Make up for september 1 for schoolgirls of different ages

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Makeup on September 1 should be natural, light and watercolor. His task is to gently emphasize the young beauty of the face, regardless of the age of the schoolgirl. We will tell how to execute a beautiful make-up on September 1 to pupils of high school and the senior classes. Our advice and step-by-step lessons will help young beauties to inflict, perhaps their very first make-up, and high school girls will learn how to look stylish and attractive on the line, but not to cause outrage among teachers.

Perform make-up on September 1 by yourself

Make-up on September 1 should not differ much from the make-up, which you usually apply for school everyday. Although September 1 and the holiday, after the line you are waiting for classes and meeting face-to-face with school teachers, who are precisely alerted by the abundance of cosmetics on you. Therefore, the main rule that all schoolgirls without exception should adhere to: light shades of decorative cosmetics, a minimum of brilliance, and it is better to eliminate any mother-of-pearl or a shimmer in front of your eyes, and simple techniques. Let's go to the makeup for different age categories, because they have significant differences.

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Make-up on September 1 for girls 6, 7 and 8 classes

The youngest beauties also want to look especially beautiful on this day. Well, light makeup on September 1 can be performed in such young years, although it has some nuances and is different from the makeup that older girls perform.

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Girls who go to grade 6 or grade 7 should have the following tools in their makeup bag to create a make-up:

  • Cream with herbal ingredients that can relieve irritation and reduce peeling. After its application, delicate young skin will look even fresher. Among the girls are popular cream Little Fairy, Elfika and Winx.
  • Lip balm or hygienic lipstick, which provides the lips with sufficient moisture and leaves a subtle shine on their lips.
  • Lip gloss light natural shades with shimmering particles, giving the smile of a little beauty even more radiance. As a rule, children's shine has light fruit aromas and is almost not noticeable on the lips.

At this age, do not use shadows, mascara or other "by adults" makeup products. Your natural youthful charm does not require additional reinforcement. Cosmetics can only turn a pretty face into a painted matryoshka.

nice girl

But for girls who have switched to Grade 8, it is already possible to slightly tint the eyes with pale pink, sandy or creamy shadows, but only dull and almost invisible. Grade 8 is a kind of boundary between "no longer small" and "not yet adult". Do not rush things and do not add extra years to your young face with make-up, but a beautiful hairstyle for September 1 can make an image special; on the contrary, younger girls are allowed more.

make up for high school

Make-up for girls of 9 classes on September 1

At this age, girls can use a little more decorative cosmetics. Usually, the arsenal of makeup cosmetics for 9th grade students is much wider than for girls a year younger. At this age, the first imperfections of the skin appear, which have to be masked, and therefore, in addition to tonic and cream, some girls need an equalizer, foundation or powder.

natural makeup

Performing makeup on September 1 in grade 9, follow the following scheme:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your face with a tonic.
  2. We moisturize the delicate skin with a nourishing cream and let it soak.
  3. If you have caused too much cream, remove the excess with a napkin. Be sure to remove excess cream, so as not to clog their pores.
  4. If there are pimples or redness on the face, take the concealer and apply it dotted on the spots with imperfections.
  5. Tonal cream should not be applied to the entire face. If there is a need to even out the skin tone, apply it on certain areas: nose, forehead or cheeks. Do not cover the skin with a toner too tightly and oily and carefully distribute the product with a sponge.
  6. If you have a pronounced shine in the T-zone, you can lightly powder these areas.
  7. Make-up on September 1 in grade 9 can be supplemented with light blush: peach, pale pink, coral.
  8. In grade 9 schoolgirls, as a rule, are already actively using mascara. You can emphasize the curl of cilia with black or brown mascara, but do not use colored products and the more brilliant.
  9. Eyelids can be covered with inconspicuous shadows or draw a black thin arrow.
  10. Apply pink gloss or transparent balm to lips.

gentle make up

Makeup on the first of September for grade 11

In grade 11, school make up for girls is becoming more diverse. Both the color palette and the techniques used are expanded. For the school line, saturated shades of lipstick or bright shadows are not appropriate, but with calm tones you can create a beautiful natural make up.

delicate cosmetics
Creating a beautiful makeup for September 1, follow the basic rules of a competent make-up:

  • Moisten your skin with a cream before applying the foundation.
  • If you do not get enough sleep and you need to disguise dark circles under the eyes, use concealer of yellow color, and for redness, use green concealer. Remember that the spot from the corrector will contrast with the general complexion of the face, it should be applied with a drive-in movement locally, and after absorbing it, to shade the spot contour.
  • The tonal tool perfectly aligns the tone of the face, but on condition that the shade is chosen correctly, and not a lot of money is applied.
  • A thin layer of transparent powder will fix the foundation and will not add an extra shade to your face.
  • Shade the borders of all means: shadows, foundation, blush.
  • To lipstick or gloss went smoothly, the skin of the lips, too, must be moisturized with natural oils or balm.

We draw arrows on September 1

For eye makeup on the school line, you can cover the eyelid with beige shadows, add a little chocolate shadow to the fold and draw neat arrows with a black liner. It is possible to combine such make-up with nude shades of lipsticks or translucent lip gloss. To draw the perfect arrows as a stencil, you can use ordinary tape, as shown in the photo below.

drawing arrows

Create Copper Smokey Ace for the line

It would seem that smoky ice is not a technique that can be used in makeup for September 1. But if you take a light shade of bronze and copper color, you can create a discreet make-up. You can emphasize the look with a thin arrow or dispense with it simply by tinting the eyelashes with black mascara. Pink lipstick can be applied to the sponge or coated with a colorless balm.

copper smokey ice

Remember that your entire image should be as natural as possible. We hope these tips will be useful to you.

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