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Perfect makeup, is one of the most important components of the image of modern beauty. Girls pay close attention to the choice of good cosmetics, to create a beautiful make-up. Naturally, to make the right make-up you need to have at least a little mastery of make-up. Of course, to have the skills of a make-up artist, this is just one component, because you cannot create a high-quality make-up with your fingers, for this you need to have the necessary tools for makeup. What kind of tools are needed?

A makeup kit includes: a sea sponge, a latex sponge (makeup sponges), puffs, tweezers, eyelash curlers, a tiny mirror (for a handbag), cotton swabs, dry and wet cosmetic wipes, and of course makeup brushes.

Oriflame makeup brushes

Makeup brushes include: a brush for applying powder, a blush brush, feathering blush, a brush for applying shadows (dome-shaped), a flat brush for shadows, an applicator for applying shadows, a brush for drawing a line with a liquid eyeliner, a brush for mascara, a brush eyebrow comb, eyebrow brush, lipstick brush, brush for applying masking agents, brush for applying foundation, a fan-shaped brush, this is a simple set of tools every girl should have.

Some of you will not understand why this or that brush, where and how to apply it? So that you do not have such questions, we will write out in detail why and why they are needed, we will tell you how to choose good makeup tools.

If, when choosing the first list of tools, there are no special questions about quality, then we will talk about the second list, the list of makeup brushes, or rather how to choose them correctly and what they should be, synthetic and natural, professional or non-professional.

Choosing a quality set of brushes

Any girl when applying makeup, feels a little artist. Makeup brush she draws "the picture" on your face, and if the brush is bad, then what "picture" can go out? Naturally, without a good brush, you cannot create a quality make-up, so when choosing a set of brushes for makeup, you must meet some requirements:

girl with tassels

The first thing you should pay attention to is the material from which the brushes are made. There are 2 variations of materials: synthetic pile and natural. Brushes with natural hairs are suitable for applying dry cosmetics, for example: powder, blush, eye shadow and bronzing agents.

Hair for such brushes are usually made of squirrel, goat and sable. Eye makeup brushes are most often made from squirrel or sable fur, the villus of such brushes is smooth and does not injure the delicate skin of the eyelids. A powder brush and rouge are made from goat hair, it is coarser and has thick fibers. Natural pile brushes can be stacked and cropped. Shorn brushes are formed from hairs, and then cut, giving the necessary shape. Shorn brushes are usually harsh, they must be used carefully so as not to scratch the face. Typeset brushes, forming picking up each hair, so they are softer.

Some companies produce makeup brushes made from synthetic villi (nylon and taclon), these brushes are ideal for applying greasy cosmetics, foundation, liner, lipstick, etc., due to the fact that the synthetic bristle does not absorb substances.

If earlier many girls did not trust such brushes, now everything has changed, the quality of the nap has improved, and besides this, such brushes do not cause allergies. After all, some girls have a rather severe allergy to natural fur.

How to make sure as brushes?

Girls, if you want your makeup brush set "lived" you have more than one year, but you do not know which criteria will help you make the right choice, then just read our list of necessary quality parameters. He will quickly help you understand what they are, high-quality makeup brushes:

full set

  • Make sure to brush the paint. Many unscrupulous manufacturers save on lint. Use your fingers to squeeze the villi of the brush and look at the place where the hairs are fixed with a border. If you notice that there is a gap, then such a brush is not worth buying
  • Gently slide your fingers across the edge of the brush, slightly sipping the villi, if some villi have crawled out, discard such brushes. By purchasing these, you will constantly be confronted with loose hairs remaining on your face. About the washing of such brushes can not even be considered, since all the hairs can fall out completely
  • Pay attention to the strength of fastening the holder to the handle. If the holder staggers, do not make a purchase, so you do not regret
  • Lastly, the price set, good professional makeup brushes will never be cheap. Do not chase cheap, buying a cheap one, you will regret it a hundred times !!!

makeup brushes

One of the leaders in the production of high-quality makeup brushes are the companies: MAC (M.A.C), Shu Uemura and Sigma. These companies produce hand-made brushes of high-quality pile. Of course, you may have your preferences and maybe you know better brands.

Makeup brushes

We now turn to a more detailed description of each of the brushes included in the professional kit:

Masking Brush

corrector brush

It is usually made of sable fur, it is usually not large in size than it resembles a brush for applying lipstick. It is for masking, and masking cosmetics are applied with tiny specks, hiding flaws, and not completely tinted face.

Foundation Brush

applying foundation

Most often you can find a set of 2 brushes, one of the brushes will be flat, the other consisting of 2 types of hairs, long white and short black (duofiber). Brushes let out as from natural pile, so from synthetic. Natural makeup brushes tend to absorb the tonal basis to about 80%, so it will be more difficult to care for. Synthetic villi do not absorb any bases, their care is much easier. Brush for foundation should be a little harsh. Using it in the place of the sponge, you distribute the foundation more carefully and make the base almost invisible.

Powder Brush

powder application
The powder brush is the largest in the set. Such a powder brush should not be coarse, its hairs are usually smooth and soft, it will allow it to perfectly shade the remains of powder on the face, after applying the powder puff.

Fan brush

This powder brush is used very rarely and it is not necessary to have it in the makeup kit. It is needed only to remove excess powder in areas such as the eyes and nasolabial folds.

