which are thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the skin of the face. That is why before using these devices you should carefully read the attached instructions. It should include appropriate recommendations and limitations. Here it will be written whether the means you have purchased to remove the waterproof makeup is suitable. All factory makeup remover, discussed below, does not involve the use of water. All you need to use them are cotton pads or paper towels.

Makeup Remover Milk

This type of cosmetic products has acquired its name because of the external similarity of dairy products used in food. Make-up remover milk is a little less popular than gel products, but the number of its fans is also large. Its advantage lies in the fact that its use does not need water, that is, the procedure for removing cosmetics can be done almost anywhere. In addition, makeup remover milk is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types. In the process of removing residues of decorative cosmetics, the skin is moistened and enriched with beneficial components.

Milk Garnier

Due to the rich content of fatty substances, milk can be considered as a means for removing eye makeup. It is also suitable for the care of mature and problem skin. However, it is still impossible to call the milk an ideal way to remove cosmetics: some women complain that after using it there is a feeling of pores pollution and skin breathing is difficult. Due to the abundance of fat on the skin there is a film that does not allow moisture and air to enter. You can cope with this nuisance by rinsing your face profusely with warm or cool water.

Makeup Remover Fluids

An effective alternative for women who do not want to put up with the disadvantages of gel products and milk, can be micellar makeup remover, designed specifically for quick and easy work. In appearance, they are very similar to simple purified water, but among the components of this fluid there are micelles, substances that bind cosmetic particles, grease and dirt that are washed away from the skin. The advantages of such devices is their versatility and the ability to use with any type of skin, even dry and very sensitive. Micellar makeup removers do not cause allergic rashes, irritation and peeling of the skin.

liquid from Nivea

In terms of functionality, micellar solutions have virtually no drawbacks. The only negative is that these means for removing waterproof makeup tend to end quickly. In addition, not every manufacturer of cosmetics has micellar cosmetics in its line of products.

Biphasic agents

2 in 1 liquid from Yves Saint Laurent

Two-phase makeup remover is a liquid with a special two-component structure. One component is a fat milk, removing makeup, the second is a refreshing liquid for tired skin. This feature is actively used for marketing purposes - almost every two-phase makeup remover is packed in transparent bottles that demonstrate a clear distinction between the two structures. Immediately before using the liquid, it must be shaken well - so that both components are mixed. Since one of the components of two-phase products is milk, this type of cosmetics has all its advantages and disadvantages.

Makeup Remover Oils

Oil makeup remover - specific cosmetics, not only cleansing the skin, but also perfectly nourishing it. Depending on the manufacturer, it may have a different composition and include oils from different plants with different properties.

oil from L'Oreal

Due to the naturalness of the components, make-up remover oil has a powerful regenerating effect and helps stimulate hair growth. The disadvantage of this type of funds can be called a high probability of allergic reactions and clogged pores.

Makeup Remover Wipes

napkins from Willows Roshe

As already mentioned, makeup wipes are a tool that is very convenient to take with you on trips or to wear them constantly in a handbag, in case the cosmetics begins to be smeared. To use this tool is constantly impractical because of its relative high cost.

Folk recipes makeup remover

cucumber on the century

Homemade makeup removers are not inferior to the factory in their effectiveness, but they can significantly save money. For example, instead of cosmetic oil for make-up remover, you can use olive or almond. In the summer season you can remove the makeup with an ordinary cucumber. Also effective homemade makeup remover is obtained on the basis of soy or rice milk.

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