Brush for applying blush

applying blush

It is usually average in size, just such a brush will make the right, natural glow on your face. Using a large brush you can make a very ugly blush line spoiling the whole image. For a perfect application of rouge use a brush with rounded shapes, with short hairs on the sides and a long nap in the center.

Brush for feathering blush

feathering rouge

It is slightly larger in size and has a rounded shape with the same villi in length. Sometimes, after applying blush, you can see the sharp lines of the transition, for such moments, you need such a brush. Remember, this brush does not cause blush (i.e. not "dunk" in a box with rouge), but only shaded. The brush should always be clean!

Eye makeup brushes


applying shadows with an applicator

It is a thin, medium-length brush, with foam rubber, felt or latex, dome-shaped nozzle at the top (the nozzle must be interchangeable). The applicator is needed to create bright colors. The applicator is suitable both for creamy textures of shadows, and for compact dry.

Dome-shaped brushes

domed shadow brushes

Small brushes for different variations of applying shadows. In the eye make-up, several techniques of applying cosmetics are always used, therefore for each manipulation it is necessary to have a certain type of brush. Large brushes are used for large areas of application, and small for underlining individual areas. For example, a brush in which the villi of different lengths is capable of very smoothly distributing shadows over the eyelid, without leaving ugly spots. The smallest brush can help you draw a contour with dark shadows, if you do not use a pencil or liner.

Flat brush

flat shadow brush

A brush that has exactly cut villi, it perfectly blends the border, creating a harmonious blend of shadows. Her not "dunk" in the shade, and clean spend over the centuries, shading colors. If you decide to use this brush to apply shadows, then you risk damaging the skin on the tender eyelid and the texture of the shadows themselves.

Liner brush

Girls, if you are not satisfied with the quality of a brush in a bottle with eyeliner, then you can use a brush created separately for this. This brush has a very sharp and thin finish that provides the perfect liner line.

Brush - comb for eyebrows and eyelashes and brush for mascara

for eyebrows and eyelashes

A small brush with long hairs will help you brush your eyebrows, giving them a flawless shape. Using a small comb, comb the cilia and apply mascara with a brush. Some girls use a brush for mascara, as a comb for eyebrows.

Eyebrow brush

If you do not like eyebrow pencil, then a brush for applying eye shadows is created for you. Such a brush should have an oblique pile and be a bit harsh.

Brush for applying lipstick and gloss

lipstick brush

Dense sable fur tassel, usually small. With it, you will apply a perfect contour line of lipstick, as well as ensure a uniform distribution of the lip over the entire surface of the lips.

Makeup brushes care

How to care for makeup brushes? This is probably one of the exciting questions for each owner of a professional set.

  • Rule number 1. During operation, the brushes quickly become soiled and therefore you should clean them of all impurities once a month.
  • Rule number 2. For cleansing, use high-quality shampoo and warm water. Wash brushes carefully, hair should not be puffed up with a fan.
  • Rule number 3. It is necessary to wash off the shampoo with warm water, carefully making sure that there are no cosmetics on the surface of the pile.
  • Rule number 4. Squeeze the brush should be carefully, and then lay them on a dry towel and leave to dry completely.

If you can afford to spend a little more money, then you can buy a special liquid to clean the brushes. You dip the brush for a few seconds, and then blot with a napkin. These are the simple rules of how to better care for makeup brushes.

maintenance fluid

With the necessary set of brushes and with the rules of caring for them, we figured out, now let's move on to the rest of the tools, to create a unique makeup!

Makeup tools

Sea sponge

sea ​​sponge for makeup

A small sponge, designed for applying foundation. If you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to fur, then it will become an indispensable companion in the creation of makeup. If you slightly dampen the sponge, before applying a foundation to it, you will save a lot of tonal color, as a wet sponge practically does not absorb funds. After use is complete, wash the sponge thoroughly and dry it.

Makeup sponges

creams for foundation

Usually they are made of latex, the purpose of their use is different, you can shade the tonal basis with them, apply a base under makeup or powder, as well as shade the means of masking. Sponges can have a rhombic shape, can be rectangular and round. Sponge can wet and use it wet. The treatment is simple, it needs to be washed once a week.


powder puff

With the help of puff you can apply powder, fixing its tonal basis. Puffs can be sewn, and can be glued, stop your choice at first. They are more durable and do not tear apart after the 1st wash.

Eyelash Curler

eyelash curler

Buying tweezers for eyelashes, make sure the strength of attachment and smoothness of their action. Just pay attention to the stiffness of the gum, the harder it is, the better your eyelashes will be curled. If you want to get super volume when curling, then before using, put the tongs in hot water for a few seconds.

Eyebrow Tweezers

Eyebrow Tweezers

To make the eyebrow shape adjustment procedure faster and less painful, make sure that the tips of the tweezers are sharp enough. Only with such tweezers you will get a perfect eyebrow shape.

Tiny pocket mirror in handbag

Any girl is always very important how she looks, so do not forget your faithful companion - a mirror. When buying a mirror, choose what fits in your palm — this is ideal.

pocket mirror

Cotton buds and napkins

Very convenient to use items, they can easily help you to correct makeup.

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Girls, now you know everything about makeup and how to choose professional makeup brushes. You can confidently go to a professional store without fear of being deceived! And when you get a set, then you instantly want to create! Try out different variations of makeup and make sure that professional tools are comfortable.

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